Geoffrey Walter Edelsten was an Australian businessman and former physician. He rose to prominence for establishing the healthcare corporation Allied Medical Group. Furthermore, Matthew Beard is the son of Geoffrey Edelsten. This handsome guy is one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs.

Geoffrey Edelsten’s First Marriage To Leanne Nesbitt

In early 1984, Edelsten met and married his first wife, Leanne Nesbitt. She was 19 at the time and worked as a model. They were living happily together. Leanne was 19 years old when she fell in love with Geoffrey.

Brynne and Matthew's father
Brynne and Matthew’s father
Image: Guardian

The duo had a big celebration of their marriage in Australia. Geoffrey and Leanne split just after four years. And later tied the knot again in 2009 and Again went separate ways. After separation, Geoffrey was seeing Gabi Grecko in 2015.

Geoffrey’s Second Marriage To Brynne Gordon

Geoffrey fell in love again after two decades. Brynne Gordon is the woman he fell in love with. Gordon is a fitness teacher from California, 40 years younger.

Brynne and her ex-husband
Brynne and her ex-husband
Image: News au

Furthermore, following his 2015 divorce from Brynne, the former medical entrepreneur who founded Allied Medical Group swiftly found love again with Gabi Grecko.

In June 2015, he married the American beauty, 26, in an intimate ceremony at 72. They broke up a few months later.

Geoffrey’s Third Marriage To Gabi Grecko

Australian businessman Geoffrey Edelsten tied the knot to Gabi Grecko on June 11, 2015. Gabriella Rose Curtis is a famous American fashion designer, model, rapper, reality star, entrepreneur and social media influencer.

Doctor Edelsten and Gabriella
Doctor Edelsten and Gabriella
Image: Herald sun

Moreover, the couple met in New York City. The pair made their romance public on the FM radio station ‘KIIS 106.5.’ The couple divorced four months after their wedding. This gorgeous businessman and rapper Gabi reunited in 2018, much like his previous marriage.

Net Worth Of Geoffrey Edelsten

Geoffrey is a wealthy man. He lived a luxurious lifestyle. His net worth is about $100 million. This handsome businessman owned mansions, helicopters, and a fleet of Rolls-Royces and Lamborghinis with license plates like Macho, Spunky, and Sexy.

Geoffrey Walter
Geoffrey Walter
Image: Pinterest

Edelsten became the first private owner of a major Australian football team, the Sydney Swans, on July 31, 1985. Moreover, this doctor attempted to purchase the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks rugby league franchise in July 1986. Sadly, he did not win the game’s administration.

Matthew Beard: The Son Of Geoffrey Edelsten

There is not much information about this doctor’s son Matthew. He likes to keep things low-key. However, we can see the love for his later father, paying a tribute after seven months. Isabel Beard is his mother.

According to Celebritygig, Beard has paid tribute to his late father Geoffrey Edelsten by sporting a large tattoo seven months after the businessman’s death.

Isabel Beard's son Matthew
Isabel Beard’s son Matthew
Image: Herald Sun

The doctor formerly controlled the Sydney Swans AFL football team and went around in helicopters, died alone in a Melbourne condominium in June last year. Matthew gets his father’s surname tattooed on his torso, over a large tiger and two pistols.

Early Lie And Death Of Geoffrey Edelsten

Geoffrey Edelsten was born on May 2, 1943, in Melbourne, Australia. Geoffrey Edelsten is an Australian businessman and the founder of Allied Medical Group. In July 1985, he became the first private owner of a major Australian football team, the Sydney Swans Football Club.

The Edelsten at the Brownlow Medal in Melbourne in 2014
The Edelsten at the Brownlow Medal in Melbourne in 2014
Image: Sydney Morning Herald

Another hugely successful Australian entrepreneur is John Flynn. In 1966, he received a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree from Melbourne. In June, Gabi’s husband was buried in a wooden casket in a traditional Jewish ceremony in Melbourne.

On his site, people he knew well gathered in the Jewish Gardens of the Springvale Botanical Cemetery for a eulogy. According to probate records filed with the Supreme Court of Victoria, Edelstens millions were practically gone by the time of his lonely death.

Conviction and De-registration Geoffrey’s

Edelsten has luxury automobiles, totaling more than $1.4 million, stolen in June 2012. A Lamborghini Aventador valued over $800,000 was among them — one of just a few Aventadors in Australia.

Furthermore, Edelsten’s marriage to Brynne was revealed to be finished in January 2014. His ex-wife Brynne stated that she was unable to forgive her husband, stating

 Brynne Gordon with her ex-husband
Brynne Gordon with her ex-husband
Image: News Au

“her publicity-obsessed husband for an alleged dalliance with another lady more than 18 months earlier.”

Edelsten and Flannery’s wife testified at a Victorian Medical Board hearing that Flannery was ill and in the hospital and had no contact with Edelsten before or during the assault. On the other hand, he was sentenced to a year in jail for perverting the course of justice and soliciting an assault.

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