In the world of entertainment, stars shine bright, but behind them, there are unsung heroes. Andrew Shingange, Trevor Noah‘s brother, might not be in the spotlight, but he’s important to Trevor. Trevor, famous for making people laugh and hosting ‘The Daily Show,’ is a big deal.

While Trevor is busy being famous, Andrew quietly supports him. Even though Andrew isn’t famous, his role in Trevor’s life shows how family is really important, especially when someone is as famous as Trevor.

Andrew Shingange: Age, Family, Early Life, Wiki

Andrew Shingange, born in Johannesburg, South Africa’s City of Gold, is the brother of the famous comedians Trevor Noah and Isaac. Their mother, Patricia Noah, was previously married to Ngisaveni Abel Shingange, a Swiss national, making Trevor Andrew’s half-brother.

Andrew holds African nationality but details about his birth date and education aren’t known.

Trevor attended Maryvale College, a private Roman Catholic school in their hometown. While information about Andrew’s schooling remains undisclosed, his connection to Trevor, who pursued education at Maryvale College, is notable in their shared family journey.

Who Is Andrew Shingange’s Biological Father?

Andrew Shingange’s biological father is Ngisaveni Abel Shingange. It’s important to clarify that Andrew and Trevor Noah have different biological fathers. Trevor’s biological father is Robert Noah, not Abel Shingange.

Abel Shingange, Andrew’s biological father, was a towering mechanic, but unfortunately, their family life was marked by abuse. Abel and Patricia Noah legally divorced in 1996 due to the persistent abuse.

Is He Married? Who Is His Wife?

Andrew Shingange, known as Trevor Noah’s half-brother, prefers to keep his life away from the public eye, leaving everyone curious about his relationship status. While many assume he might be married, Andrew hasn’t given any details.

Andrew Shingange is a married man.
Andrew Shingange is a married man. Source: Pinterest

On the other hand, Trevor, his half-brother, has been seen in pictures with singer Dua Lipa, but neither Trevor nor Dua Lipa have officially said they’re dating.

Trevor often shares about his relationships, making them public, which makes people wonder even more about Andrew’s life and whether he might open up about it someday.

What Does Trevor Noah’s brother Andrew Shingange Do?

When it comes to Andrew Shingange’s professional life, there’s not much information available. But his brother, Trevor Noah, has an impressive career. Trevor’s a big deal in South Africa—he’s a TV host, comedian, and actor.

Trevor started working in 2002 and even got second place on “Strictly Come Dancing” in South Africa in 2008. Then, in 2014, he became a Senior International Correspondent for “The Daily Show.” His book, “Born a Crime,” full of comedy, came out in 2016. Alex Wagner has also worked with Noah.

Trevor Noah is a famous South African Comedian.
Trevor Noah is a famous South African Comedian. Source: Instagram/@trevornoah

He’s also hosted the Grammy Awards, first in 2021 and then again in 2022. Trevor’s done a lot of cool stuff in his career, making him a well-known name in the entertainment world.

Net Worth and Salary of Andrew Shingange

As for Andrew Shingange, there’s no disclosed information about his career or earnings, so his net worth remains a mystery. Despite this, he seems to lead a financially comfortable life.

However, his brother, Trevor Noah, has made a significant fortune. Trevor’s net worth is $100 million. Initially, when Trevor started hosting “The Daily Show,” his salary ranged from $5 to $8 million annually, notably less than Jon Stewart’s previous earnings of over $25 million.

In September 2017, Trevor inked a lucrative contract extension with Viacom, Comedy Central’s owner, which reportedly increased his yearly salary to $16 million.

Family Struggles: The Trauma of Abuse From Stepfather

The Shingange family faced profound struggles due to their father’s abusive behavior. Patricia, their mother, endured both mental and physical abuse, leading to the breakdown of her marriage to Abel Shingange in 1996.

Despite their official split, the torment continued as they still lived together until 2002, when Patricia had to leave.

Abel’s traditional values fueled his violent actions, repeatedly subjecting Patricia and her sons, Trevor and Isaac, to brutal assaults. He used objects like a bicycle frame, destroyed household items, and inflicted harm, leaving behind a trail of trauma.

The situation worsened after Patricia remarried Sifiso Khoza, intensifying the family’s turmoil. In a horrific turn of events in 2009, Khoza attempted to fatally shoot Patricia, leaving her with life-threatening injuries.

Trevor’s brother, Isaac, witnessed this horrifying incident, pleading with their stepfather to cease the violence. Trevor, upon learning of this attack, confronted his stepfather but faced threats to his safety, prompting him to flee to the United States out of fear for his life.

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