Zoe Yasemin Oz is a talented digital designer and marketer who has gained recognition for her exceptional creative skills and expertise. She is the daughter of the famous Turkish-American cardiothoracic surgeon and TV personality, Dr. Mehmet Oz, but has made her own name in the field of art and design.

Because of Zoe’s passion for the arts, she has created a remarkable portfolio of work that showcases her ability to create visually appealing digital designs. Her achievements have led her to become the Chief Marketing Officer at Kairos, a technology startup focused on facial recognition and artificial intelligence.

With her unique perspective and expertise in design and marketing, Zoe Yasemin has become a respected figure in the tech industry and an inspiration for young women who aspire to pursue creative careers.

Is The Young Star Zoe Yasmin Oz Dating Anyone?

Zoe Yasemin Oz has managed to keep her personal life away from the public eye and has maintained a low profile despite being the daughter of a famous TV personality. However, we do know that she is happily engaged to her long-term boyfriend James Shceter. Her fiancé is an investor, a music lover, and an existential thinker.

Zoe Yasemin Oz with her fiance.
Zoe Yasemin Oz with her fiance. Source: Instagram @jrshecter

The talented Zoe’s fiancé often shares pictures of the two of them on his Instagram account, which can give glimpses into their life together. His Instagram handle is @jrshecter.

Zoe’s Educational Background: Attended Harvard University

Yasemin Oz pursued her education at the prestigious Dwight-Englewood School, a private college preparatory school located in New Jersey.

After completing her high school education, she attended Harvard University. She graduated with a degree in the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology. During her time at Harvard, she has also had experience in research work. She worked as a research assistant at the Cardiovascular Research Center at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Additionally, Zoe has volunteered at hospitals in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and has assisted surgeons in various procedures. Her academic background in technology, philosophy, and the arts has enabled her to combine her interests in her career. Likewise, she has excelled in the field of digital design, marketing, and technology.

Zoe’s Parents: Mehmet and Lisa Oz’s Long and Successful Marriage

Mehmet Oz and Lisa Oz have been married for over three decades. The couple first met in college and tied the knot in 1985, and have been inseparable ever since. Lisa Oz is an accomplished writer and TV host who has co-authored several books with her husband, including the New York Times bestseller, “You: The Owner’s Manual.”

The lovely pair Mehmet and Lisa have also appeared together on various TV programs, including “The Dr. Oz Show” and “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” where they have shared their personal experiences with viewers.

Mehmet Oz and Lisa Oz.
Mehmet Oz and Lisa Oz. Source: Instagram @dr_oz

Despite being in the public eye, Mehmet and Lisa Oz have managed to maintain a strong and healthy relationship, which is a testament to their love and commitment to each other. They have been vocal about their commitment to their marriage and have spoken openly about the ups and downs of their relationship. In interviews, they have credited their shared values and mutual respect as the foundation of their marriage.

In addition to their successful careers, Mehmet and Lisa Oz are also committed to philanthropy. They have been in various charitable causes over the years. They founded HealthCorps, a non-profit organization that aims to promote healthy living and wellness among young people. The couple has also been involved in disaster relief efforts, including after Hurricane Katrina and the earthquake in Haiti.

The Oz Family: Zoe and Her Accomplished Siblings

Zoe Yasemin Oz has three siblings: Daphne, Arabella, and Oliver. Daphne Oz is the oldest of the siblings and is a television host, author, and chef. She has appeared on several popular television shows, including “The Chew” and “MasterChef Junior.”

Arabella Oz is the second oldest and is also a TV host and producer. She has worked on several shows, including “The Today Show” and “The Insider.” Oliver Oz is the youngest of the siblings and has kept a low profile compared to his sisters.

Zoe Yasemin Oz with her siblings.
Zoe Yasemin Oz with her siblings. Source: Instagram @daphneoz

It is not clear what he does for a living or if he is involved in the entertainment industry like his sisters. The Oz siblings appear to be close-knit. They are very supportive of each other’s endeavors, as evidenced by their social media posts and interviews.

Zoe Yasemin Oz: A Successful Career and A Wealth

Zoe has managed to keep a relatively low profile compared to her siblings, making it difficult to determine her exact net worth. It is estimated that her net worth is around $500,000. As the Chief Marketing Officer at Kairos, a company focused on facial recognition technology, and with her background in digital design. It is safe to assume that she has a successful career and has likely earned a considerable amount of wealth.

In addition, as the daughter of the famous TV personality Mehmet Oz, Zoe is likely to have inherited a share of her family’s wealth. Another celebrity daughter Grace Fan Devito enjoys a notable amount of net worth. Her father has a net worth of $200 million. Zoe’s mother, Lisa Oz, is also a successful writer and television host.

The Oz family is known to be philanthropic. They have established several charitable organizations over the years, including HealthCorps, which is aimed at promoting healthy living among young people.

Though Zoe’s exact net worth remains unknown. It is clear that she comes from a family of accomplished individuals who have achieved success in various fields. Her own work in digital design and marketing has likely earned her a comfortable living. Moreover, her family’s wealth and philanthropic endeavors have likely provided her with a solid financial foundation.

Zoe Yasemin Oz’s Career in Digital Design and Marketing

Zoe’s career has been at the intersection of technology, marketing, and the arts. After graduating from Harvard University with a degree in the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology she began her career in the digital design and marketing industry.

Zoe later established her own digital design and marketing agency, Kairos, where she is a Co-founder and chief marketing officer. She has been in Kairos since 2017 to present. Kairos is a portfolio of brands across healthcare and financial services that focus on making life simpler and more affordable for our generation.

Since 2018, Zoe has served as the Chief Marketing Officer at Bilt Rewards, a facial recognition technology company that specializes in biometric identification. In her role as CMO, she is responsible for overseeing the company’s marketing and communications strategies, working to promote Kairos’ technology to businesses and organizations around the world.

Alongside her work in marketing, Zoe is also passionate about the arts and technology. She has an interactive art installation using technology. Her work has been in galleries and museums around the world. Her interest in the intersection of art and technology has also led her to participate in several tech-related projects, including developing virtual reality experiences for medical training and creating 3D-printed prosthetics for children in need.

Zoe Yasemin Oz’s Online Trail: Catching Up with the Digital Designer

Zoe Oz is active on social media. Her Instagram is under the handle @zoeyasoz, where she has over 11K followers. However, her Instagram account is currently private. Another personality Chanelle Haynes also enjoys significant followers.

Although she keeps a relatively low profile on social media, her followers appreciate her insights and are always eager to engage with her content.

Zoe has a LinkedIn under her name “Zoe Oz”. She has a professional profile highlighting her career and educational background.

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