Violet Moon Howey, the daughter of acclaimed actor Steve Howey and renowned actress Sarah Shahi, emerges as a captivating figure in the realm of celebrity offspring.

Steve Howey’s roles in iconic TV series like “Reba” and “Shameless,” along with Sarah Shahi’s diverse roles in shows such as “The L Word,” “Fairly Legal,” “Person of Interest,” and “Sex/Life,” have undoubtedly paved the way for Violet’s unique journey.

From her early days, Violet’s life has been intertwined with the limelight, as her birth and the circumstances surrounding it have made headlines. As the offspring of two accomplished figures, her upbringing and the unfolding chapters of her life continue to captivate the interest of both media enthusiasts and devoted fans.

How Old Is Violet Moon Howey? Her Age, Twin, Early Life

Sarah Shahi welcomed her daughter, Violet Moon Howey, into the world through a unique home birth experience on March 1, 2015. Together with her twin brother, Knox Blue, Violet was born in the comfort of their parents’ residence in Sherman Oaks, California. Notably, Violet holds the distinction of being the older twin, arriving two hours ahead of Knox.

Sarah Shahi with her newborn twins and her first son.
Sarah Shahi with her newborn twins and her first son. Source: Instagram/@sarahshahi

Violet has an elder brother named William Wolf, born in July 2009, expanding the family dynamics. Sarah Shahi’s journey to comprehending her twin pregnancy was marked by a mix of intuition and medical confirmation. While transitioning from New York to Los Angeles for her acting commitments, Sarah took a pregnancy test upon her west coast arrival, triggering her suspicions.

Accompanied by her oldest son, Wolf, as well as her then-husband Steve Howey, Sarah consulted a doctor to validate the pregnancy. The moment of truth arrived when the doctor used a transducer on Sarah’s belly, prompting a mixture of shock and surprise on his face. It took a while for the realization to sink in, but eventually, the word “Twins” uttered by the physician brought the truth home.

The Meaningful Naming of Violet Moon Howey

The name Violet Moon Howey holds a significant story behind its unique combination. The seven-year-old daughter of Sarah Shahi and Steve Howey has a name that reflects both personal connections and their affection for certain names.

In December 2020, Steve Howey shared that while naming their twins, the process was somewhat straightforward. However, when it came to selecting names for their daughter, Violet, they went through several options before finalizing “Moon” as her middle name.

Steve Howey with his only daughter Violet Moon Howey.
Steve Howey with his only daughter Violet Moon Howey. Source: Instagram/@stevehowey

Interestingly, “Moon” holds a special significance as it is derived from Shahi’s mother’s maiden name. This adds a familial touch to Violet’s name, connecting her to her maternal heritage. “Moon” also carries a deeper layer, representing the English translation of Sarah’s mother’s name, further honoring her lineage.

Originally, Howey and Shahi considered the name “Moon” as a standalone first name. However, they eventually decided that it held a more fitting place as a middle name, adding a touch of individuality to Violet’s full name.

The first name “Violet” was chosen due to the couple’s fondness for names like “Ruby” and “Olive.” This suggests that they were drawn to nature-inspired names that exude a sense of charm and elegance.

Her Mother Gave Birth To Her and Twin Brother At Home

In the journey of motherhood, actress Sarah Shahi made a deliberate choice that set her path apart. Opting for home birth, she expressed her belief in the innate capability of the human body to bring forth life. For Sarah, this decision was more than a personal preference—it was a stand against the conventional notion that women are dependent on medical interventions during childbirth.

Steve Howey shares three children with his ex-wife Sarah Shahi.
Steve Howey shares three children with his ex-wife Sarah Shahi. Source: Instagram

Sarah’s inclination toward home birth was strengthened by a documentary that left a profound impact on her and her ex-husband, Steve Howey. “The Business of Being Born” presented an alternative perspective on childbirth, emphasizing personal control and choice.

Howey expalined it to People,

“You have more control during home birth and with hospital births, there is a system in place and we didn’t like the whole system. [Sarah] did not like the idea of being injected with stuff and having a c-section,”

However, Steve Howey also acknowledges that home births may not be suitable for everyone. The couple’s commitment to this approach led them to work with a doula, a midwife, and a licensed OB/GYN to ensure the safety and well-being of both mother and child. This choice was not little to Violet and her brother; their elder sibling, William Wolf, also came into the world through a home water birth.

Violet Moon Howey and Her Twin Brother Has A Remarkable Birth Story

Violet Moon Howey’s entrance into the world with both challenges and the resiliency of life. Amid a labor that progressed swiftly, Sarah Shahi disclosed that Violet arrived with a cord wrapped around her neck not once, but twice. This revelation came during a podcast discussion where Sarah shared her pre-existing fear of such an occurrence.

While immersed in the birthing experience, Sarah was in a state of focus as she gave birth to Violet in a tub. However, the joyous moment turned worrisome as Violet emerged blue and unresponsive due to the cord entwined around her neck.

