Zooey Jeong, the daughter of the uproariously funny actor Ken Jeong, might just be the coolest mystery in Hollywood’s shadows. Born into the spotlight as one of Ken’s twins, Zooey’s life remains shrouded in secrets, leaving us all curious about this enigmatic teen.

Despite her famous lineage, Zooey kept her world hidden from the flashy cameras, sparking whispers and wonder among fans. Her dad’s occasional glimpses into her world via social media only add to the intrigue.

Akin to a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered, Zooey’s steps into her spotlight are eagerly anticipated by all who follow the Jeong family’s adventures. Let’s unravel the veils and peek into the life of this intriguing Hollywood scion.

How Old Is Zooey Jeong? Age, Wiki, Ethnicity, Early Life

Zooey Jeong’s journey began on May 26, 2007, in sunny California, where she entered the world alongside her twin sister, Alexa Jeong. Raised in the USA, Zooey’s roots trace back to Asia, with her father Ken hailing from South Korea and her mother, Tran Ho, of Vietnamese descent.

Ken Jeong, known for his comedic prowess, inherited his heritage from his parents, D.K. and Young Jeong, both originating from South Korea. D.K. Jeong, Zooey’s grandfather, stood as an accomplished scholar, wielding a Ph.D. in economics from Wayne State University and sharing his knowledge as a professor at North Carolina A&T State University.

Tran Jeong, Zooey’s mother, adds Vietnamese heritage to the mix, although specific details about her maternal lineage remain less known.


Now at 16, Zooey navigates her junior year, harboring interests in acting and various pursuits beyond academics. Her father proudly shared glimpses of Zooey’s ventures into children’s theater and swimming classes, hinting at her multifaceted interests beyond the classroom.

The Jeong family keeps her budding journey into the limelight close to their hearts, leaving us all eagerly anticipating Zooey’s potential future steps in the world of entertainment.

Her Parents: Tran Ho and Ken Jeong’s Marriage Details

Zooey’s folks, Tran and Ken Jeong have been a power couple for like forever! They first crossed paths in 2002 while grinding away at Kaiser Permanente. Sparks flew, and before you know it, they were totally into each other, kickstarting their love story.

Ken Jeong and his wife with their daughter Zooey Jeong.
Ken Jeong and his wife with their daughter Zooey Jeong. Source: Instagram

After a sweet courtship, Zooey’s mom and dad said their “I dos” in a cozy ceremony back in September 2004. Since then, they’ve been rocking the married life, sticking together through thick and thin.

Their love’s been going strong for nearly two decades, painting a picture-perfect backdrop for Zooey’s life, filled with tons of love, support, and that warm, fuzzy family vibe.

Zooey’s Father Ken Jeong Was a Doctor Before Making His Career as an Actor

Zooey’s parents, Ken and Tran, both rocked the medical scene. Tran, a family physician, and Ken, an internal medicine pro, earned their medical stripes from top-notch schools – Ken from UNC School of Medicine and Tran from the David Geffen School of Medicine.

But hey, here’s where the story takes a twist! While they were deep into their medical careers, Zooey’s dad, Ken, did a complete 180. He ditched the stethoscope for the spotlight, diving headfirst into acting.

And guess what? Tran was like the superhero behind Ken’s big career move. When he was all torn about switching lanes, she became his cheerleader, pushing him to chase that acting dream, even during her battle with breast cancer. Talk about support!

Ken snagged the role in “The Hangover” precisely during Tran’s treatments. He spilled the beans later, saying that acting became his therapy – a place to dump all his pent-up emotions into his character. That flick ended up defining his whole acting gig!

Their journey is a rollercoaster of support, love, and incredible strength, painting a portrait of a family that’s not afraid to chase dreams or weather storms together.

Zooey Jeong Wants To Follow In Her Father’s Footsteps

Seems like Zooey’s got a knack for the spotlight! Even at a young age, she dipped her toes into the entertainment world, making appearances alongside her dad in shows like “Dr. Ken” and “Laura Marano: Boombox.”

She even rocked it on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” where she spilled some fun stuff about her dad’s movie, “Penguins of Madagascar.” Zooey cracked everyone up by first saying she didn’t giggle during the film, but then totally took it back, calling it a good movie.

