Quick Facts of Zak Bagby

Zak Catchem is an American Influencer. He is popular for his YouTube channel called “Catch Em All Fishing.” Zak uploads every two videos in a week, and this is the part people like the must. His recent video on 2021, Jun 6, “ANACONDA with the Fastest bite,” already cross 80k views in 3 days. Moreover, as a zak statement, he started fishing since he was a child.

Can we know enough about Zak Catchem? So, here we provide you his net worth, Family, relationship and, many more.

Does Zak Catchem Have Wife?


People are mostly curious about Zak’s relationship. If we go through the deep on his personal life, Zak isn’t married yet. But, he has a girlfriend named Selena, who is a model. But, he is still relatively very secretive when it comes to married or dating life. Also, some Media said that Zack was married in the past, which does not reveal yet, and Zak hasn’t talked about it. Moreover, Selena put her Instagram id name as “Catchembae,.”

Zak Catchem and his Girlfriend, Selena catching a fish in Christmas
Zak Catchem and his Girlfriend, Selena, catching a fish in Christmas
Source: Instagram

According to the media, Zak was in a relationship with a girl named Kelly Young in 2019. However, the length of Zak and his girlfriend’s relationship was yet to be known. Nevertheless, their relationship was pretty serious as Kelly might meet his mom too. But, for some reason, they broke up, and their fans are upset after know they are no longer together.

On 2019, December 26, he uploads the first picture with his current girlfriend Salena, saying,

I didn’t believe in Catch em’ Clause until I saw @catchembae fishing under my tree #MaskOff…Guns outlines tight and Merry ChrihHma… ya filthy animals.”

It seems like they meet for the first time in some fishing area, but still, they kept a secret about their first meeting.

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We search a little more and found some suspicious details about Zak and Salena’s relationship. He uploads a recent video on Instagram with 3,740 followers, Maria Alejandra. Many comments say “New Girlfriend?” and replied “never had a gf never will. Virgin for life” after his fans thought they might be broke up, but there is no official news regarding this situation. If we found anything, we let you know.

How Much Is Zak Catchem Net Worth?

A Famous YouTuber, Zack Catchem, holds a Net worth of around $1.8 million, similar to Leah Ashe. It is not uncommon for people with multiple sources of revenue to possess a higher net worth. For him, both are both his salary sources in the entertainment business, but they also make him famous, and he struggled to earn all the wages.

Zak Catchem enjoying the catch fish 5Iber
Zak Catchem enjoying the caught fish 5Iber
Source: Instagram

Talking about his salary, 29 years old man earns a salary of $2,750 per month from YouTube alone; the fish catcher’s average salary is around $48,170. This is only for Zack Catchem, whose YouTube Channel “has over 3.4 million subscribers and more than 818 hundred Videos and Also, 803,277,818 million overall. YouTube can pay anywhere from $2 to $7 per 1000 views. So we can predict that he might be earning more in the future.

Zak Catchem Parents & Bio

Zak Catchem was born on November 1, 1990, in Florida, USA. As his statement, he is fell in love with fishing since a child. In 2004, at the age of 14, he won the juniors tournament hosted by the International Gamefish Association, where Freshwater fish on any species were eligible. Where he also features his family members and celebrities like Logan Paul and Michelle Dalton.

Zak Catchem enjoying the summertime
Zak Catchem enjoying the summertime
Source: Instagram

His real name Zak Bagby was born to his Father, Willian A Bagby (pepper), and his mother, Melinda D Bagby (Mindy), in Florida, United States. Moreover, his parents are a few of the lucky ones to find the love of their life. His mother shares her son and her husband on her Instagram. Also, he has a brother who served in the military. Moreover, Zack and his brother are of Indian descent on their Father’s side.

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