Steve Howey, her father, described,

“It was tight around her neck and said that was the moment when he felt like his life was flashing before his eyes.”

With the midwife’s assistance, a desperate effort ensued to revive Violet. Beth, the midwife, implored her to respond while the doctor in attendance began to stimulate her feet. It was in this nerve-wracking moment that Violet’s color began to change, and she let out her first cry, signifying her arrival into the world.

In a separate turn of events, Violet’s womb mate and twin brother, Knox, brought his own unique journey. Sarah and Steve’s affinity for home births led to an unusual twist as Knox decided to enter the world feet first, in a breech position.

The couple, known for their vocal support of home births, emphasized that breech deliveries don’t always necessitate a cesarean section. Sarah took to social media to share Knox’s breech birth story, dispelling misconceptions and encouraging informed choices.

Violet Moon Howey’s Parents Were Together For A Decade

Violet Moon Howey’s parents, Steve Howey and Sarah Shahi crossed paths when Sarah made a guest appearance on Steve’s show “Reba” in 2004. Their connection grew over time, leading to their wedding in Las Vegas in February 2009, following a nearly two-year engagement. However, as the late 2010s approached, strains appeared in their relationship.

Sarah and Steve’s marriage ultimately faced challenges that led to their separation. Their paths diverged, and by January 2021, they formally parted ways, concluding an 11-year marriage. In May of the preceding year, Sarah filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. The date of their separation was on April 14, 2020.

Violet Moon Howey with her parents and brothers. Source: Pinterest
Violet Moon Howey with her parents and brothers. Source: Pinterest

In the aftermath of their divorce, both Sarah and Steve expressed gratitude for the decade they spent together and voiced pride in the children they had raised. Their foremost commitment shifted toward co-parenting their children with love, respect, and friendship as they embarked on this new chapter of their lives.

As they navigated this transition, they shares, joint legal and physical custody of their three children, including Violet.

Why Did Sarah Shahi Leave Her Husband?

Behind Violet Moon Howey’s parents’ divorce lay a tapestry woven from work commitments, evolving priorities, and the challenges of parenthood. As Steve Howey delved into filming the final season of “Shameless,” and Sarah Shahi simultaneously embraced roles in projects like “The Rookie,” “Person of Interest,” and Netflix’s “Sex/Life,” their marriage found itself strained due to their demanding work schedules.

In a candid interview, Steve, Violet’s father, illuminated the intricacies of their separation. He highlighted how, in the initial stages of their relationship, their world revolved around each other. However, as they welcomed children into their lives, the demands intensified, creating a daunting dynamic for the couple.

Steve underscored the impact of their shared profession, both being working actors. The exhaustion that followed a day’s work often left little energy to invest in their relationship; what remained was channeled into caring for their children.

Sarah Shahi echoed this sentiment, acknowledging that parenthood altered their emotional landscape. The desires and passions that once defined their connection seemed to fade as the demands of parenting took center stage.

Violet Moon’s Mother Finds Love With Co-Star Adam Demos

Following her separation from Steve Howey, Violet’s mother embarked on a new romantic journey with her co-star from Netflix’s “Sex/Life,” Adam Demos. Their relationship began to blossom during the summer of 2020.

Sarah Shahi with her boyfriend Adam Demos, also her fellow cast member in "Sex/Life."
Sarah Shahi with her boyfriend Adam Demos, also her fellow cast member in “Sex/Life.” Source: Instagram/@sarahshahi

Sarah Shahi, the talented actress known for her role in “The Rookie,” found a connection with Adam Demos, her fellow cast member in “Sex/Life.” Their paths crossed on the set of the show, which commenced filming in August 2020, coincidentally just a month after the public announcement of Sarah’s divorce from Steve Howey.

The Wealth of Violet Moon Howey’s Parents”

Violet Moon Howey’s parents, Steve Howey and Sarah Shahi occupy a notable place in the realm of financial success, each boasting a significant net worth. Another, celebrity daughter Odette Ruffalo enjoys her parent’s wealth.

Standing tall at six feet and four inches, Steve Howey has carved out a prosperous path. While not among the wealthiest in the entertainment industry, the actor’s net worth is $2 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Howey’s earnings are mainly from his television roles, notably from his appearances in series like “Reba” and “Shameless,” with over 100 episodes on each show. Notably, he commanded a substantial $100,000 per episode for his role in “Shameless,” which continued for 11 seasons.

Adding to his financial portfolio, Steve Howey also owns a $1.8 million home located in Sherman Oaks, California. This property detail emerged during his divorce settlement with Sarah Shahi, his former spouse.

On the other hand, Violet’s mother, Sarah Shahi, has also amassed her own substantial wealth. With a net worth of $4 million, Sarah’s journey includes roles in renowned television series such as “The L Word,” “Fairly Legal,” “Person of Interest,” “Life,” “Reverie,” and “Sex/Life.” Her diverse portfolio of work has contributed to her financial success, showcasing her talent and versatility in the entertainment industry.

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