April Nocifora, a key player in making “Star Trek” cool space stuff, had a big impact on the show. She was super important as a visual effects coordinator, making the show look out-of-this-world amazing.

Sadly, she passed away while working on the show, leaving everyone shocked and sad. People are curious about what happened to her, and how she died. To know her cause of death and other life details, Wiki and net worth keep scrolling down.

Moreover, after April’s passing, the show gave her a special shout-out at the end, showing how much she meant to them. April Nocifora made a huge mark on Star Trek!

April Nocifora Wiki/Bio: Age, Early Life, Family

Born in Newbury, Ohio, on April 7, 1968, April Nocifora was raised by her Christian parents. However, their names remain undisclosed in public records. Her brother, Perry Nocifora, shared her formative years.

Photo of April Nocifora when she was a child.
Photo of April Nocifora when she was a child. Source: Facebook

April’s passion for photography ignited during her early years, evolving into a lifelong pursuit and eventually, a secondary career. Her father’s gift of his old Minolta SRT201 35mm camera sparked this passion when she was still in high school. Her mother was equally supportive of her interests, fostering her creative endeavors.

For her education, April pursued her aspirations at California State University. Likewise, there she earned a Bachelor of Arts in TV/Film. This educational background likely served as a launching pad for her future endeavors in the realm of visual arts and entertainment.

Cause of Death: What Happened To Her?

April Nocifora’s inclusion in the credits of “Star Trek: Discovery” stirred curiosity among fans. Initially a mystery, it became clear that her name was honored due to her passing.

April tragically passed away in December 2021 after a prolonged battle with cancer. However, the type of cancer is not known.

Her passing in Burbank, California, in December 2021 marked the end of her battle with cancer at the age of fifty-three. Reports indicate she had been undergoing treatment for cancer since as early as April 2018.

April Nocifora died after battling with cancer.
April Nocifora died after battling with cancer. Source: Instagram/@aprilnocifora

Her condition worsened in 2021, and unfortunately, a cure seemed unlikely. Despite her health challenges, April remained dedicated to her work until the very end. Her involvement in various projects persisted, notably in her role on “Star Trek: Discovery.”

Initially a producer on the show, April transitioned into the role of supervising producer, contributing to 55 out of 56 episodes. Similarly, personalities Heiga Bullock and Nightbride also passed away because of cancer.

They put her name in the credits twice: once at the start and again at the end of the season finale with a sweet message, “For April, With Love.” Those credits were a special way to honor her hard work and how much she meant to the show. Her legacy lives on in Star Trek because of her dedication and contributions.

Nocifora’s Brother Was by Her Side At The Time She Died

April Nocifora’s brother, Perry Nocifora, stood by her side during her final moments, alongside his wife, Oum Somkhit Nocifora. They shared a close bond, spending a lot of time together with April.

Perry and Oum were present during April’s passing, offering their support and companionship.

After April’s demise, Perry took charge of handling her estate affairs. He took on the responsibility of making arrangements for April’s beloved dog, Monk, ensuring that everything was taken care of in her absence.

Their closeness and Perry’s role in managing her affairs highlight the strong family ties that April shared with her brother and his wife.

Was April Married? Who Was Her Husband?

April Nocifora got married to David Frank Rossi, a colleague and producer, in the early 1990s after dating for a while. She even changed her name to April Rossi during their time together.

But, things didn’t work out, and they split in the early 2000s, keeping the reasons quiet.

After the breakup, David Rossi found love again and married Lilli Malkin in 2005. But April stayed single until the end. She didn’t get into any other relationships after the divorce. Her personal life became super private, and she lived the rest of her life solo.

Career Milestones of Star Trek: Discovery Producer, April Nocifora

April Nocifora’s journey in the entertainment industry kicked off as a production associate on “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” a series featuring Marina Sirtis. She furthered her experience by working as an assistant to a producer on “Star Trek: First Contact.”

April Nocifora with the fellow "Star Trek" sound & VFX teams.
April Nocifora with the fellow “Star Trek” sound & VFX teams. Source: Twitter

Following these early ventures, April worked in post-production coordination across various projects. Her career expanded beyond the Star Trek universe as she assumed pivotal roles, serving as both a production and post-production supervisor.

Notable among her credits are contributions to renowned projects like “Terra Nova,” “Fringe,” and “Carnivale,” showcasing her diverse skill set and significant impact within the industry.

Nocifora’s IMDb Credits

April Nocifora’s career in the entertainment industry spans a remarkable array of productions, showcasing her versatility and significant contributions.

Beyond the “Star Trek” franchise, Nocifora’s influence expanded into various other productions. Her role as a Co-Producer in “A Series of Unfortunate Events,” “Sleepy Hollow,” “Tales from the Darkside,” and “Scorpion.”

Her impact wasn’t limited there; April Nocifora’s contributions extended to numerous projects where she held positions as an Associate Producer. These included a range of TV movies such as “The Asset” and “Locke & Key,” as well as series like “The Event,” “The Pacific,” “Flight of the Conchords,” “Rome,” and “The Dead Zone.”

Career as a Photographer

April Nocifora didn’t just rock the visual effects scene; she also had a sweet spot for photography. She was all in at the Photographic Arts Council in Los Angeles, clicking away and even got some of her pics featured in National Geographic.

Her VFX and post-production skills came in handy for her photo game. April kept learning, leveling up her tech skills, and even in 2020, she was learning from a top photographer, Gerd Ludwig. She used her camera to tell her cancer story, showing her journey like a pro.

Net Worth

April Nocifora’s cash flow was pretty impressive, estimated at around $10 million when she passed. She raked in most of that dough from her gigs in different movies and TV shows.

As for who gets what now that she’s gone, well, it’s a bit of a mystery. Her brother and his family might inherit her stuff, but April was big on giving back. She might’ve donated some of her riches to charities or cool projects she cared about.

The details about who gets what are a bit fuzzy, though!

April’s Mother Has Also Passed Away

Losing a loved one is tough, and for April Nocifora, it was especially hard when her mom passed away in September 2020. Sadly, it happened during the COVID pandemic, adding more heartache. Her mom was dealing with early stages of dementia, which made things even more challenging.

During this tough time, April and her brother Perry were right by their mom’s side, giving her comfort in her last days. April mentioned that her mom had a thing for Scrabble, showing her love for games and probably sharing some great moments playing with her family.

Physical Appearance: Height and Weight

April Nocifora had a striking appearance, characterized by her lovely curly brunette hair and an oval-shaped face. She was of Caucasian descent and had a petite stature.

However, during her treatments, she experienced significant changes in her physical appearance. The effects of chemotherapy led to hair loss and a noticeable loss in weight.

Standing at 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm) tall, April’s battle with cancer took a toll on her body, impacting her weight despite her efforts to maintain an active lifestyle.

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