Since 2010, Lisa Boyer is the head coach for the South Carolina Gamecocks women’s basketball team. She was the head coach of the Bradley Braves women’s basketball team. Boyer led them from 1986 to 1996 before joining the Gamecocks.

Boyer was born in the United States in New York. She graduated in science and a Ph.D. from Ithaca College. In 2014, she earned the title of the Ithaca College Athletics Hall of Fame.

The Basketball Coach Relationship. Is She Lesbains?

Boyer has never been open about her relationship status or boyfriend, leaving her followers to wonder about her sexuality and relationship. Many of her fans believe she is a lesbian and rumored for quite some time.

In 2014, one of Boyer’s fans, Zaria, tweeted that she believes Boyer is a lesbian. Lisa is very engaged in sports, and her favorite sport is basketball. Overall, she loves to have sports and has only focused on them.

Interestingly, Lisa Boyer joined the Cleveland Cavaliers being an assistant coach in 2001 when the number of female coaches began to rise. Moreover, she is in a rumored relationship/ affair with Dawn Staley.

Dawn Staley is the head coach of the South Carolina Gamecocks and a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame. Staley has won four Olympic gold medals, three as a player and one as an assistant coach.

On the Internet, Dawn was targeted being a lesbian in March 2021 who didn’t know her true sexuality. She tweeted that Staley is a challenging form of homosexual self, even if she isn’t gay.

Lisa has helped Staley by putting her career on hold to assist Staley in serving their teams, program, and university. Similarly, Boyer has their rings for helping the USA Women in winning the 2018 FIBA Basketball World Cup.

Everyone Loves The Lesbian Partnership

The basketball coach, who has never a lesbian, and the LGBTQ community greeted her with open arms. In addition, the incident goes without saying that the admiration is reciprocal.

In 2014, the former basketball player highlight the Importance of accepting the LGBTQ community, saying: “You want to embraces this league. I believe the WNBA will supports their cause.”

Nobody was astonished when Dawn’s openly lesbian USC assistant, Melanie in a 2017 New York Times interview how she had her girlfriend and their children.

Dawn accepted Boyer and her family, even though they had not been open everywhere. Nonetheless, It had been a whirlwind.

Dawn, whose parents were born in South Carolina, made news in 2018 for a different reason. Her defamation action, which she filed against her and Missouri athletics director Jim Strek.

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