Anne Dewavrin: The Mysterious First Wife of Bernard Arnault. In the glamorous world of luxury, she remains a hidden enigma. Married to the Louis Vuitton titan, Bernard Arnault, Dewavrin’s life remains veiled in secrecy.

While her former spouse conquers the realms of fashion and wealth, Dewavrin prefers the shadows, keeping her life away from the dazzling spotlight. Despite her ties to the richest man in the world of haute couture, her story remains shrouded, leaving many curious about the woman behind the name.

Let’s delve into the mystery surrounding the elusive Anne Dewavrin, a figure intricately connected to one of fashion’s most influential magnates.

Anne Dewavrin Wiki/Bio: Age, Early Life

Anne Dewavrin, born on May 19, 1950, in Nord, Hauts-de-France, France, is a woman shrouded in the mystery of a bygone era. Aged in her mid-70s, she hails from humble beginnings, raised by her parents, Roger Dewavrin and Simone Defossez, in a life far removed from the glitz and glamour of high society.

Yet, details about her upbringing remain scarce, as she fiercely guards her family’s privacy.

Her lineage unfolds in the whispers of family tales: Gerard Leon Jules Defossez, her maternal grandfather from Paris, found love in the arms of Marguerite Fourlegnie. On the paternal side, Anselme Pierre Antoine Dewavrin and Anne-Marie Flipo created the paternal roots of Anne’s lineage.

Despite her link to the illustrious Bernard Arnault, Anne Dewavrin chooses a life cocooned from the prying eyes of the world, shielding her family’s legacy from the dazzle of the spotlight.

Marriage and Divorce of Anne Dewavrin and Bernard Arnault

Anne Dewavrin was married to Bernard Arnault for a significant stretch of 17 years. Their union commenced with an intimate wedding ceremony on April 7, 1973, yet details surrounding their initial encounter remain elusive.

Anne Dewavrin and Bernard Arnault were together for nearly two decades.
Anne Dewavrin and Bernard Arnault were together for nearly two decades. Source: Pinterest

For the initial decade, their marriage seemed to flourish, but over time, the bond between them began to wane. This gradual rift led to the culmination of their relationship, culminating in their divorce in the year 1990.

The reasons underpinning their separation have remained tightly veiled, never stepping into the public eye.

Did She Remarry? Who Is Her Current Husband?

Anne Dewavrin and Bernard Arnault parted ways in 1990. Soon after, Bernard found love again, marrying Helen Mercier in 1991. They’ve been together for over three decades now, building a family of their own with three children.

Meanwhile, Anne embarked on a new chapter, exchanging vows with Patrice de Maistre on September 15, 2001.

Anne Dewavrin and her current husband Patrice de Maistre.
Anne Dewavrin and her current husband Patrice de Maistre. Source: Pinterest

Patrice de Maistre is renowned as a wealth manager, notably serving as a trusted advisor to the late French businesswoman, Liliane Bettencourt. His professional journey includes holding significant roles at companies like Tethys and Clymene, both operating under Liliane’s chairmanship.

Anne’s current husband, Patrice, shares a profound professional connection with the esteemed business magnate, Liliane Bettencourt, through his advisory work.

How Many Children Does She Have?

Anne Dewavrin is the proud mother of two accomplished children which she shares with Bernard Arnault. Their eldest, Delphine Arnault, entered the world on April 4, 1975. Two years later, their son, Antoine Arnault, was born on June 4, 1977, completing their family with a two-year age gap between the siblings.

Anne Dewavrin’s children Antoine Arnault and Delphine Arnault.
Anne Dewavrin’s children Antoine Arnault and Delphine Arnault. Source: Pinterest

However, Anne Dewavrin and her current husband, Patrice de Maistre, do not have children together. In contrast, Bernard Arnault, her former spouse, shares three children—Frédéric Arnault, Alexandre Arnault, and Jean Arnault—with his wife Hélène Mercier.

Their family tree continues to flourish with these distinct branches and diverse endeavors pursued by their children.

Son, Antoine Arnault

Antoine Arnault, renowned for his pivotal role as the former CEO and current Vice Chairman of Christian Dior, boasts a notable educational background. Graduating with an undergraduate degree from HEC Montréal, he furthered his academic pursuits by earning an MBA from INSEAD.

His academic acumen has undoubtedly contributed to his success in the business world. Antoine’s personal life intertwines with glamour as he found love with model Natalia Vodianova, embarking on their journey together in 2011.

Their love story has blossomed into a family, and they cherish parenthood with two children, Maxim and Roman, enriching their lives beyond their professional accomplishments.

Daughter, Delphine Arnault

Delphine Arnault, known for her prominent role as the CEO of Christian Dior, possesses a solid educational background, having completed her studies at both the London School of Economics and the EDHEC Business School. Her academic prowess has undoubtedly bolstered her professional journey.

In her personal life, Delphine was previously married to Italian wine heir Alessandro Vallarino Grancia from 2005 to 2010. Following her divorce, she found companionship with French billionaire and tech entrepreneur Xavier Niel.

Their relationship has flourished, welcoming two children into their lives: a daughter named Elisa Neil and a son known as Junior Neil.

Career: What Does Anne Dewavrin Do For a Living?

Anne Dewavrin’s work life isn’t widely known since she became famous as an ex-wife to a celebrity. It seems she devoted most of her time to being a caring mom and a dedicated homemaker.

Her ex, Bernard Arnault, started his career at Ferret-Savinel in 1971 and later founded LVMH, a big French company. Now, he’s a big shot as the Chairman and CEO of Christian Dior SE, known as Dior in the fashion world.

While Anne’s professional side stays private, Bernard’s career journey has been quite the high-flying success story.

Net Worth: How Rich Is She?

Anne Dewavrin’s net worth is estimated to be around $20 million, and she’s believed to earn about $500,000 every year from different businesses, even though her professional life remains private.

With her connections to wealthy individuals, Anne likely enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle, having been married to two wealthy people. Also, know the net worth of another French conglomerate’s ex-wife Dorothee Lepree.

Her ex-husband, Bernard Arnault, is a billionaire, the second richest person globally, with a jaw-dropping net worth of $170 billion. Similarly, meet another billionaire Wes Edens.

And her current husband used to manage the wealth of Liliane Bettencourt, who has a whopping $40 billion fortune. Plus, it seems Anne’s children are also quite well-off, contributing to the family’s financial success.

Anne Dewavrin’s Husband Patrice De Maistre’s Controversy

Anne Dewavrin’s second husband, Patrice De Maistre, got into some serious trouble back in 2010. Liliane Bettencourt accused him of using her and taking money from her when he was supposed to manage her wealth. He also supposedly gave money illegally to Nicolas Sarkozy’s campaign while working for Liliane.

Later on, a court in Bordeaux said Patrice had to go to jail for thirty months and pay fines and a huge amount of damages to Liliane. But then, things got settled between them after they appealed and went through negotiations.

Around the same time, in July 2010, Anne was seen leaving her house in France after the police checked Patrice’s company. She was just out and about in Paris, dressed in casual white clothes, walking her dog.

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