Alina Kabaeva is a politician, media manager, former solo rhythmic gymnastics of Russia. The academy awarded her the title of Honoured Master of Sports. Alina holds two Olympic medals, 14 World Championship medals, and 21 European Championship medals. Not to mention, the academy made her one of the most accomplished rhythmic gymnasts in history.

Kabaeva was a fictional character born Alina Maratovna Kabaeva in Tashkent on May 12, 1983. She gained popularity with a rumor. The rumor is that she engaged to Vladimir Putin. Marat Kabayev, a former professional soccer player and a Russian mother, a Tatar father, welcomed her.

Is Alina Kabaeva Secret Girlfriend Of Vladimir Putin?

Alina Museliani and David Museliani met and started dating in 2002. In 2004, the accomplished rhythmic gymnasts engaged a policeman. Besides all their memories, they could not stay together for long and divorced in 2005.

The rumor of Alina’s relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin went viral in 2008. According to a story published in a Russian publication, they engaged. Above all, the President already has one wife and is cheating on her.

Vladimir Putin wearing white shirt, tie and black coat and Alina Kabaeva wearing white shirt and white dots coat
Vladimir Putin and Alina Kabaeva posing for a photo
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Kabaeva’s rumored boyfriend has Shut down the newspaper. Additionally, he disputed the story as his secret woman made her way to the spotlight with his name. Secondly, he divorced her adored wife and added fuel to the fire of rumor.

Then, Kabaeva stated in the press that she had already met the one she truly loved. In 2016, Vladimir rumor girlfriend appeared in public wearing a ring on her ring finger. However, she tried to hide it from the camera. On the other hand, she also teased Russians by showing off her wedding ring.

Putin’s Secret Lady has Multiples of Baby

The rumor was about to end, and the press got a report. The report said the President’s secret lover became pregnant and had a couple of children. Alina has stated that she is not the mother of any children.

The press got some evidence proving he has romantically linked with Putin. His’s secret girlfriend gave birth to a daughter at the VIP hospital in 2015. In 2019, she gave birth to twin sons and changed her religion from Muslim to Christianity.

The media are questioning the story of Alina and Putin’s relationship. She is the mother of three children, who are unknown to the general world. Every citizen of Russia believes The President is the father of the three babies.

Vladimir Putin’s Rumored Girlfriend, Alina Kabaeva’s Career & Net Worth

Alina is a gifted young lady, and she began rhythmic gymnastics at the age of three. Not to mention, she made her international debut in 1996. After two years, The media manager won the European Championship. She took the bronze medal in the 2000 Summer Olympics.

In addition, Kabaeva won a total of five European Championships All-Around titles. Furthermore, she has numerous gold medals from the world and European championships, World Cup Finals, Grand Prix Finals, and Goodwill Games. The young gifted performed her gymnastics routine in the Japanese film.

Alina Kabaeva wearing blue suit
Alina Kabaeva playing Rhythmic Gymnastic
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The former solo rhythmic gymnastics retired from sports in the year 2004. The daughter of a Russian mother became a member of the Russian Public Chamber. Moreover, she has been Chairwoman of the Public Council of the NMG, the media group that controls a daily broadsheet newspaper, the first TV Channel to broadcast, and a Tv network.

Kabaeva was appointed chair of the board of directors of NMG, Russia’s largest media company, in 2014. Her lack of experience has been a source of criticism. The NMG paid her well after getting assigned to political and media positions. In fact, she has made a net worth of $10 million.

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Marat Kabayev Father
Lyubov Kabaeva Mother