Wayde King is a reality television star and American businessman who grew up on Long Island, New York. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing. He rose to celebrity after appearing on Animal Planet’s show Tanked.

On September 19, 1966, King was born. His father introduced him to the world of fish sellers. He also used to assist his father in cleaning aquariums, which is how his current company came to be. He participated in a Tooling course to be a machinist.

Wayde King Career/ Profession

The businessman traveled to Vegas roughly ten years after finishing his technical degree to work for a firm that develops and sells aquariums. He met his future wife and began his professional journey.

Building a tank for his wife’s father was one of his big projects in Vegas. Furthermore, his father-in-law saw a guy destined for greatness in the aquarium construction.

Wayde chose to join forces with him to help him launch his business selling fish and building tanks, kicking off his entrepreneurial journey. Moreover, For his father-in-law, he built a 600-gallon fish tank.

Career In Tv Show

The start of Animal Planet’s reality show “Tanked” enhanced Wayde’s revenue and helped safeguard the company’s reputation as a leader in large-scale aquariums. The program was a massive hit with both local and international audiences.

Wayde King's Tanked Thumbnail
Wayde King’s Tanked Thumbnail
Photo Source: Instagram @waydeskingdom

The reality show highlights ATM’s operations and projects functions as a proper marketing tool for the company, promoting its high-end tanks for corporate and personal use. In a six-episode season, he made his debut on the show.

The success of the TV show is due mainly to high-quality programming and tales that the public could quickly identify with. Therefore, the plots aren’t about fish and aquariums; each product has a unique topic that appeals to the audience.

Development In Business Field

Following the success of their relationship, Wayde’s parents founded Acrylic Tank Manufacturing in 1997. After 13 years of successful operation, the company signed a deal with Animal Planet’s Tanked in 2009 to begin documenting ATM production for broadcast on the network.

The show’s first episode aired in 2011, and it is still running now. The company renovated its production facilities to a 37,000 sq. ft. facility on July 15, 2016, which now houses its operations.

Wayde Net Worth In 2022

He is a successful entrepreneur with a passion for cars and a scuba diving specialist with a net worth of $5 million. Furthermore, his home in Las Vegas has been featured in several episodes and documentaries on him.

Wayde King giving autographs to fans
Wayde King giving autographs to fans
Image Source: Instagram @@waydeskingdom

The house of Wayde King is estimated to be worth over $600,000. Moreover, King used to own a Chrysler 300, which he sold at the Prestige Dealership to get a brand new Chrysler 300 STR-8, which appeared in ‘Tanked‘ episodes.

When Wayde King went to Las Vegas, he met his better half Heather Raymer. Irwin, Heather’s father, was the one who first noticed King’s fondness for fish. Therefore, He and Wayde put money into constructing several fish tanks and aquariums, making a lot of money.

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