The world of sports is fantastic as it brings you all the fame and fortune, but one mistake can ruin your whole life. Recently Alex Cora, former Boston Red Sox manager, became major headlines when rumors about the sign-stealing scandal surfaced.

Apart from his MLB career, personal life, background, and net worth, let’s know some interesting details about Alex Cora. 

Alex Cora Family Background

Alex was born Jose Alexander Cora on October 18, 1975, in Caguas, Puerto Rico. His father, Jose Manuel Cora, played winter ball in Puerto Rico and was president of the Little League chapter in 1969.

Alex’s father died in 1988 following his battle with colon cancer.

Alex Cora with his mom Irish Amaro.
Alex Cora with his mom Irish Amaro.
Image Source: Instagram@ac13alex

His mother, Irish Amaro, worked as a school secretary while keeping the family of four children after Jose Manuel’s death. Alex and his older brother Joey Cora used to play baseball games.

Alex Cora Is Engaged To Angelica Feliciano.

The 44-years-old former baseball player, Alex, is happily engaged to his long-term girlfriend turned fiancee Angelica Feliciano.

The exact date and place where Alex met Angelica are unknown, but he is living lavishly and happily with her. Feliciano also features in many of the posts updated by Alex on his Instagram account. 

Alex Cora, with his finacee, Angelica Feliciano.
Alex Cora, with his fiancee, Angelica Feliciano.
Source: Instagram @ac13alex

Besides this, the engaged pair are happily parenting their twin sons, Xander Gabriel and Islander Gabriel, born on July 21, 2017. As of 2020, the kids are three years old, living lavishly and blissfully with their celebrity and beloved parents.

Not only Xander and Islander, but Angelica is also parenting her step-children Camila Cora (b. March 14, 2004) and Jeriel Cora, born from Alex’s previous relationship.

As of 2020, Angelica and Cora live delightfully with their four adorable children in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts

Previously Married To Nilda Cora

Before sharing an intimate life with Angelica, Alex was happily married to Nildamarie Leclere’s-Vazquez, aka Nilda. The former is privately in front of their friends, family members, and relatives. They were living blissfully and were even parenting their children.

Everything was fine, but they decided to part in their relationship later on. Due to their secretive nature, their judicial separation remains unclear.

After the tragic separation, Nilda chooses a low-key personal life, but Alex moves on and starts living happily with Angelica. 

Net Worth Of Ex-Red Sox Manager, Alex Cora

The Puerto Rican baseball player has a net worth of $10 million, more than that of Daniella Rodriguez‘s spouse Carlos Correa, who has a net value of $7 million. Alex earned this massive wealth throughout his professional work as a baseball player and field manager.

In 2017, Alex signed a three-year $800,000 contract with Boston Red Sox. Likewise, per the sources, a field manager earns $1 million per annum; besides, he is currently serving as a baseball analyst for ESPN.

As per the sources, an average wage of an ESPN analyst is $35.00 per hour and $60000 per annum.

Alex Cora helped Houston Astros’ Sign-Stealing.

In November 2019, journalists Ken Rosenthal and Evan Drellich published an article for The Athletic. They reported the story of the Houston Astros organization illegally stealing signs of opposing teams using technology during the 2017 and 2018 seasons.

So, what was Alex Cora’s role in the scandal?

MLB investigations found that the Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora helped mastermind the Astros’ sign-stealing while serving as the bench coach of the Astros manager A.J. Hinch in 2017.

In January 2020, MLB investigations confirmed that the Astros illegally used video cameras to steal signs. Afterward, Cora mutually left the Boston Red Sox.

Is Alex Cora on Instagram?

The baseball star has a huge following on his official Instagram handle. He has amassed over 117 thousand people on the famous social media platform.

Furthermore, he has posted over 700 pictures and videos containing his training pictures and family. Recently, Alex posted a photo celebrating the birthday of his sons.

Also, Cora is a massive fan of the English soccer team, Liverpool FC, which he posted on his feed. The American star is a proper family man and an example to be followed.

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