Audrey Koechner is a famous celebrity kid. She is the daughter of David Koechner and Leigh Koechner. Her father, David Koechner, is a German, English, and Irish actor and comedian from the United States. Likewise, her mother, Leigh Koechner, is a famous American actress, host, lecturer, podcaster, author, and comedian.

Further, Audrey’s mother, Leigh, is most recognized for her roles in The Comebacks, Combat Missions, and Wild Girls Gone on television. She is currently the co-host of 33 with Leigh.

Audrey’s parents, David and Leigh, exchanged their wedding vowed on June 27, 1998. Margot, Charlie, Audrey, Sargent, and Eve Koechner are the couple’s five beautiful children.

Audrey Koechner is undoubtedly one of the most famous celebrity children in the world right now, but how much do you know about her net worth and personal details?

Who Is Audrey Koechner Dating?

The adorable celebrity kid is still too young to get involved in any relationship. Meanwhile, she is under the supervision of her celebrity parents.

However, we can speculate that she may look up to his successful father and mother and step toward their path. You may also read about other famous personalities such as Peta Cornish and Eli Alistair Stephens.

Audrey Koechner enjoys being with her friends.
Audrey Koechner enjoys being with her friends.
Photo Source: Instagram

Audrey is so lucky to have a father like David Koechner. He encouraged her to step forward and always speak for herself, and step forward in public places.

Meanwhile, he gave her much self-worth and encouraged her to pursue her dreams. Moreover, David’s love is the purest form of love for Audrey, and he is the greatest blessing for Audrey.

David Koechner And Leigh Koechner

Audrey’s parents, David Koechner and Leigh Koechner, exchanged wedding vows on June 27, 1998. The pair currently has a fantastic relationship with each other and their family members. The lovely couple is the proud parents of five wonderful children.

Audrey Koechner with her family.
Audrey Koechner with her family.
Photo Source: Instagram

In 2001, the couple received their first child, Charlie Koechner, and their second daughter, Eve Koechner, was born in 2004. Similarly, Audrey Koechner is their third daughter, and she was born in 2006.

Likewise, their fourth daughter, Margot Koechner, was born in 2007. Finally, in 2011, they received their youngest son, Sargent Koechner, who is now 12 years old.

Although the couple has been married for 20 years, their relationship is still quite tight, and they live under the same roof without any disputes or fights.

They live happily ever after in Los Angeles, California, with their five gorgeous children. There have been no problems or rumors about separation and arguments.

So How Rich Is Audrey Koechner?

Audrey Koechner is one of David Koechner’s daughters who works in the media. However, the details regarding her net worth are still not revealed.

Further, she has not completed her studies yet. However, all thanks to her mother, parents’ fame, and net worth, these celebrity offspring have the kind of unlimited money forever.

Moreover, for Audrey, success is something that they’re born with. She is truly a fortunate kid and has unconditional love from her parents.

Leigh Koechner is a famous American actress.
Leigh Koechner is a famous American actress.
Photo Source: Instagram

Besides, Audrey’s parents are Millionaire. Her father, David Koechner’s net worth is reported to be about $5.5 million. Likewise, her mother, Leigh Koechner, also makes substantial money. Her net worth is reported to be about $1 million. Both of their professional career as an actor brought them a good sum of money.

David Koechner is a well-known actor who has appeared in various popular films and television shows, including Drunk History, F Is for Family, Saturday Night Live, Freaks and Geeks, Blitt Happens, and many others.

Likewise, he has proved to be an excellent person in his field of work. Further, there’s no doubt that he is earning a jaw-dropping amount from his amazing career.

Audrey’s mother, Leigh, is well-paid due to her roles in several successful films and television programs, including The Comebacks in 2007, Combat Missions in 2002, and Wild Girls Gone in 2007.

Moreover, she made money as a podcaster, speaker, comedian, author, and host of 33 with Leigh, among other things. As a result, the multitalented woman’s net worth is in the millions.

The Early Life Of Audrey Koechner

Audrey Koechner is 16 years old celebrity kid, having been born on June 2, 2006. The celebrity daughter has always lived a normal life and is completely silent on the internet.

Her early life updates that she belongs to a well-educated family where her father, David Koechner, and mother, Leigh Koechner are the well-known personalities in Hollywood. Both of her parents are much more concerned about her.

Further, her zodiac sign is Pisces. By nationality, Audrey had citizenship in the United States. Likewise, she belongs to the white ethnicity. Further, she used to practice the Christianity religion.

Further, she is a beautiful young lady with a dashing personality. Moreover, she has a great look and a great physique.

Physical Appearance and Social Media Presence

When it comes to the height and weight Audrey Koechner her height is 5 feet and 2 inches (1.87m), and her weight is 52 kg. Likewise, she has grey hair, and her eyes are dark brown.

The physical measurement of Audrey Koechner is not revealed. She has a decent personality with attractive looks. Moreover, she always had a well-toned body and a bright look.

She is a fitness enthusiast, and her slim frame results from all the hard work she puts in the gym. Also, her slim frame is a result of his exercise routine. Moreover, regular exercises and a fitness regimen alone can help people maintain a sculpted body.

Furthermore, it takes a while for the body to start showing results. Therefore, we need to focus on eating healthy and exercising.

Despite being a celebrity figure, she had always avoided the limelight. Meanwhile, she was unavailable on any social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

On the other hand, Audrey’s father, David, has a massive fan following on his Instagram account. As of June 2022, he has garnered over 116k followers so far.

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Leigh Koechner Mother
David Koechner Father
Margaret Ann Koechner Grand Mother
Cecil Stephen Koechner GrandFather
Cecilia Koechner Aunty
Joan Koechner Aunty
Mary-Rose Koechner Aunty
Margot Koechner DAughter
Charlie Koechner Brother
Sargent Koechner Brother