In the realm of high-profile relationships, the union between Anna Hansen and Lance Armstrong has long captivated the public’s attention. Known for his illustrious cycling career and later infamous for his doping scandal, Lance Armstrong’s personal life has often been under scrutiny.

Anna, his partner since 2008, has stood by him through thick and thin. This comprehensive bio delves into their relationship, exploring whether they are still married amidst the tumultuous events that have defined Armstrong’s life.

From their initial meeting to their enduring commitment, we uncover the intricacies of their bond and the challenges they have faced together.

Unveiling Anna Hansen: Birth, Education, and Parents

Anna, now 40 years old, was born on May 24, 1981. She is the youngest child of David and Sharon and has an older brother named Matthew.

Anna pursued her education in Biology at CU Boulder. After completing her college studies, she secured her first job through the pre-med honor society at her school. Additionally, Anna spent a year in France teaching English, immediately following her graduation.

Anna Hansen Armstrong is the second wife of cyclists Lance Armstrong.
Anna Hansen Armstrong is the second wife of cyclists Lance Armstrong. Source: Instagram @annahansenarmstrong

During her time in France, Anna became involved with Camp Wapiyapi, a summer camp dedicated to supporting children facing cancer. She not only served as a companion to these children but also became a board member of the organization. While she is no longer actively involved on the board, Anna continues to contribute by hosting charity bike rides for Camp Wapiyapi.

She Is A Professional Yoga Teacher

After embarking on her academic journey in Biology at CU Boulder, Anna Hansen’s encounter with yoga began. However, it was not until years later, after becoming a mother, that she wholeheartedly embraced a consistent yoga practice. Surprisingly, her decision to pursue yoga teacher training in Austin, TX did not initially involve a plan to teach professionally.

Anna Hansen is a professional yoga teacher.
Anna Hansen is a professional yoga teacher. Source: Instagram @annahansenarmstrong

Nevertheless, during Anna’s training, a deep passion for teaching yoga blossomed within her, captivating her heart and mind. Presently, as the daughter of David Hansen, Anna Hansen Armstrong has established her own yoga studio known as MOVE with Anna.

The Meeting and Engagement of Lance Armstrong and Anna Hansen

The fateful meeting between Lance and Anna took place when Anna was working as the program director for First Descents, a nonprofit organization based in Colorado that provides outdoor experiences for young adults.

At the time, Lance, a former member of the Motorola team, crossed paths with Anna during her work at the organization. Their connection sparked, and they officially began dating in July 2008.

Fast forward nine years, in March 2017, Lance Armstrong proposed to Anna in a truly picturesque setting. He popped the question in the middle of Lake Austin, located in his home state of Texas.

The couple shared their joyous news with the world through their respective Instagram accounts, posting a photo of themselves on a boat on Lake Austin, with Anna proudly displaying her engagement ring. This announcement marked the next chapter in their relationship and set the stage for their journey towards marriage.

Anna Hansen and Lance Armstrong’s Intimate Wedding

After a year of engagement, Anna and Lance Armstrong sealed their love in a private and intimate wedding ceremony. On August 9th, 2022, they exchanged vows at the enchanting Chateau La Coste in France.

Anna Hansen and Lance Armstrong in their wedding attire.
Anna Hansen and Lance Armstrong in their wedding attire. Source: Instagram @annahansenarmstrong

The couple opted for a low-profile celebration, with their children and a select group of close friends and family in attendance. Adding a personal touch to the ceremony, their dear friend Chad Mountain, known for his work in films like “The Way Back” and “Big Little Lies,” officiated the proceedings.

Since their marriage, Anna and Lance have been happily united, with no reports of conflicts or troubles in their relationship. They continue to navigate life together, cherishing their commitment and the love that binds them.

Lance and Anna’s Journey to Becoming Parents

In a surprising turn of events, Lance Armstrong announced in December 2008 that Anna Hansen was expecting their first child. This revelation was particularly remarkable as it was widely believed that Armstrong, who had undergone chemotherapy for testicular cancer, would be unable to father children. However, defying the odds, the couple conceived naturally.

Lance and Anna Armstrong with their two kids.
Lance and Anna Armstrong with their two kids. Source: Instagram @annahansenarmstrong

Subsequently, they welcomed their son in June 2009, followed by the arrival of their daughter in October 2010. This joyous expansion of their family brought immense happiness to Lance Armstrong and Anna Hansen, further strengthening the bonds of their relationship and adding new dimensions to their journey together.

Lance Armstrong’s Past Relationship

Lance Armstrong’s personal life has been marked by a series of significant relationships. In June 1997, he crossed paths with Kristin Richard, whom he would go on to marry on May 1, 1998. Another pair Poorna Jagannath and Azad Oommen are together for over two decades.

The couple welcomed three children into their lives—a son born in October 1999 and twin daughters born in November 2001. Remarkably, these pregnancies were made possible through sperm that Armstrong had banked three years prior, before undergoing chemotherapy and surgery for his testicular cancer.

However, the marriage between Lance and Kristin faced challenges, ultimately leading to their divorce in 2003. In the midst of their separation, Lance began a high-profile romance with singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow. The couple made headlines with their engagement announcement in September 2005, but sadly, their relationship came to an end in February 2006.

Lance Armstrong’s Evolving Net Worth and Anna Hansen’s Financial Standing

Lance Armstrong, Anna Hansen’s partner, has been widely reported to have a net worth of approximately $50 million. However, during the peak of his cycling career, Armstrong’s wealth was estimated to be well over $125 million. Unfortunately, the revelation of his doping scandal significantly impacted his financial standing. Legal battles, sponsorships being revoked, and hefty penalties all took a toll on his fortune.

In contrast, Anna Hansen herself has a net worth of $1.2 million as of 2023. While not on the same scale as Armstrong’s previous wealth, her financial standing reflects her own endeavors and achievements. Also, know about the net worth of celebrity wife and former actress Kathy Gerrity.

Anna is a Social Worker and Advocate for Cancer Patients

In addition to her diverse roles and experiences, Hansen has made significant contributions as a social worker. She served as the program director for First Descents, a non-profit organization based in Colorado. First Descents focuses on providing transformative outdoor adventure experiences for young adults who are battling cancer.

Anna Hansen Armstrong is also a social worker.
Anna Hansen Armstrong is also a social worker. Source: Instagram @annahansenarmstrong

Furthermore, Anna dedicated her time to volunteering at the Oncology Ward of Denver Children’s Hospital, which happened to be near her and Lance Armstrong’s home in Colorado. Anna’s dedication to social work reflects her commitment to making a difference in the lives of others, particularly those facing health challenges.

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