Ken Jeong's daughter Zooey Jeong wants to follow in her father's footsteps.
Ken Jeong’s daughter Zooey Jeong wants to follow in her father’s footsteps. Source: Twitter

That moment turned into a hilarious dad-daughter skit – Kimmel jokingly feeding Zooey a treat while praising her.

The coolest part? Zooey and her dad did this acting showdown on the show, nailing different emotions like happiness and sadness right on cue. Talk about a dynamic duo!

If Zooey sticks with the acting dream, she’s got a top-notch coach in her dad. He’s not just a funny guy onscreen, but also her guide through the ropes. And hey, even though her dad’s in “Community,” Zooey and her sister only get to watch specific episodes.

Seems like Ken’s making sure they get the humor, but Zooey’s already proving she’s got the taste for that special kind of comedy at a young age. Looks like a star’s on the rise!

Her Twin Sister Is Following Their Mother’s Footsteps

Zooey and her twin, Alexa, are like two sides of a coin. While Zooey’s all about the glitz and glam of her dad’s showbiz world, Alexa’s more into following in her mom’s medical footsteps. She’s eyeing the stethoscope while Zooey’s eyeing the spotlight.

Alexa’s got this whole different vibe going on. She’s into gymnastics and keeps her life on the down-low, unlike Zooey, who’s chill with the whole fame scene.

Zooey Jeong with her parents and twin sister.
Zooey Jeong with her parents and twin sister. Source: Instagram

Their folks, Ken and Tran, might not be gym buffs, but they’re all about backing their daughters’ passions. Ken’s all about letting his kids carve their paths, saying, “I’ve never wanted them to follow in [my] footsteps.”

Ken Jeong’s Wife Has Battled a Brest Cancer

Tran Jeong’s battle with breast cancer unfolded in 2008, casting a shadow over the lives of her one-year-old daughters, Zooey and Alexa. The diagnosis hit hard, leaving the family reeling, especially with two infants in need of their mother’s care.

Tran faced a grueling journey, enduring sixteen rounds of chemotherapy, a mastectomy, and subsequent radiation treatments. Despite the exhaustion and pain, she clung to hope, her resilience shining through the darkest moments.

Ken, her husband, lauded Tran’s unwavering strength and determination in a heartfelt Huffington Post blog in 2011. He praised her fight, highlighting her unwavering determination to provide their daughters with a mother’s love and presence.

In his candid post, Ken expressed the fear of losing his wife and the daunting task of explaining it to their young daughters. Thankfully, Tran emerged victorious in 2010, nearly two years after her diagnosis, officially declaring her triumph over cancer.

Net Worth: Enjoys Parents’ Wealth

Zooey Jeong currently resides in Calabasas, California, nestled in a comfortable lifestyle thanks to her parents’ prosperous careers. Just like Ila Kreischer and Illia Wayans, she enjoys her parents’ net worth. Her father, Ken Jeong, made a significant shift from medicine to acting, accumulating substantial wealth.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Ken boasts a fortune of around $14 million, earning a hefty $5 million for his role in “The Hangover Part III.”

The Jeong family’s real estate ventures have been quite the talk. Ken splurged on properties in Calabasas, making some savvy investments.

In 2016, he snagged a property worth $3.95 million, following up on a previous purchase in 2010, where he acquired a separate Calabasas estate for $1.635 million. Ken later sold the latter property in 2017 for a cool $2.4 million, turning a tidy profit on his initial investment.

Movies & TV Shows of Ken Jeong

Ken Jeong, the guy we all know from “The Hangover” movies, rocked the screen as Mr. Chow. But wait, that’s not all! He aced it in “Crazy Rich Asians” too, making us laugh and earning big props for his role as Wye Mun Goh.

Ken has popped up in loads of other flicks like “Knocked Up,” “Ride Along 2,” and “Pain & Gain,” bringing his funny vibes to the big screen every time.

Now, on the TV front, Ken’s done some cool stuff too! Remember “Community”? He played Ben Chang, cracking us up big time over a bunch of seasons. Then there’s “Dr. Ken,” a show kinda based on his own life – a doctor turned actor.

Plus, he’s been on “The Masked Singer,” trying to guess who’s singing under those crazy costumes, and on “The Masked Dancer,” doing the same but with dancers this time. He’s also done some guest spots on shows like “The Office,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” and “Parks and Recreation,” always leaving a mark with his humor, even in smaller roles.

Ken’s done it all – from big laughs to smaller screen charms, showing off his range as an actor in style!

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