In the realm of celebrity children, few names resonate as strongly as Wynton Harvey. As the son of renowned comedian and television host Steve Harvey, Wynton has grown up in the spotlight, yet he has managed to carve out a unique identity of his own.

While Wynton’s famous lineage has undoubtedly influenced his life, this enigmatic young individual has chosen to forge his own path, defying expectations and charting a course that diverges from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

In this article, we delve into the intriguing world of Wynton. Beyond the spotlight, Wynton’s story reveals a young man determined to leave his own mark on the world.

Early Life, Age, Childhood, and Education

Wynton Harvey, the youngest son of Steve Harvey, entered the world on July 18, 1997, in Dallas, Texas. His birth came a year after his parent’s marriage, and he holds the distinction of being Steve’s youngest child. Steve Harvey, a renowned comedian, and host, has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry, while Wynton’s mother, Mary Lee Harvey, worked as a professional makeup artist before their relationship.

However, their marital bliss came to an end when Wynton was just eight years old, as his parents divorced in 2005. The media extensively covered their separation, adding an additional layer of complexity to Wynton’s young life. Eventually, after a custody battle, Steve emerged as the custodial parent, and Wynton, at the age of 10, moved in with his father and his father’s third wife, Marjorie Harvey.

From an early age, Wynton displayed a keen interest in photography, which blossomed into a professional pursuit when he was 19 years old.

In recent developments, it appears that Wynton has undergone a personal transformation, embracing the Islamic faith and adopting the name Wynton Barcelona Ali Harvey.

In terms of education, Wynton attended Florida International University (FIU) alongside his sister Lori from 2015 to 2017. Later, he pursued further studies at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, Georgia, nurturing his creative talents and honing his skills.

A Complex Relationship and Legal Battles of His Parents

Following the divorce of Steve Harvey and Mary Lee Harvey, the media spotlight turned towards Mary Lee, Steve’s ex-wife. Mary Lee is a professional makeup artist and the mother of their son, Wynton.

Although Steve and Mary Lee had a brief romantic relationship, their marriage was short. They tied the knot in 1996 and welcomed their son, Wynton, in 1997. Unfortunately, their divorce proceedings were characterized by acrimony and contentious disputes. Despite the challenges, Steve was ultimately granted primary custody of their son.

Steve Harvey with his youngest son from his former wife.
Steve Harvey with his youngest son from his former wife. Source: Instagram @wyntonharvey

During the divorce settlement, the couple divided their assets, with Steve being awarded three homes as part of the property settlement. However, the aftermath of the divorce took a tumultuous turn. Mary Lee faced legal troubles that resulted in a 30-day prison sentence. Although she was not evicted from the homes, she served her sentence and was subsequently released.

In the aftermath of her release, Mary Lee made claims that she had not violated any court orders. However, the judge ruled against her, prohibiting her from spreading false information about the case. These legal battles further added to the complex and often contentious nature of their separation.

Wynton Father Remarried

Steve Harvey, a renowned American television and radio host, actor, author, and entrepreneur, has made an indelible mark in the entertainment industry. With a plethora of successful television programs under his belt, including Family Feud, Steve Harvey Morning Show, Celebrity Family Feud, and Miss Universe, Steve has become a household name.

Steve’s personal life has also garnered attention throughout the years. He was previously married to Marcia Harvey, and their union lasted for 14 years. Together, they had three children. However, the couple faced unresolved issues that ultimately led to their divorce. Steve’s subsequent relationship with Mary Lee Harvey played a role in their separation.

Currently, Steve is happily married to Marjorie Elaine Harvey. Marjorie has been a dedicated stepmother to Wynton since their marriage in 2007. With seven children to care for, Marjorie has gracefully balanced her responsibilities, ensuring that each child receives equal love and attention.

Is Wynton Harvey Dating? Who Is His Girlfriend?

When it comes to love, some couples seem to defy the odds, captivating our hearts with their unwavering bond. One such couple is Wynton, the talented son of Steve Harvey, and his girlfriend, Taylor Gordon.

