Several people gain stardom just by being a member of the celebrity family. Like others, Marguerite Whitley is also the one. Whitley is famous as an ex-wife of retired professional football player O.J Simpson. Being a celebrity wife to Whitley prefers to keep herself far away from the spotlight. Her professional work is also missing.

How was O.J and Marguerite’s marital relationship? Know about it in the following sections. Also, read the exact reason behind their divorce and family life.

12-Years Long Marital Bond

The former Buffalo Bills running back O.J and Marguerite met as a high school friend. They studied at Galileo School Academy of Science and Technology in San Francisco. Shortly after the first encounter, Whitley and Simpson shared a good bond and soon began their romantic affair.

Picture: Marguerite Whitley is the ex-wife of former Buffalo Bills running back O.J Simpson
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Marguerite and OJ tied the wedding knot after several years of dating on July 24, 1967. The private wedding took place in front of the bride and groom’s dearest ones. At the time, OJ was 19-years-old, and Marguerite was 18. After the blissful wedding, this high school sweetheart shared a good bond. They were living a blissful marital life.

O.J and his wife Marguerite shared three adorable kids from the marital bond. For the first time on December 4, 1968, they became parents who shared a daughter named Arnelle Simpson. Similarly, their second kid, Jason Simpson, was born on April 21, 1970.

Snap: Marguerite Simpsons’ eldest daughter Arnelle Simpson with her father O.J Simpson
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Likewise, Marguerite shared a third child, Late. Aaren Simpson, on September 24, 1977. Everything was going fine. The former married duo was merrily parenting their daughters and son. However, this lovely pair was not meant to be forever. It ended in divorce.

Why Marguerite Whitley And O.J Simpson Ended Their Relationship?

Unlike other celebrity wives, Marguerite was the one who preferred low-key life. She does not want to keep herself in the spotlight. And the reason behind their separation is also the same. O.J’s growing prominence attracted many people and media attention which started creating hindrances to their marital life.

Photo: Marguerite Whitley and O.J Simpson divorced in 1979
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In an interview with People in 1979, O.J revealed, “My wife is a private person, yet we can’t walk down the street without causing a commotion.” As per the sources, Mr. and Mrs. Simpson divorced the same year. They partitioned their relationship after 12-years.

The rumors also suggest that despite being in a relationship with Marguerite, O.J was linked with late. Nicole Brown, which might also be the reason behind their separation.

Death Of Younger Daughter, Aaren Simpson

Marguerite and O.J’s younger daughter Aaren Simpson is no more in this world. In August 1979, Aaren fell in the Simpson’s family swimming pool while playing. During the incident, no family members were there. Later, when O.J and Marguerite knew about the accident, they found Aaren in a motionless situation.

Image: Marguerite Whitley and O.J Simpson’s younger daughter Aaren Simpson died on August 26, 1979, due to drowning in the swimming pool
Source: Find Grave

They immediately rush her towards the UCLA Medical Center. However, it was too late as Aaren went into a coma. Later, she passed away on August 26, 1979, because of respiratory failure. Aaren died just a few months before her 2nd birthday.

Although Marguerite and O.J were already divorced, they conducted their daughter’s funeral together. Aaren is buried in Holy Cross Cemetry, Culver City, Los Angeles.

What Is Marguerite Whitley Doing Now?

As mentioned above, Marguerite is among the ones who likes to keep herself under the radar. After the tragic separation from O.J, Whitley she disappeared from the public eye. However, as per VOGUE, after a partitioning relationship, she shared her intimate life with Rudolph Lewis. Whitley and Lewis were married from 1986 to 1991.

Snap: O.J Simpson first wife, Marguerite Whitley, currently lives a low-key life
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Again in 1992, Whitley tied the knot with a furniture sales representative named Anthony Thomas. However, it is unclear whether Marguerite and Anthony are still married or already separated. As of now, Marguerite might be living a blissful life with her kids.

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