John Morin, aka ZexyZek, is an American Gaming YouTuber who is popular for his Skate 3 Challenges and Minecraft Trolling Series, Fortnite, and Call of Duty, which is now discontinued, lack of interest in the game. He is also known for his vlogs and the videos made on Skits. ZexyZek is one of the best players in the game Skate 3.

ZexyZek’s Relationship Status

Currently, ZexyZek is single. He is not dating only girls, according to his given information. Previously he was involved in a relationship with a pretty girl, Louise. They both shared a strong bond. Both of them shared their photos on their respective social media accounts, but they broke up with each other due to some trust issues.

ZexyZek and his Ex-girlfriend Louise
ZexyZek and his Ex-girlfriend Louise.
Source: Instagram

Zek probably has many previous relationships cause he is already an amateur 22-year-old boy and is very handsome. Yet, there is no information about his other past relationship as they were not much highlighted like it was with Lousie. If there are any leaks about his current or past relationships, we will soon provide you with the information on it as soon as possible.

ZexyZek’s Net Worth

ZexyZek’s net worth is $471K, similar to Emily Reuben. He is active on different social media platforms such as YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram, and Twitter. On Instagram, Zek has about 70K followers. Zek’s Twitter account has gained over 70K followers. And also, in Tiktok, he has more than 220K followers. This means he earns some amount of money from his social media accounts as well.

Skate 3 Player, ZexyZek
Skate 3 Player, ZexyZek
Source: Instagram

ZezyZek earns a lot of money from his YouTube channel, as he has 2.35 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. This helps him earn a lot of money just by his regular content. Moreover, his Youtube channel earns $428 – $6.9K and $428 – $6.9K monthly and $5.1K  –  $82.3K yearly. Besides, the vlogs he makes help him make more money. He has collaborated with the game Skate 3 as he is one of the best content created for this game.

More About Skate 3 Player, ZexyZek

John Morin, known as ZexyZek, was born on March 24, 1999, in Springfield, Missouri, USA. And currently, his age is 23 years old.

Further, the young youtuber was born in Springfield, Missouri and later moved to New Hampshire with his family. He has mentioned his mom in several Instagram posts.

Zek's childhood picture
Zek’s childhood picture.
Source: Instagram

Zek started his youtube career from the year 2012. He started his youtube with Minecraft and posted several videos on this video game. Soon after, he started to play other video games like MineZone, Skate 3, and Call of Duty.

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