In the realm of Hollywood, there are lots of personalities who get recognition for being related to celebrities. Likewise, Tracey McShane is one of those. The celebrity star is famous as the wife of famous American comedian Jon Stewart.

Besides being a popular celebrity wife, Tracey has made her name of her own. She is an American former veterinary technician and a graphic designer. Her husband Stewart is a famous producer born in New York City.

Stewart got his big break in Hollywood when he landed a job on the 1992 “The Larry Sanders Show.” Additionally,  He hosted The Daily Show, a satirical news program on Comedy Central, from 1999 to 2015, which got him international recognition. As of now, he hosts The Problem with Jon Stewart on Apple TV+.

How Old Is Tracey McShane? Age, Early Life

Tracey McShane was born on August 6, 1967, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, there is limited information available about her early life and childhood. Likewise, she holds American nationality, but her specific ethnicity remains undisclosed.

In terms of her education, McShane attended Drexel University, where she successfully graduated with a degree in design and business.

How Did Tracey and Her Now-Husband Jon meet?

Jon Stewart and Tracey McShane first met through a blind date set up by a crew member while Jon was working on the film “Wishful Thinking.” In a 2002 interview on Larry King Live, Jon Stewart shared the story of how they were introduced.

A woman working on the film suggested that Jon meet her roommate, who happened to be Tracey McShane.

He said,

“I know this girl who I think you would very much like.” And the way she described her was in such glowing terms, I thought, well, I’d be a jackass not to go out with this woman. So I called her. And what happened was, I wrote her number on a dollar bill,” 

Jon decided to take the opportunity and called Tracey. Fortunately, he managed to retrieve her number from the call sheet and made the call. Despite their differing reactions to nerves—Jon talking a lot and Tracey becoming more reserved—they connected instantly. This chance meeting eventually led to their relationship and marriage.

Jon Stewart and His Wife Are Together Since 2000

Jon Stewart and Tracey McShane had a romantic courtship that lasted for about four years. When Jon decided to propose, he did so in a clever and unique way. He enlisted the help of Will Shortz, the New York Times crossword editor, to create a puzzle that would serve as his proposal.

This creative approach added a personal and thoughtful touch to the momentous occasion.

Tracey McShane and Jon Stewart have been married since 2000.
Tracey McShane and Jon Stewart have been married since 2000. Source: Pinterest

Their engagement was made public when they appeared on an episode of ABC’s ‘The View.’ This allowed their fans and the public to share in their joyous news. The couple’s engagement culminated in a beautiful wedding ceremony that took place on June 19, 2001.

It was marking the beginning of their life together as a married couple.

She Is a Mother of Two

Tracey McShane and Jon Stewart are not only dedicated to their professional endeavors and advocacy work but also to their roles as parents. The couple has two teenage children together.

They welcomed their son, Nathan Thomas Stewart, in 2004, and their daughter, Maggie Rose Stewart, in 2006. As of the provided information, Nathan is 19 years old, and Maggie is 18 years old.

In addition to their family life, Tracey and Jon recently purchased a farm called “Bufflehead Farm” in Middletown, New Jersey.

Tracey and Jon’s Hey Friend Foundation

Tracey McShane and Jon Stewart share a deep love for animals, and their commitment to animal welfare led them to co-found an animal sanctuary in New Jersey. The sanctuary is operated through the Hey Friend Foundation and is located on Hockhockson Farm.

This sanctuary serves as a haven for animals in need, providing them with a safe and caring environment.

In addition to their work with the animal sanctuary, the Hey Friend Foundation is dedicated to addressing various community-based needs, including nutrition. Their mission is to bring together community leaders and like-minded organizations to support communities facing nutrition insecurity.

Their goal is to promote access to healthy, sustainable, and compassionate food options for those in need. Also, know about other celebrity wives Lisa Vultaggio and Naomi Yomtov.

Professional Career

Tracey McShane’s professional journey has been diverse and reflects her multifaceted talents and passions. While she is best known for co-founding the animal sanctuary with her husband Jon Stewart, she has also pursued various other interesting and impactful careers.

In a 2015 interview on NPR’s Fresh Air, Tracey McShane mentioned her background in design and her initial career in that field. However, her career took an interesting turn when Jon Stewart suggested that she pursue her childhood dream of becoming a veterinarian.

Tracey McShane is a professional veterinarian.
Tracey McShane is a professional veterinarian. Source: Facebook

Likewise, she worked as a veterinary technician (vet tech) and expressed deep affection for the job, considering it one of the best she ever had.

Additionally, Tracey McShane was the founder of Moomah Magazine, although it is now defunct. Her passion for animals also led her to become a published author.

Her book titled “Do Unto Animals” not only showcases her love for animals but also provides insights and guidance on how to make the lives of animals better. This book reflects her commitment to animal welfare, a cause she continues to champion.

Net Worth and Salary

Tracey McShane’s career has included various roles, including working as a graphic designer and appearing on television shows like ‘Entertainment Tonight,’ ‘CBS This Morning,’ and ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show.’ Likewise, she also worked as a veterinary technician.

While Tracey McShane’s current salary is not publicly disclosed, her estimated net worth is reported to be $5 million.

Her husband, Jon Stewart, has had a highly successful career in stand-up comedy and as the host of “The Daily Show.” He enjoys a net worth of $120 million.

At the peak of his career with “The Daily Show,” Jon Stewart earned an annual salary of $25 million, contributing significantly to his impressive net worth.

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