Jessica Hart is the creator of LUMABeauty and an Australian model. The media spotted her in Melbourne and has graced the cover of the Australian Vogue magazine. When Hart was 15, she was found at a local shopping center. Her aunt allegedly pushed her to enter a modeling competition hosted by Dolly Magazine in 2000.

Scott Hall, formerly known as Razor Ramon in the WWE, is a retired professional wrestler. The show inducted him into the WWE Hall of Fame twice as a single star. During WCW, he was also a founding member of the New World Order. His acting profession also provides him with a source of cash.

Jessica and Scott’s Married Life

The information is mysterious about how the couple met and started their relationship. But Scott later married Jessica Hart in 2006. However, their marriage dissolved after only a year owing to misunderstandings.

In short, the wrestler and the females who married him were unfortunate in their married lives. He was leading, training the consistency in the debate until his final breath.

Because agonistic issues occasionally surrounded Hall, sometimes due to his wedding life and sometimes related to his career. As a result, when the news of his leaving arrived ahead of schedule, he practically took aback his fan followers, family, and relatives.

Scott was already married twice to Dana Lee Burgio, and Jessica was her second wife. He married Dan in 1990, but the pair divorced in 1998, and remarried a year later in 1999. Later divorced again in 2001 after realizing that their lives would be a living misery if they spent the rest of their lives together.

Hart Love Life With Billionaire Stavros Niarchos III

Jessica started to date Stavros in 2011 and kept their relationship a closely guarded secret. Nicolas Potts, an Australian musician, was her previous boyfriend.

In July of 2017, she confirmed her split from billionaire Stavros Niarchos III. Jess disclosed the reason for the couple’s breakup, revealing that they are still on friendly terms, but there’s a rumor she isn’t happy with it.

The beautiful couple spent time together for over six years. The rumor about the duo was on a trend that they were getting married shortly in 2014.

Their breakup rumors began in April 2017 after the press photographed Hart without a ring on her finger in public. She sincerely loves that man, and she expressed her want to have children with him, and he made it clear that he shared her sentiments.

Model Jessica and James Kirkham’s Married Life

Hart’s boyfriend, race car driver James Kirkham, expects his first child. He dropped by her seaside baby shower to propose her hand in marriage. He shocked her at that moment. The lovely couple married in October 2020 and their first kid was born on November 17th.

With her car racer fiancé, the Australian model gave birth to her second child. Baby Rae is the name of the couple’s first child, a daughter. His husband is also the father of a 7-year-old daughter, Wren.

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