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It’s all about love and marriage. It’s no secret among Huntsville fans that Martell has been unfaithful. They dated for some time about Arionne Curry and Martell Holt and later tied the knot.

In the eyes of Martell’s ex-wife Melody Holt, Martell had cheated on her by having extramarital encounters with Curry. He was unfaithful to her has also ruined their relationship, resulting in their divorce.

Martell has a successful relationship with Arionne, although they exchanged vows. Many YouTube commenters have accused Curry and Martell of treating Melody unfairly and unjustly. Four of Melody’s kids were already his.

Arionne Curry
Arionne Curry
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Their relationship ended when she learned the truth about his dishonesty. On the other hand, Curry claims that Martell had not told her that he was married.

Currently, Curry and Holt are parents to two young children. Curry and Martell met for the first time last year in Huntsville, Alabama, through common acquaintances.

How Arionne Curry And Her Husband Martell Holt Met?

An event that brought together the two future lovers at Martell’s cousin’s house. Curry’s Martell asked for her phone number, and she gave it to him.

The two fell in love and began dating, taking their relationship on romantic excursions across the world. On the other hand, Curry was unaware of Melody’s true nature until that moment.

American nurse Arionne
American nurse Arionne
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The couple fell head over heels for one other. Martell has helped Curry in various ways, including paying her rent and supporting her financially.

As a result, he purchased a BMW and has been paying her rent on occasion. Her future husband’s lover spent thousands of dollars on her before they tied the knot. With their two young children, the couple has been enjoying a happy life up until this point in time.

Arionne’s Husband Holt Terminating Pregnancy Of His Ex- Lover Melody

On January 30, Love & Marriage: Huntsville returned for its fourth season. The termination of Melody and Martell’s marriage was one of several changes from earlier episodes.

CEO Holt and Melody
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According to Cheatsheet, In addition to Martell, he claimed that others had been unfaithful. Melody, too, cheated, according to Martell. It also claims that Melody stopped being intimate with him, explaining why he had an affair with her.

This led him to suspect the paternity of the children, telling Dr. Kimes:

“You’ve been through… There’s a second thought in my head. Why would you go through this if I were your husband? If it’s mine why would you get an abortion?

Aside from this, he claims that Melody aborted two pregnancies while they were married.

Martell’s Mistress Arionne Chose To Keep Their Baby

According to TashaK, she was aware of Melody terminating a pregnancy. She also revealed to Martell that she fell pregnant during their affair but chose to undergo an abortion.

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She opted to keep their child this time. Her romance with Martell resulted in a pregnancy she opted to terminate. She decided to keep the child this time around.

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