Aryn Drake-Lee holds knowledge regarding real estate and is successfully pursuing her career as a real estate agent. Aryn Drake having over a decade long experience in the field works for the real estate service company Jenna Cooper LA. She has also established herself as an entrepreneur and podcast host.

Aside prosperous professional career, Aryn Drake-Lee also assembles in the limelight because of her past marital affair with a famous personality. Aryn is no other than the ex-wife of the Hollywood actor Jesse Williams.

Here are the complete details regarding businesswoman Aryn Drake’s present marital status. Also, read about Aryn and Jesse’s marital failure in the following sections.

Aryn Drake-Lee And Jesse Williams Married After Year-Long Dating

The realtor Aryn Drake-Lee didn’t fall in love with the entertainer Jesse’s fame but with his personality because while they were dating, Williams was in the initial phase of his acting career and wasn’t famous in the film industry as he is now. By scrolling down further, let’s learn more about the pair’s relationship history.

Aryn Drake-Lee and Jessie Williams tied the wedding knot on September 1, 2012, after several years of dating
After several years of dating, Aryn Drake-Lee and Jessie Williams tied the wedding knot on September 1, 2012.
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Furthermore, Jesse and Aryn Drake met when the actor worked as a history teacher in a high school in New York City. When Jessie was teaching, he hadn’t debuted on the big screen, and Aryn fell in love seeing his personality.

Likewise, the love birds dated each other for five years without making a rush to decide to marry each other. They were ready to complete the marriage ceremony, get to know each other, and briefly share five years of a dating life.

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Aryn Drake and Jesse completed their marriage ceremony on September 1, 2012, in the presence of their close colleague and family members. However, the details of their marriage ceremony are unavailable and not shared on media outlets.

The End Of Marital Life

It was shocking for all the fans when the pair filed for divorce after eighteen months after their second child’s birth.

In April 2017, Aryn Drake and Jesse made highlights in all media coverage after they filed for judicial separation. The married pair’s well-wishers were shocked after knowing the real reason behind their split. As per the court documents,” Jesse became distant, secretive and was home less and less, traveling for unexplained reasons,” creating a problem in their peaceful wedding and family life.

The podcast host Aryn Drake-Lee and Take Me Out actor Jesse Williams’ divorce was settled in October 2022
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Also, rumors regarding The Butler’s actor Jesse’s romantic linkage with actress Mina Kelly surfaced throughout the media outlets during their divorce settlement. However, Jesse denied the rumors. The divorce was finalized in October 2020. Aryn Drake and Jesse also faced a nasty custody battle. After a way-long custody war, the court declared Jesse to provide $40,000 per month without paying for spousal support.

Did they share children during their relationship?

The pair welcomed their first baby, becoming the father and mother of the kid in December 2013. She is an angel-like-looking girl with a beautiful name Sadie Williams.

Two Distant Strangers actor Jesse Williams with his son Maceo Williams
Two Distant Strangers actor Jesse Williams with his son Maceo Williams
Source: Instagram @ijessewilliams

After two years, Aryn Drake and Jesse made an even number in their family by welcoming Maceo Williams, the younger brother and a son, in October 2015. Both kids didn’t get the opportunity to spend quality time with their parents due to the divorce between their mother and father.

Unlike Honey James Huff, the Williams siblings are kept far away from media attention. Jesse sometimes shares a picture with his kid on his official Instagram account.

Is Aryn Drake-Lee in a romantic relationship with someone?

There is no information on whether the real estate broker is sharing a romantic relationship with someone for now. After the tragic end of decade long relationship with Jesse, Aryn Drake chooses to remain silent regarding her present dating life.

The Instagram Post shared by Aryn Drake-lee with her close friend Adair Curtis, the television personality
The Instagram Post shared by Aryn Drake-lee with her close friend Adair Curtis, the television personality.
Source: Instagram@aryndrakelee

However, on February 19, 2022, the entrepreneur shared an image with the television personality Adair Curtis. She captioned the photo saying, “In these art streets with my love @adair_curtis. More lamb and organic natural wine, please. Third eye brilliance.” The Instant Dream Home cast Adair commented on the post, “Best time always with you!!!

Adair and Aryn Drake shares a friendly bond. They are good friends and are also seen commenting on each other’s Instagram posts. For the information, Adair, an openly gay TV star, shares his romantic life with interior designer Jason Bolden. They are also parenting their only son Arrow Fox. The gay couple Brad Harder and Graham Arychuk are also enjoying their parenthood.

What about the net worth of Aryn Drake-Lee?

Aryn Drake-Lee is making money from her professional career. She is a real estate broker, businesswoman, and host, earning a decent amount of money. Overlooking her professional works, the woman might be enjoying an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Aryn Drake-Lee is enjoying her rich life traveling different places
Aryn Drake-Lee is enjoying her rich life traveling different places
Source: Instagram@aryndrakelee

Aryn Drake is the founder of the healing arts studio, Rituals, Remedy, and Alchemy Casbah. Also, she hosts Rituals, Remedy, and Alchemy podcasts, where she has “unstructured, friendly chatter highlighting nature’s gifts, our interconnectedness, and resilience.

In addition, Aryn Drake-Lee is also a real estate agent. As per Indeed, the average salary of a real estate agent is $84,459 per year. As per Huffington Post, Aryn Drake-Lee has also created Ebroji Gif Keyboard App with her then-husband Jesse.

Aryn Drake-Lee Short Bio

Aryn Drake-Lee was born in 1979 in San Francisco, California, USA, and has the zodiac sign Scorpio. Aryn celebrates her birthday on November 12. The details of her parents and siblings are missing, as she has kept them far from social media handles.

The 43 aged Aryn Drake attended Barnard College of Columbia University in New York after completing high school. As per her official website, she attended a Language immersion school and has fluency in French and Spanish.

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