Angelo Banks is a celebrity kid. To shed light on, he is the older child of the famous American rapper and singer Lil Durk. As of 2022, Banks is 11 years old and celebrating November 29. We have added more details regarding Angelo Banks, such as his parent’s relationships, net worth and other stuff. So, make sure to read till the end.

Angelo Banks Parent’s Relationship

Well, Talking about the Banks parents relationship, Lil Durk and Nicole Covone began dating at the young teenage at the age of 15 in 2008. The lovebirds married soon after dating for several years. You may also like to read about other prominent singers like Izaak Theo Adu and Froy Gutierrez.

Angelo Banks with his parents
Angelo Banks with his parents
Source: Instagram

Subsequently, Covone gave birth to their first child, son Angelo Banks in 2011. Soon after two years, the couple welcomed their second child, Bella, on July 20, 2013. However, the couple can’t take their relationship further after the Banks father, Druk, fathered a kid with another woman.

Meanwhile, Druk has six children, including Angelo Banks, Bella, from the Coveone side and Du’mier, Skyler, and Zayden Banks from the Royale side. Druk engaged his longtime girlfriend, India Royale, in 2018. As of 2022, Angelo Banks lives with her mother, Nicole Covone.

Net Worth Of Lil Durk’s Son, Angelo Banks

Heading to the Banks fortunes, it is obvious that celebrity kids live a lavish life since they have fortunate parents. In the same vein, Banks is also living a prosperous life from his parent’s wealth. However, since he is a kid, there is no available record of his income and net worth.

Angelo Banks
Angelo Banks
Source: Instagram

Besides that, we can assume his net worth as his parent’s net worth. So, without further ado, let’s jump into Banks’ parent’s money. Starting with his father, Lil Durk is one of the famous singers and rappers and has accumulated a mass fortune through his successful career.

As of 2022, Lil Durk’s reportedly has a whopping net worth of $3 million. He has sung several popular songs such as Laugh Now Cry Later; still Runnin, Hats Off, Pissed Me Off and many more. On the other hand, Bank’s mother, Nicole Covone, has an approximate net worth of $500k.

Know About Angelo Banks Father, Lil Durk

Durk Derrick Banks, widely known as Lil Durk, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. Further, he was born on October 19, 1992, in Englewood on the south side of Chicago, Illinois, U.S. In addition, he is the lead singer and founder of the common and record label Only the Family.

Rapper Lil Durk
Rapper Lil Durk
Source: Instagram

Durk was critically acclaimed for his following releases, Signed to the Streets mixtape series, and associate with Def Jam Recordings. Likewise, he debuted in the studio albums Lil Durk 2X and Remembered My Name.

Consequently, Durk appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 with the single “Just Cause Y’all Waited for 2” off his fifth studio album in April 2020. Accordingly, he releases his singles such as 3 Headed Goat, Backdoor, The Voice, Laugh Now Cry Later, and The Voice of the Heroes.

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Lil Durk Father
Nicole Covone Mother
Bella Banks Sister
Zayden Banks Brother
Du'mier Banks Brother
Skyler Banks Sister