Vilailuck Teigen is famous for being the mother of a celebrity daughter. She became the search topic for many people when her daughter married John legend. John Legend is a renowned singer specializing in R&B and Soul, providing amazing songs to his fans.

She is not relying on her daughter’s fame, but she has made her own identity in the Entertainment sector, being a Television Personality. She has appeared in many shows, including recent appearances on her daughter’s performance and Chrissy’s court. Vailailuck is a famous social media influencer.

The Television personality was born on December 12, 1961, in Thailand. Moreover, talking about her parents and educational background is still under wrap. She seems not interested in sharing her personal life on media platforms.

Vilailuck Teigen with a smiling face looks beautiful
Vilailuck Teigen, with a smiling face, looks beautiful
Source: Instagram@pepperthai2

Furthermore, the mother of the celebrity daughter is adding money to her net worth from many sources. The information regarding the net worth of television personality Vilailuck is provided in this article. Make sure to scroll down and read it briefly.

What is the Net Worth of Vilailuck Teigen?

The actual net worth of Vilailuck is unknown, and she is keeping the details under the wrap. However, if we see her professional life being a television personality, she has an estimated net worth of almost $500k for now which may increase more due to her popularity.

Vilailuck is famous for the nickname Pepper. After the recognition from her daughter, she had been a television personality showing up in many shows. The lady did her show “Getting Spicy With Peper Teigen,” which streamed on the Food Network and Discovery plus.

A glimpse of Getting Spicey With Pepper Teigen
A glimpse of Getting Spicey With Pepper Teigen
Source: Instagram@pepperthai2

Looking through, the average income of hosting or presenting the food show is estimated at $30,000 to $100,000 and even more according to popularity. Pepper may have earned over $50,000 and even more for the show on Food Network.

She has made many appearances on shows, including FabLife, Today, Acess Hollywood, The Kitchen, Entertainment Tonight, and many more. She may have charged some money for making appearances in some shows adding money to her net worth.

 The Pepper Thai Cookbook: Family Recipes From Everyone's Favourite Thai Mom
The Pepper Thai Cookbook: Family Recipes From Everyone’s Favourite Thai Mom
Source: Instagram@pepperthai2

The television personality is doing the show with her daughter. The show is Chrissy’s Court, a short reality show in its second season. The show may make money from the commercials and other stuff from which Pepper may have added some money to her net worth.

In addition, She is a multi-talented lady who loves to cook and share it with people. Moreover, she has her cookbook guide, The Pepper Thai Cookbook: Family Recipes From Everyone’s Favourite Thai Mom. The book is available on Amazon and costs $29.99, adding to her net worth.

The Social Media Influencer

The 5ft 4 inches Vilailuck is a social media influencer and the search topic for everyone. Likewise, she is active on her Instagram, posting daily life pictures, travel pictures, and Family pictures which are loved by her massive number of followers.

She has 409k followers on Instagram with the username@pepperthai2, which is increasing daily. She gained many followers for appearing on social media with her daughter Chrissy Teigen and son-in-law John Legend.

Vilailuck Teigen's travel picture of Egypt was posted on her Instagram
Vilailuck Teigen’s travel picture of Egypt was posted on her Instagram
Source: Instagram@pepperthai2

Also, read about the net worth of Ryan Renolds, working in the Film Industry for 30 years.

Moreover, Pepper uses her social networking sites to make posts for her book, advertise the brands, and promote different shows. Further, she must make over $10,000 for the brand advertising posts, similar to other influencers with over 400k followers.

The Relationship Status of Vilailuck Teigen

Vilailuck Teigen was married to Ron Teigen. Ron was a traveling American electrician who used to travel during his work. The love birds first met and introduced each other while his husband worked in Thailand during his job and made a special bond after meeting each other.

Furthermore, after several meetings, they started dating each other. The couple wanted to take a further step to strengthen their bond and decided to marry each other, for which Vilailuck had to move to America, leaving her parents in Thailand.

After the television personality got the visa, they moved to America. At first, the pair were living in the trailer in Longview, Washington, rented by her husband from his father. They strengthened their bond by giving birth to her beautiful daughter Chrissy Teigen on November 30, 1985.

Vilailuck Teigen living happily with her grandchildren
Vilailuck Teigen is living happily with her grandchildren
Source: Instagram@pepperthai2

It was shocking that Chrissy’s parents wanted to part ways and announced their split in 2019. Some of the sources claim they finalized their divorce in May 2018. However, the reason behind their split was not clarified and is still unknown.

The American model said that her mother was leaving separately for several years before the announcement of their split. She says, “Mom is over so much that she lives with us basically, and they’ve had this kind of relationship for a long time.” For now, Pepper is living with her daughter and grandchildren.

Vilailuck Teigen lost her precious Grandchildren in 2020?

The love birds were ready to give Vilailuck their third grandchildren in 2020. The love birds announced they were having their third child in 2020. She was pleased to have grandchildren, and his name was Jack. Luna Simone Stephens and Miles Theodore Stephens lost their brother on September 20, 2020.

Unfortunately, The family faced the loss of their third baby, which was very harsh and saddening. Pepper said goodbye to his lovely grandson holding his tiny hands. It was very heartbreaking for her and the whole family. It was shocking for the fans of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen.

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