Ashley Marie Burgos, aka Ashley Burgos, is an American model and entrepreneur. She is widely recognized as the daughter of prominent fashion and modeling figure Bernice Burgos. Bernice is a famed personality of the American Fashion Industry who came to prominence after appearing in music videos for famous artists such as Rick Ross, J. Cole, Drake, and several others.

Who Is The Boyfriend Of Ashley Burgos?

Ashley is in a romantic relationship with her long-term boyfriend. Together, they had a beautiful girl named India Ava. Ashley posted a picture of her daughter for the first time on her Instagram in March 2018. Moreover, the gorgeous black beauty Model got a lot of hate and criticism on her social media accounts for getting pregnant at such a young age.

Model, Ashley Burgos
Model, Ashley Burgos
Photo Source: Instagram (Letskeepitabuck)

There are no details regarding Ashley Burgos’s baby daddy until now. Also, there’s no clue regarding whom she is dating at present. However, she often shared her little ones’ pictures on her Instagram account. But, Ashley had recently deleted all her social media accounts. Previously, her Instagram account had more than 300k followers so far.

Do You Know How Rich Ashley Burgos Is?

The stunning Model, Ashley, is much in demand at present. Ashley was already a star in her early 20s. She is earning a hefty amount of money through her Modelling career. Besides, Modelling, she has already become a successful businesswoman after teaming up with her mother to launch their sleepwear collection “Bold & Beautiful.”

 Daughter Of Bernice Burgos
Daughter Of Bernice Burgos
Photo Source: Instagram (@Bernice Burgos)

Therefore, Ashley Burgos’s net worth is as high as $1 million, similar to Korie Koker, which would likely become higher assuming that she successfully continues her career. Besides, her mother, Bernice Burgos, is also a Millionaire. She holds a net worth of around $1.5 million as of 2022.

Her mother earns all the wages from her careers like modeling, Advertisement, and several others. Additionally, she has been on the cover of several popular magazines.

More Information And Age About Bernice Burgos Daughter, Ashley Burgos

Ashley Burgos was born on 9 May 1996 in New York City, USA. Her age is 25 years old. Ashley was born when Bernice was only 16 years old. Further, there is no information regarding her biological father. As per the sources, Bernice’s partner was just 19 when Ashley was born. You may also like to read about her famous mother, Bernice Burgos.

Ashley Burgos with her daughter
Ashley Burgos with her daughter.
Photo Source: Instagram

Bernice raised Ashley on her own. Further, her mother, Bernice, gave birth to Ashley’s half-sister, Sarai, in 2016. Also, she hasn’t revealed the identity of her second child’s father too. Being born to a single teenage mother, Ashley had an awesome childhood without any troubles.

Moreover, Ashley’s mother, Bernice Burgos, became a successful personality while raising Ashely alone.

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