Being a social media influencer requires great talent and sacrifice. Consequently, Wayne Colley, whose online alias is King Kountry Wayne, has become a popular star. Furthermore, he is known for his funny sketches, standup comedy, and interesting lifestyle.

We may have seen the 36-year-old on social media, but do we know about his family and earnings? Well, let’s have a peek at Wayne’s Net worth, relationship, and bizarre career.

Wayne Colley Is A Father Of 10 Kids

American rappers and comedians are notorious for having multiple relationships. Likewise, Wayne initially dated the beautiful Gena Colley for a couple of years. The stunning pair got married on the 20th of June, 2017. After enjoying two years as husband and wife, they divorced in 2019.

Later on, the controversial star started dating standup comedian Jess Hilarious. Recently, the young couple was in a bowling alley together.

Wayne Colley with his 8 Children and family
Wayne Colley with his 8 Children and Family
Source: Pinterest

Interestingly, the rapper is the father of 8 children. The couple became parents of two and six children with other girlfriends with Gena. Consequently, Colley and his children can be seen together on his social networks.

In addition, his kids and girlfriend often appear in his comedy sketches. Despite having a large family at a young age, the country’s King seems to enjoy his life.

Wayne Colley’s Children

Kountry Wayne became a father when he was just 17 years old and in grade 12th. The baby mama was his college sweetheart. The couple became parents and gave birth to a son named Tony Colley. After a year, his girlfriend became pregnant with his second child when Wayne was just 18 years old.

Shortly after, Wayne broke up with his baby mama, and within three years, he dated three different women, all of whom he got pregnant. By the time Kountry was 22 years old, he was a father of 7 children.

With his ex-wife, Gena, Wayne had two daughters.

It was thought that a standup comedian was the father of 9 kids; however, the comedian 2021 announced that he had one more child with one of his past girlfriends. He stated that year, he had a 13-year-old son who brought three sons and seven daughters.

Wayne Colley’s Net Worth is $5 Million.

Talking about his immense net worth, Wayne Colley’s net worth is a massive $5 Million, similar to Brendan Fehr, who had made a successful career in acting.

Furthermore, he has also been to many places for standup comedy. In addition, along with his current partner Gena Colley, he runs numerous side businesses.

Wayne Colley's own brand
Wayne Colley’s brand
Source: Instagram

He has earned luxurious rides and traveled to exotic locations with his family of 9. Adding to his revenue stream, he currently sells hoodies, tracksuits, T-shirts, masks, and caps under the name of Jesus is Poppin.

Career as King Kountry!

Initially, the influential star wanted to pursue a music career. However, King had an early reality check as his singing journey quickly ended. Despite his failed attempt as a singer, he recognized his talent for making people laugh.

Soon after, he opened an Instagram account called kountrywayne, which currently has a following of 2.8 million.

In addition, his crazy videos command a huge engagement rate. Consequently, the social media star is motivated by his fans. Furthermore, his videos have an interesting way of serious topics to be relatable and funny. In addition, he has launched an official website for his fans titled shopkountrywayne.

Comedian Wayne Colley’s Height and Age

Current rappers like Wayne prefer lean physical features. Furthermore, the influencer stands at the height of 5 Feet and 7 Inches (1.7 Meters) and weighs around 70 Kilograms (154 lbs).

As of 2024, the influencer is 36 years of age. Furthermore, the comedian belongs to American Nationality and is of African American Ethnicity. The musician was born with pretty black eyes and natural black hair. Moreover, his Zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Young Wayne Colley (left)
Young Wayne Colley (left)
Source: Pinterest

Looking back at his early years, he was born in Waynesboro, Georgia, North America. He was born into an average African American family who supported his career choices. However, Wayne has not revealed his parents and siblings, as he wants to keep his family private.

Furthermore, he studied at Jenkins County High School. Later on, he wanted to be a musician. In addition, he became a father at just 17 years of age.

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