Audrey Murdick, wife to famed comedian Jeff Dunham, is more than just a partner to a household name. Beyond the laughter of the stage, she’s a beacon of health and wellness.

With a passion for fitness, nutrition, and a zest for life, Audrey’s journey extends far beyond the spotlight. Her expertise in healthy living shines through, inspiring others to embrace vitality. In the world of entertainment, she adds a unique perspective, blending humor with a dedication to well-being.

Audrey’s story goes beyond the comedy curtains, illuminating a path to balance and healthy living alongside her renowned husband.

How old is Audrey Murdick? Age, Early Life, Wiki, Bio

Audrey Murdick entered the world on August 29, 1980, as the daughter of Sally and Steve Murdick. Growing up, she faced challenges with weight gain, struggling with being overweight during her early years. Determined to make a change, Audrey embarked on a journey to transform her body.

She experimented with different weight loss and health routines, striving to find what suited her best. Over time, through trial and error, she discovered the keys to sculpting her physique and maintaining it.

Her path to success involved a mix of activities—she dove into workouts, embraced the grace of ice skating, explored dietary changes, and more. Through dedication and perseverance, Audrey carved her way to an athletic body, discovering what truly worked for her and becoming an inspiration for others in the process.

Wedding Details of Jeff Dunham and His Wife

In the rolling vineyards of Santa Ynez, Jeff Dunham, and Audrey Murdick tied the knot in a non-denominational ceremony, blending tradition with a superhero twist. Audrey, radiant in her Eve of Milady gown, walked down the aisle as Jeff sported a sleek Armani tux and a purple boutonnière.

Audrey Murdick is Jeff Dunham's second wife.
Audrey Murdick is Jeff Dunham’s second wife. Source: Instagram/@audreydunham

Their wedding wasn’t complete without furry friend Roadie, their miniature pinscher, who joined the procession with comedian Jeff Rothpan. Cakes stole the show: Decadence Fine Cakes & Confections served up layers of vanilla, lemon, and raspberry, while Rosebud Cakes crafted a Batmobile masterpiece featuring edible versions of the couple as Batman and Catwoman.

Post-celebrations, the couple whisked away to Vermont and Napa Valley for a picturesque honeymoon, driving back along California’s coastline. Laughter, love, and a touch of superhero whimsy marked the beginning of Jeff and Audrey’s married life.

Jeff Dunham Was Married Before

Jeff Dunham’s previous marriage to Paige Brown Dunham unfolded with its complexities. They exchanged vows on May 14, 1994, and throughout their union, Jeff embraced the role of a father figure not only to their daughters, Ashlyn and Kenna but also to Paige’s daughter from a previous relationship, Bree.

However, the marriage encountered challenges that led to their separation in 2009. Eventually, Jeff and Paige made the difficult decision to formally end their relationship.

Filing for divorce in 2008, the process reached its conclusion in 2010, marking the official end of their marriage. It’s a reminder that even during difficulties, families evolve and grow in different ways.

She Is a Mother of Twins

On the eve of their third anniversary, October 11, 2015, Jeff Dunham and Audrey Murdick celebrated most incredibly—they welcomed their twin boys, Jack Steven Dunham and James Jeffrey Dunham, into the world.

Born just two hours apart, the babies were healthy, and Jeff even got involved in the delivery process with the doctor’s guidance.

Jeff Dunham and Audrey Murdick with their twin sons.
Jeff Dunham and Audrey Murdick with their twin sons. Source: Instagram/@audreydunham

Fast forward to May 2020, and the couple thrilled everyone with news of another expansion to their family. Their social media announcement buzzed with excitement as they revealed they weren’t just expecting one, but two new additions to the Dunham clan.

Audrey shared their joy, stating they’d be welcoming twin boys, hinting at the delightful chaos about to double up in their household.

She Is a Bodybuilder and Nutritionist

Beyond her roles as a fitness expert and Jeff Dunham’s wife, Audrey Murdick wears the hat of a passionate vegan lifestyle advocate. Running the blog “Audrey Dunham: Happy, Healthy Vegan Living … Simplified,” she offers a treasure trove of simple and delectable vegan recipes, promoting a healthier way of life.

Her blog isn’t confined to just culinary delights. Audrey delves into a spectrum of topics, from health and fitness to relationship advice and more. With a substantial Instagram following of over 50,000, she provides glimpses into her family life and shares the joys of the vegan lifestyle.

Audrey Murdick is a fitness expert.
Audrey Murdick is a fitness expert. Source: Instagram/@audreydunham

Audrey’s journey into motherhood, especially raising twins, inspired her to share valuable insights. Post the arrival of Jack Steven and James Jeffrey in 2015, Audrey recognized the unique challenges faced by parents of twins. Her survival tips for that first whirlwind year include organization, wise spending, and the crucial act of self-care.

In her own words, “Taking care of babies is a big and important job, but you need to take care of yourself, too.”

Audrey Murdick Sues Jeff Dunham’s Ex-Wife, Paige

A big fight erupted in 2015 between Audrey Murdick and Jeff Dunham’s ex, Paige. It was all about website names. Paige grabbed a bunch of names—,,, and—that Audrey wanted to use after getting married.

Audrey had already trademarked “Audrey Dunham” for her fitness stuff before the marriage. She said Paige knew she’d be Audrey Dunham soon but still grabbed those website names.

Audrey got mad and sued. She said Paige asked for tons of money to hand over those names. She wanted each name to cough up $100,000 for messing with her name and stealing her online spot.

We don’t know if they settled things in private or if a judge decided. But now Audrey’s blog sits at, so maybe they figured things out.

Net Worth and Salary

Audrey Murdick leads a comfortable life owing to her thriving career and her marriage to a wealthy husband. Her estimated net worth stands at $1 million, allowing her to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. However, her husband, Jeff Dunham, boasts substantial wealth.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jeff Dunham, renowned for his ventriloquism and comedy, holds a staggering net worth of $140 million.

Jeff’s success in the entertainment industry has been exceptional, earning him the status of one of the highest-paid comedians globally, with an annual income ranging between $15 million to $30 million.

He’s made notable appearances on various TV shows such as “Late Show with David Letterman,” “Comedy Central Presents,” “The Tonight Show,” “Sonny With a Chance,” and even starred in his series, “The Jeff Dunham Show.”

His stand-up acts consistently rank among the highest-grossing in North America. His contributions have significantly revitalized the art of ventriloquism, earning him a place as one of the foremost figures in the field since Edgar Bergen.

She Is Active on Instagram

The celebrity wife is active on Instagram with the verified handle @audreydunham. She has a following of over 53k. Unlike Ila Kreischer and Brandy Burre Audrey maintains a active presence on social media.

On her Instagram, she shares insights into her family life, snippets of her fitness routines, glimpses of her vegan lifestyle, and various other aspects of her daily life.

Her posts often revolve around fitness, wellness, delicious vegan recipes, and moments shared with her family, providing a personal glimpse into her world for her followers to enjoy.

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