Since their relationship took flight in 2016, the duo has defied expectations, proving that age is just a number when it comes to matters of the heart. Surprising the media in 2017, their love story has stood the test of time, marking eight incredible years together.

Wynton Harvey with his girlfriend.
Wynton Harvey with his girlfriend. Source: Pinterest

As the daughter of BET host Edward Lansing Gordon III, Taylor has gracefully stepped into the spotlight, showcasing her own social media prowess. While their plans for the future remain a mystery, one thing is certain—Wynton and Taylor’s enduring romance continues to shine, captivating audiences with every step they take together.

Siblings and Stepping into Family Bonds

In the intricate tapestry of family ties, Wynton Harvey is blessed with the presence of siblings from his father’s three marriages. Among his siblings, he shares a close bond and maintains positive relationships with each of them, as well as his beloved stepmother.

Broderick, Brandi, Morgan, and Karli Harvey stand as his treasured siblings, forming a blended family united by love and support. Their shared experiences and connections transcend traditional labels, as they navigate the intricacies of being both siblings and step-siblings.

In a heartwarming display of togetherness, they have been seen together in engaging YouTube videos, showcasing their harmonious dynamics alongside Harvey’s stepbrothers.

Harvey’s Flourishing Net Worth

In the world of art and photography, Wynton Harvey has proven himself to be a rising star, capturing hearts with his unique vision and undeniable talent. As both a model and a photographer, Wynton’s charismatic presence and exceptional skills have catapulted him to success, both behind and in front of the camera.

The celebrity son enjoys a luxurious lifestyle.
The celebrity son enjoys a luxurious lifestyle. Source: Instagram @wyntonharvey

With his burgeoning career and artistic prowess, it comes as no surprise that Harvey’s net worth has reached remarkable heights. As of now, industry insiders estimate his net worth to be around an impressive $500,000.

Career: What Does He Do For a Living?

From a young age, Wynton embraced his passion for photography, a passion that received unwavering support from his family. With an eye for capturing captivating moments, Wynton decided to showcase his work in Atlanta on June 14th, 2018, marking a significant milestone in his creative journey. Sharing his artistic endeavors on his Instagram account, he has garnered attention and admiration from a wide audience.

But Wynton’s talents don’t stop at photography alone. His keen interest in fashion has made him a notable figure in the industry. Often praised by his father for his fashion sense, Wynton has ventured into modeling, collaborating with renowned designer brands like Saint Laurent and working with artists such as 2 Chainz and Bosco.

Wynton Harvey is a photographer.
Wynton Harvey is a photographer. Source: Instagram @wyntonharvey

In 2013, Wynton also showcased his versatility by stepping into the role of a host for his father’s famous show, ‘The Steve TV Show.’ He had the opportunity to cover his father’s charity program, ‘Disney Dreamers Academy,’ during a visit to Disneyland, showcasing his charismatic presence on screen.

Driven by ambition, Wynton dreams of becoming the greatest and wealthiest philanthropic figure the world has ever seen. With aspirations that reach great heights, he envisions gracing the cover of Forbes magazine, a testament to his determination and unwavering belief in his own potential.

He once shared a post with the caption,

“My goals have gotten so big I don’t even know how to accomplish them; luckily, I don’t have to figure it out; I do the work, the rest will fall in place.”

The Social Media Influence of Wynton Harvey

In the realm of social media, Wynton has carved out a distinctive presence with his platforms on Instagram and Twitter. With his Instagram account, @wyntonharvey, boasting a substantial following of over 53,000 admirers, his exceptional photography skills have captivated audiences and garnered attention.

The youngest son of Steve Harvey follows the Islamic faith.
The youngest son of Steve Harvey follows the Islamic faith. Source: Instagram @wyntonharvey

Unlike the flashy posts often associated with celebrity offspring, Wynton takes a more subdued approach. While he occasionally shares moments spent with famous figures like 2 Chainz and Kanye West, his focus remains on showcasing his photography projects, both past and present.

Turning our attention to Twitter, Wynton’s account is @IamWyntonHarvey. However, it is worth noting that he is not as active on Twitter as he is on Instagram, preferring to concentrate his efforts on the visual storytelling aspect of his craft.

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