You may have listened to many country singers like Johnny Cash, John Denver and Ray Price. Similarly, Adley Stump is also an American Country singer, famous for hit songs and social media presence. She garnered media spotlight from American singing TV show, The Voice. One of the hit Adley’s albums is, Like this(2015).

Country Singer, Adley Stump from Oklahoma is also a social media figure. She has YouTube channel with 65 thousand subscribers where she has more than 4 million views. Along with YouTube she has her own Facebook page with more than 750 thousand likes.

Adley Stump Engaged To Blake Kinsman

Being a popular social media personality Adley has gained a lot of curiosity about her relationship. She is engaged to a man named Blake Kinsman on April 2020. The couple is often seen together in YouTube video and Facebook. The duo looks perfect together and their fans and followers admire them. Looking at their videos on social media they seem happy and joyful together.

Adley Stump and Blake kinsman enjoying holiday in California

Adley Stump and Blake kinsman enjoying holiday in California
Source: Instagram

As they are a engaged partner, we will soon see them on wedding dress. However, they have not announced their wedding date until now. Furthermore, Blake Kinsman Instagram bio says – “Eventually I will post interesting things.” We can expect him to be Social Media Personality in the future.

What is net worth of Adley Stump?

Adley’s major source of incomes are her songs, live shows, social media, merchandise, advertisements and more. She has decent net worth which is in between 500 thousand to 1 million as of 2021. Let’s look at her sources of income.

Music and Social Media

Adley has 720 thousand Instagram followers and earns 2 thousand-3 thousand from a sponsered post. Similarly, the average income from her singing and YouTube channel is around $45,000-$65,000 per year.

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Adley’s Grammy winning song Don’t Wanna Love Him has more than 400 thousand views on YouTube and gained mammoth popularity in Internet. She earns around $6k – $90k from YouTube.


Adley has a branded merchandise selling sites where we can buy her custom T-shirts, masks and many more. Price ranges of merchandises ranges from 18$ for Neck Gaiter to 27$ for shirt which is fair and reasonable. She is expected to earn $100k by selling merchandises

Adley Stump and Blake kinsman enjoying holiday in California

Merchandise of Adley Stump

Adley’s fortune will rise in the coming days as she is still active on her professional life and rising.

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