Agon Hare is a famous YouTuber and Social media personality from Poland. Previously, he traveled with Nas Daily and Dear Alyne around the world to collect amazing stories. Agon Hare is popular by the name Project Nightfall at the moment. Agon’s main motto to name project nightfall was, “What if you could change somebody’s life over one Nightfall?” The project began as a social media channel, spreading awareness about sensitive and important topics worldwide.

Who Is Agon Hare Girlfriend?

Agon Hare is in a serious relationship with Sonya Mulkeet. Fans and viewers were guessing about their relationships for some time. Finally, they confirmed their relationship on 9th December 2020. Currently, the duo is working together to make Project Nightfall successful. Moreover, they work hard together for scriptwriting, planning, filming, and editing captivating videos to lure massive audiences.

Agon Hare with her Gorgeous Girlfriend Sonya Mulkeet
Agon Hare with her Gorgeous Girlfriend, Sonya Mulkeet.
Photo Source: Instagram@Projectnightfall

Moreover, they love each other’s company. They are having a good time traveling together and making inspirational videos. Interestingly the viewers are loving their videos and gaining huge popularity with over 857K subscribers.

How Much Is Agon Hare’s Net Worth?

Hare is a millionaire. Agon Hare’s net worth is around $1 million, similar to Brianna Ruffalo. He earned all of this hefty sum of money through his YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram videos. Recently he uploaded one video on YouTube where he clearly mentioned his earnings from 8 million followers. He is proud of earning $1 million as of 2021.

Agon Hare all set for his new video related to chocolates
Agon Hare is all set for his new video related to chocolates.
Photo Source: Instagram@Projectnightfall

Agon Hare is a supremely talented personality with millions of fan followers on his social handles. He has almost 10 million members across Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube at present. Further, his videos from Project Nightfall are also grabbing a lot of attention. It started 5 years ago and has already uploaded 249 videos so far. Therefore, there is no doubt that the channel is earning a hefty amount of dollars as it is getting popular every day.

Agon Hare Aka Project Nightfall Early Life

Agon Hare was born on June 18, 1992. He was born and raised in Poland. He is a famous inspirational content creator. His Birth Sign is Gemini. His height is 5 feet and 9 inches. Besides YouTube, he has millions of followers on Facebook and Instagram too.

Agon Hare picture from his Instagram
Agon Hare picture from his Instagram.
Photo Source: Instagram@Projectnightfall

He is a musician and video blogger from Poland. He has now stopped making various amazing youtube videos and is working on a project named Project Nightfall and has been updating on Facebook. Further, he is best to recognize for his work with the Nas Daily team. Agon travels full-time with Nas Daily and Dear Alyne, filming, recording, editing, and producing Nas’s one-minute daily videos.

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