Step into the world of Yaya Kosikova – where fashion, art, and love converge. From the runway’s spotlight to the lens’s artistry, she’s a Slovakian model whose photographic eye mirrors her vibrant life.

Known for gracing Vanity Fair Mexico alongside her wife, Montserrat Oliver, Kosikova’s talents transcend beyond modeling. Through her lens, she captures moments that breathe emotion, weaving a visual narrative that celebrates beauty and diversity.

Join the journey of this fashion icon turned-photographer as she shares her unique perspective, redefining glamour and authenticity, one click at a time.

How Old Is Yaya Kosikova? Age, Bio, Wiki, Early Life

Yaya Kosikova, born on September 5, 1986, hails from Slovakia, her lifelong home. Though she hasn’t revealed much about her parents, she did share a family snapshot on Instagram during a European tour, offering a glimpse into her personal life.

Yaya Kosikova with her family.
Yaya Kosikova with her family. Source: Instagram/@yayakosikova

Her modeling journey began early, fueled by a resolute ambition. Before her rise to fame, Kosikova was represented by renowned agencies like AMT Models, Modelwerk, ICON, and Women Direct. Her unwavering dedication and diligence have catapulted her into the spotlight, earning her acclaim as one of the most renowned and prosperous models in the industry.

Marriage Details With Her Wife Montserrat Oliver

Yaya Kosikova and Montserrat Oliver’s love story culminated in marriage on December 21, 2019, after a five-year journey from their initial dating days in 2014.

Yaya Kosikova and her wife Montserrat Oliver on their wedding ceremony.
Yaya Kosikova and her wife Montserrat Oliver on their wedding ceremony. Source: Instagram/@yayakosikova

Their recent third wedding anniversary was marked by Kosikova’s heartfelt Instagram tribute to Oliver, expressing enduring affection and playful admiration.

She wrote,

“You will always drive me crazy in every possible way out there we are married 3 years today! 8 years flew by like nothing happy anniversary @montserrat33 #MoYa”

Their bond, as evident from their social media shares, continues to radiate the same fervor and warmth as it did in their early days, unafraid to showcase their unwavering love for each other to the world. Similarly, another Iconic lesbian couple is Ilana Kloss and Billie Jean King.

Yaya Wife Was In a Relationship With Yolanda Andrade

Yaya Kosikova’s romantic history includes a two-year relationship with Jamie Blake, which ended in 2008. Additionally, she was reported to have been involved with Amanda Moore. Interestingly, Montserrat Oliver, Kosikova’s wife, had a past relationship with Yolanda Andrade.

Montserrat Oliver had a profound connection with Yolanda Andrade that spanned nearly a decade. Their relationship began with a love-at-first-sight encounter, leading Oliver to seek a divorce from her then-husband to be with Andrade. Also, know the relationship details of Cleo Kinnaman who is also lesbian.

However, their love story faced complications and eventual breakup due to Andrade’s infidelity. The intricacies of their relationship unfolded amidst challenges, echoing the complexities of romantic entanglements.

Who Is Her Wife Montserrat Oliver?

Montserrat Oliver is a dynamic figure in Mexico’s entertainment industry. She is more than just a fashion model; she’s a versatile entrepreneur, actress, and talk show host.

Born on April 13, 1966, in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, Oliver embarked on her modeling journey at a young age, gracing the cover of Vogue at 16. Her captivating presence has adorned various magazines, TV programs, and commercials, showcasing her modeling prowess.

Beyond modeling, Oliver’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through multiple ventures. She’s the force behind clothing and sunglasses lines, a talent agency, and a production company, reflecting her diverse business acumen.

Currently, Oliver co-hosts Televisa’s shows “Montse y Joe” and “Reto 4 Elementos,” further establishing her presence in the entertainment sphere. Her multifaceted career mirrors a relentless drive and passion for success across various creative endeavors.

Does Yaya and Montserrat Have Kids?

Yaya Kosikova and Montserrat Oliver, while not having children together, share a deep love for their furry family members. With an impressive menagerie that includes approximately eight dogs, two miniature horses, and cats, Kosikova’s fondness for animals is evident.

Montserrat Oliver and his wife are pet lovers.
Montserrat Oliver and his wife are pet lovers. Source: Instagram/@yayakosikova

She lovingly refers to her dogs, like Charlie and Milla, as her daughters, nurturing a strong bond and treating them akin to children.

Both Kosikova and Oliver express their affection for animals, often showcasing their love for creatures beyond their domestic pets, such as elephants and horses. Despite the challenges, Kosikova humorously remarked that taking care of her pets can sometimes feel more demanding than raising a child, playfully suggesting that having babies might be easier than managing her lively animal brood.

Career Details of Yaya Kosikova

Yaya Kosikova, a European model and Instagram sensation, kickstarted her career by sharing fashion snapshots on the platform. Her notable appearances on Vogue and Vanity Fair Mexico alongside her wife Montserrat Oliver. With a strong portfolio featuring collaborations with various designers and magazines, Kosikova commands a following of thousands on Instagram.

Yaya Kosikova is a Slovakian model and photographer.
Yaya Kosikova is a Slovakian model and photographer. Source: Instagram/@yayakosikova

Beyond modeling, Kosikova’s diverse talents shine through her photography skills and her ownership of Jerry ML, a talent agency in Mexico. Together with her partner, she ventures into fashion with her clothing and sunglasses lines.

Her achievements and multifaceted career make her a beacon of inspiration for many, serving as a role model for those who admire her accomplishments.

Net Worth

Yaya Kosikova stands among the esteemed models with an estimated net worth of $1.5 million, embodying a lavish lifestyle showcased on her Instagram. Her Yaya Studio, nestled in Polanco, Mexico City, is a luxurious Airbnb apartment with three bedrooms, reflecting her taste for upscale living.

Beyond her success in modeling and photography, Kosikova ventures into real estate and house flipping through Flipping Four, a venture she leads alongside four partners, contributing significantly to her earnings.

Expanding her horizons, Kosikova’s foray into the entertainment realm earned her a special mention from the director of “Triangle of Sadness,” marking her involvement in the industry. Her wife, Montserrat Oliver, similarly boasts a net worth within a similar range, solidifying their financial stature in the industry.

Body Measurements: Height & Weight

Yaya Kosikova stands tall at 5 feet 10 inches (177 cm) and maintains a slender physique weighing around 55 kg. Her body measurements are 34-24-34, sporting a bra size of 34C. With blonde hair and hazel eyes, she embodies the quintessential model look.

Despite not hitting the gym regularly, Kosikova prioritizes a healthy lifestyle, engaging in activities like hiking and various adventurous pursuits, often shared with her partner, Montserrat Oliver. Her commitment to maintaining a fit body reflects her dedication to her modeling career.

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