Ainsley Earhardt is the co-host of FOX and Friends First at 5 a.m. ET. She is a journalist. Earhardt is a Fox News Channel anchor and journalist. Earhardt reports for FOX’s Hannity with her program called “Ainsley Across America.” She has co-hosted Fox and Friends, FOX and Friends Weekend, etc.

Ainsley Earhardt Is Currently Dating Sean Hannity

Ainsley is currently dating Sean Earhardt. Well, Sean is a famous American correspondent and a talk show host. Further, he is the Sean Hannity Show host, a national talk radio show. The duo started dating each other in 2019.

Ainsley Earhardt With Her Boyfriend, Sean Earhardt
Ainsley Earhardt With Her Boyfriend, Sean Earhardt
Source: Daily Mail

Additionally, Earhardt and Sean are work colleagues. In August 2019, they attended a wedding at Trump National Golf Course in Colt’s Neck, NJ. Before being in a relationship with Ainsley, Sean was in a marital relationship with Jill Rhodes. Likewise, he also shares two kids, Patrick (1998) and Merri (2001).

First Marriage Of Earhardt

This isn’t Ainsley’s first time dealing with a failed marriage. Earhardt and Kevin McKinney were college sweethearts who married in 2005. Unfortunately, their marriage did not last four years. Also Read: Kelly Musgraves

There were allegations that it ended when McKinney supposedly had an extramarital affair. Both McKinney and her ex-husband have kept a quiet profile since their divorce. Neither has spoken out about what went wrong in their relationship.

Ainsley Earhardt’s Second Marriage

In recent years, Ainsley Earhardt has been laser-focused on her career at Fox News and beyond. In reality, she didn’t begin her work at the news station until she married William Proctor in 2012, and also, he is eight years younger than Ainsley. William was a former Clemson University quarterback.

That’s when she started appearing on television as an overnight anchor before landing her section on The Sean Hannity Show called “Ainsley Across America,” according to Elle. She went on to anchor Fox & Friends First, then Fox & Friends, which she landed on maternity leave.

Ainsley Earhardt with her husband, William Proctor, and their daughter
Ainsley Earhardt with her husband, William Proctor, and their daughter
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Concerning her divorce, she said, “Will and I have split after much prayer and great deliberation.” She added, in part (via the Daily Mail). “I am grateful to Fox for their support and for allowing me to spend the entire day with my child after the morning program every day.”

Nevertheless, Earhardt referenced the media during her announcement that she and Proctor had divorced in 2019. It was certainly no surprise to her followers or Proctor.

Hayden Dubrose: Daughter of Ainsley and William

Ainsley gave birth to Hayden Dubose following her marriage to William Proctor. She had previously been married, but they had no children. Kevin Mckinney, her ex-husband, and she split after four years of marriage.

For the time being, Hayden is also being raised by her single mother. With her mother, marriage does not appear to be a viable option. For his infidelity, she divorced William Proctor. The mother and daughter combo is now content to spend their time together.

Ainsley Earhardt's Daughter, Hayden Dubose, with her dog
Ainsley Earhardt’s Daughter, Hayden Dubose, with her dog
Image: Facebook

When it comes to Hayden’s schooling, she is far too young to be learning. She is, nevertheless, likely to attend home lessons and playgroups. Her parents also view each other through the lens of their daughter’s pleasure. Hayden enjoys soccer matches with her father.

Reason For Ainsley Earhardt Divorce

It’s easy to understand why journalist Earhardt may have opted to dissolve their marriage if William Proctor’s infidelity allegations are true. It’s not simple to forgive and forget your spouse’s affair.

Commentator Earhardt with her daughter for horseback riding at Long Island, NY
Commentator Earhardt with her daughter for horseback riding at Long Island, NY
Image: Instagram

However, despite their efforts to repair their relationship after Proctor’s alleged cheating, the Daily Mail reports that Earhardt and Proctor have yet to reunite and move on together. Let’s hope they continue prioritizing Hayden during their divorce procedures no matter how tough things become between these two.

Net Worth of Ainsley Earhardt

Ainsley’s net worth is around $5 million. She makes the most of her good riches by working for Fox News as a journalist, television personality, and conservation political analyst. Her annual income is over around $400,000. Her net worth is similar to Dagen McDowell’s.

Journalist Ainsley Earhardt
Journalist Ainsley Earhardt
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According to Glassdoor, the annual pay for a FOX News Analyst is $71,286. Analyst salaries at FOX News vary from $57,814 to $87,000 per year. This estimate is based on four FOX News Analyst pay reports provided by employees or derived using statistical methods. One of her major assignments at Fox was an interview with Trump, days before his inauguration as the president.

After then, bonuses and other forms of compensation are taken into account. The average yearly salary for an analyst at FOX News is $99,350.

Ainsley Earhardt Career

In 2007, Ainsley Earhardt moved to New York City and started working at Fox News Channel. She is the co-host of Fox & Friends. Since joining the network, she began work as co-hosting Fox and Friends Weekend, Fox’s All-American New Year’s Eve, America’s News Headquarters, been a panellist on The Live Desk, and appeared on Greg Gutfeld’s Red Eye.

Earhardt has stated that she is a fair journalist who wants “to ask tough questions” and “does not want to come across as being in the tank for” the Trump administration. During her tenure on the show Fox & Friends, Trump tweeted about the show more than 100 times in the first eight months of his presidency.

Ainsley Earhardt Age

A co-host of Fox & Friends was born on 20 September 1976 in Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA. As of 2022, she is 45 years old. She grew up with her older sister, Elise Giles Earhardt and younger brother Trenton Earhardt. While she was a child, Ainsley’s family moved to the Foxcroft area of Charlotte, North Carolina.

She went to Sharon Elementary School. Later, she graduated from Spring Valley High School in 1995. Likewise, she went to Florida State University (FSU) to study biology as a major.

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