What is more proud and blessing than watching your children catch their dream and achieve success. Therese Mauboy is also one of the proud mums. Therese is the mother of an Australian singer, songwriter Jessica Mauboy. She is getting wide media recognition as a celebrity mother.

Therese now lives a blissful and limelight life. Now in the following sections, read about Therese’s personal life? How is her marital life with her husband going? Know about it.

In A Blissful Marital Relationship With Husband, Fredy Mauboy

The Indigenous Australian native Therese is a happily married woman. She is in a blissful marital relationship with Fredy Mauboy. Therese’s husband Fredy is an Indonesian-born former electrician. How and when Therese and Fredy met and tied the wedding knot is unclear.

Image: Therese Mauboy is in a marital relationship with her husband, Fredy Mauboy
Source: Instagram @sandramauboy

But, she is now sharing a healthy bond with her husband Fredy and lives merrily. They have already celebrated their more than a decade of marriage. She and her husband can be seen on most of the posts updated by their children on their social sites.

Mother To Five Adorable Daughters

Therese and her spouse Fredy shared five adorable daughters from the marital relationship. Their daughters are Sandra Mauboy, Jenny Mauboy, Catherine Mauboy, Sophia Mauboy and Jessica Mauboy. The Mauboy sisters are all grown-up.

Image: Therese Mauboy (left-second-row) with her daughters, Sandra (right-second-row), Jessica (right-third-row), Catherine (left-third-row), Sophia (right-first-row) and Jenny Mauboy (left-first-row)
Source: Instagram @sandramauboy

Therese’s daughter Sandra is in a relationship with Maya Basoeki. Similarly, Fredy and Therese’s other daughter Jenny shared a marital life with her husband. Likewise, Catherine is also dating her boyfriend, Brod Church.

Moreover, Therese’s daughter Sophia is in a relationship with her partner, Timothy Grant Eldridge. On the other hand, singer Jessica is romantically involved with her long-time boyfriend, Themeli “Magoo” Magripilis, a soccer player. The Mauboy sisters and their partners are very close to one another. They celebrate festivals together and never miss a chance to share pictures on their social sites.

Picture: Therese Mauboy’s grandchildren, Saraya (left), Mazi (right) and Romeo Mauboy (middle)
Source: Instagram @romeomauboyorrack

Furthermore, Therese and her hubby Fredy have five grandkids. Their daughter Jenny and son-in-law shared a son, Romeo Mauboy Orrack, on May 10, 2019. Similarly, they are parents to daughters, Ruby Mauboy Orrack and Layla Mauboy Orrack. Likewise, their other grandkids are; Saraya and Mazi.

Jessica Mauboy Dedicated Song ‘Little Things’ To Mother Therese Mauboy

Parents are the source of inspiration for their children. Therese’s challenges and her support in Jessica’s singing career became a source of motivation for the singer. Jessica, 32, released the song ‘Little Things‘ in 2019. Likewise, she revealed her mother, Therese, as an inspiration for the powerful song.

Photo: Therese Mauboy is the mother of Australian singer Jessica Mauboy
Source: Instagram @jessicamauboy

In an interview, The Voice Australia judge Jessica revealed that her mother, Therese, raised her and her sisters without guidance. Being emotional, Mauboy said, “I mean, bringing five women into the world and not having a mother to tell her how to mother was an idea I had never known.”

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