Quick Facts of Andrea Bertorelli

Andrea Bertorelli is an actress most known for being the ex-wife of Phil Collins. Bertorelli made headlines in 2016 when she filed a lawsuit against Phil Collins over his memoirs.

Andrea Bertorelli Is The First Wife Of Phil Collins

Andrea Bertorelli is currently a single lady. She first married Phil Collins. The pair knew one other since they were 11 years old. They both used to attend acting courses at the same studio. Andrea wanted to pursue theatre and acting since she was interested in it.

The ex-wife of Phil enrolled in the Camberwell School of Art, but due to her father’s death. She could not continue her studies. Andrea and Phil’s separation reason was that she had to relocate to Canada with her mother and stepfather.

Ex- Couple, Phil Collins and Andrea Bertorelli
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However, the songwriter invited Andrea to England to meet him. Andrea, meanwhile, was seeing another guy in Canada and declined the offer. Moving on, Phil traveled to Canada with his band, where he could meet Andrea as well.

Andrea had a daughter with her boyfriend at the time. But it was also Andrea’s childhood love who reconnected, and she relocated to England with her daughter Joely Collins and Phil Collins.

Andrea Bertorelli with her daughter, Joely and Phil Collins
Andrea Bertorelli with her daughter, Joely and Phil Collins
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Mother of Joely married at a Catholic church in Epsom, Surrey, England. It was a civil ceremony in the register’s office, according to Phil’s book. However, the couple had one son named Simon Collins, born on September 14, 1976, and Phil later adopted her daughter Joey.

However, Phil and Andrea’s marriage did not endure. They decided to divorce barely four years into their marriage on February 2, 1980. Though the cause for the divorce is described as cheating, it is unclear if Phil or Andrea cheated.

Andrea is single since their divorce, but singer Phil married is twice. From 1984 to 1996, he married Jill Tavelman, and from 1996 to 2004, he married Orianne Cevey.

Net Worth Of Andrea

Andrea is a 70-year-old woman who avoids the spotlight and is a private person. Her acting career was not particularly successful. But it said that her net worth is around $18 million. So, she must be earning a good living.

Collins and Bertorelli at the cafe
Collins and Bertorelli at the cafe
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Furthermore, she received a divorce settlement from Phil around $25 million to $45 million. Nonetheless, her ex-husband Phil is worth $300 million. His career generates the majority of his income. Over the course of his career, he has sold over 100 million records globally.

She must have led a very happy and lavish life while she was with Phil. And even after her divorce from him, because her daughter and son are well-known celebrities in the entertainment world, she may still enjoy a lavish lifestyle.

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