Meet the man behind the superstar, Yaser Malik, father to none other than the sensational English singer Zayn Malik. Yes, that Zayn from the chart-topping, heart-throbbing boy band One Direction! Yaser’s pride beams as he watches his son’s meteoric rise in the music world.

But there’s more to this cool dad than just famous offspring. Get ready to discover the story behind the scenes, the fatherly wisdom, and the moments that make Yaser Malik a star in his own right.

Join us for an exclusive peek into the world of Yaser and the incredible journey of his son Zayn!

Yaser Malik Is of Pakistani Origin

Yaser Malik, born on September 10, 1969, is currently 54 years old. He hails from Pakistani descent but has spent his entire life in the United Kingdom as a British citizen.

Family details remain a well-guarded secret, as Yaser has not disclosed much about his parents or siblings. Likewise, his national identity is British Pakistani, and he belongs to the Asian ethnicity. Despite his son’s fame, Yaser Malik has maintained a low profile, keeping his personal life away from the public eye.

Is He Married? Who Is His Wife?

Yaser Malik married Patricia “Trisha” Malik, who embraced Islam after their wedding. They settled in Bradford. Moreover, they are proud parents to four children: Zayn, Doniya, Waliha, and Safaa.

Yaser Malik with his longtime wife Patricia "Trisha" Malik.
Yaser Malik with his longtime wife Patricia “Trisha” Malik. Source: Instagram/@yaser_malik

Growing up in Bradford, the kids were raised in the Islamic culture, with regular mosque visits. Zayn, in particular, delved deep into the faith, having read the Quran thrice. This family’s journey reflects a blend of love, cultural fusion, and a commitment to faith.

Yaser Did Not Attend His Daughter’s Wedding

Yaser Malik, a loving father, made a tough decision when he declined to attend his middle daughter, Waliyah’s wedding to Junaid Khan in 2020. His disapproval of Khan as a husband was the reason.

Khan had a troubled past, serving five years for carjacking in 2017, and had previous legal issues. Moreover, this wasn’t the first time he got in trouble. Likewise, in 2014, Khan had a family dispute that eventually led to physical harm.

Yaser Malik and his daughter Waliyah Malik.
Yaser Malik and his daughter Waliyah Malik. Source: Instagram/@yaser_malik

The wedding happened just 70 meters from Yaser’s home, yet he chose not to attend. Zayn, Yaser’s son, also skipped the ceremony. Waliyah is a talented makeup artist, often collaborating with her sister Doniya, an influencer and entrepreneur. Another sister, Safaa, is already a mother to a little girl named Zaneya.

What Does Zayn’s Father Do For A Living?

Yaser Malik, primarily known as Zayn Malik’s father, has not publicly disclosed his own career and professional details. Zayn, his famous son, embarked on his professional singing journey through auditions for the British television show The X Factor in 2010.

Although initially eliminated, Zayn was called back and placed in the boy band One Direction, alongside Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson. Their debut studio album, “Up All Night,” released in 2011, marked the start of their incredible journey.

Zayn Malik with his father.
Zayn Malik with his father. Source: Instagram/@yaser_malik

One Direction went on to release several successful albums, including “Take Me Home,” “Midnight Memories,” “Four,” and “Made in the A.M.” However, in March 2015, Zayn made the decision to leave the group and pursue a solo career. His debut solo album, “Mind of Mine,” released in 2016, quickly rose to the top of the charts in various countries.

Net Worth

Yaser Malik’s net worth and salary remain undisclosed due to his private career. Nevertheless, he enjoys a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle with his family.

On the other hand, Yaser’s son, Zayn Malik, boasts a substantial net worth of $75 million. Moreover, Zayn has made notable real estate investments. He bought a $5 million home in North London in 2012.

Likewise, in 2018 Zayn bought a $10.7 million penthouse in Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood. Additionally, he owns a farm in rural Pennsylvania.

Zayn Malik’s Dad Was His Main Influencer To Do Music

Zayn Malik has openly acknowledged the significant role his father, Yaser, played in shaping his musical tastes and career. Yaser introduced Zayn to a diverse range of artists, from Bob Marley and Prince to Notorious B.I.G. Zayn’s musical influences, including R&B, rap, reggae, and more, can be traced back to his father’s eclectic music collection.

Zayn Malik shares a close bond with his father.
Zayn Malik shares a close bond with his father. Source: Instagram/@yaser_malik

In a touching gesture, Zayn attempted to impress Yaser with the song “Flower” from his “Mind of Mine” album. This track, written in Urdu, is said to have reminded Yaser of the renowned singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, showcasing the deep connection between father and son through music.

Is He On Social Media

Yaser Malik, Zayn’s father, withdrew from social media as it often left him upset, despite his support for his son’s career. Notably, Yaser was less than thrilled when Zayn chose to leave One Direction.

In 2017, Zayn revealed that he turns to his parents to stay grounded, particularly sharing a strong bond with his mother. He also paid tribute to his father by tattooing Yaser’s name behind his right ear.

Both Yaser and Trisha, as parents, aimed to protect their children from the harsh side of fame, steering clear of negative social media comments. They installed security measures around their home due to obsessed fans invading their privacy, knocking on their door for autographs, and peering through windows.

Through the highs and lows of fame, Yaser and Trisha remain unwavering pillars of support for Zayn.

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