Alum Clint Arlis was a well-known personality. He mostly claimed his popularity after appearing in season 11 of ‘The Bachelorette.’ Until he could not make it to the very last, his phrases like ”Villains Gotta Vill” regarded him as the bad guy of the season.

During high school, his masculine body type allowed him to play wrestling. So, let’s follow the following sections of the article to further know about the architectural engineer.

Who was Alum Clint Arlis?

Alum was the former contestant who appeared in season 11 of The Bachelorette show. Further, he was an architectural engineer with nearly a decade-long experineces in the field.

What’s more, Arlis planned to move to Texas from his hometown Chicago. He has a double degree in civil engineering and architecture from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Alum Clint Arlis childhood photo with his siblings.
Alum Clint Arlis’s childhood memory with his siblings.
Source: Facebook via Taylors’ Facebook

Besides, Alum was born to Tom Arlis and Jamie Arlis. Further, he was born on July 29, 1987, in Batavia, Chicago. Clint grew up in a very loving and caring environment with his parents. His father is a coach in Batavia high school, and his mother is a homemaker. Arlis grew up in his hometown alongside his younger sister and brother.

His younger sister is Taylor, and Logan Arlis brother. All three siblings share a great bond. His sister is a vet doctor who married her long-time boyfriend, John Patrick, in 2019. His brother is an assistant chief pilot at Illinois Aviation Academy.

How did the bachelorette contestant, Alum Clint Arlis die?

There’s still an investigation going on about the engineer’s death. However, no one is suspected of foul play. On January 11, 2015, Batavia police received a phone call about the deceased body in his private residence. His whole family was heartbroken upon receiving the message of Arlis’s death.

Arlis’s sister, Taylor, went to her FB page to announce the death of her beloved brother posting their childhood photos asking everyone to give them their space in the time of grief.

Alum with his brother during their sister's wedding
Alum with his brothers during their sister’s wedding.
Source: Facebook

His friends from the show, family, school coach were all shocked to know the untimely demise of Alum. According to them, Alum was a kind, energetic, and full of positivity person. His character was cast as a bad guy; in reality, he was nice to his onscreen character. Moreover, the architectural engineer was single at his sudden death.

What was the net worth of engineer upon his demise?

As an architectural engineer, Alum earned good fortune for him. With over nine years of experience in the building market in Chicago, he made a good fortune of $1.5 million before his death. So, we can assume he lived a good life earlier.

Alum Clint Arlis with his siblings.
Alum had fun with his siblings.
Source: Facebook

On the same note, his sister is a vet doctor in Illinois, Chicago. As a vet doctor in the USA, their income is $99,000 on average. It may rise upto $126,000 per year depending upon your skill and position. Similarly, Arlis’s brother is an assistant chief pilot. And so, he also is earning a good fortune from his career.

As an assistant chief pilot, one can earn income ranging from $85k per year to $143k annually. However, most chief pilots receive an annual paycheck of $138k or $112k according to their work experiences. Also, the entry-level earns a $43k base salary.

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