Lisa Loiacono is mostly known as Christopher Lloyd‘s wife, the famous actor from cool movies like ‘Back to the Future.’ She’s been in the spotlight because of that. But apart from being married to a big star, not much is out there about her stuff—where she’s from or what she does.

Her IMDb page gives a peek into what she’s been up to in showbiz, but details about her are somewhat hard to find. Even though they’ve been together for a while, Lisa’s still a bit of a mystery.

Check out this article to see what little we know about her and her connection to the awesome actor Christopher Lloyd!

Lisa Loiacono Wiki/Bio: Age, Early Life

Lisa Loiacono, known as the wife of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” star Christopher, was born on July 18, 1970, in New York City. She grew up in Hingram as the younger child in a family of two girls. Her parents, John Loiacono and Judy Amonte, went through a divorce, and unfortunately, her mother passed away in January 2022.

Reports suggest Lisa’s father, John, might have been a widower from his second marriage to a woman named Rose. It’s believed that her stepmother, Rose, passed away some years before her mother’s death.

Lisa has an older sister named Sharon Loiacono Notarangelo, who has been married to Paul for several years. They have two children named John and Allison.

Lisa Loiacono is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara, where she majored in Italian. During her studies, she developed an interest in architecture design and culture.

Marriage and relationship Details of Christopher Lloyd and His Current Wife

Christopher Lloyd and Lisa Loiacono met in 2012 but decided to take the plunge into marriage in 2016. Their story began when Loiacono, working as a listing agent, coincidentally handled the sale of Lloyd’s house after his divorce from his fourth wife, Jane Walker Wood.

This chance encounter blossomed into a lasting relationship.

Christopher Lloyd and Lisa Loiacono at the awards ceremony.
Christopher Lloyd and Lisa Loiacono at the awards ceremony. Source: Instagram/@mrchristopherlloyd

Despite a significant 32-year age gap, Lloyd and Loiacono have been happily married since November 23, 2016. Lloyd openly expresses his deep affection for his wife through heartfelt messages and posts.

On Loiacono’s birthday in 2021, Lloyd shared touching photos along with a heartfelt message celebrating their bond. Additionally, on Valentine’s Day, the “Back to the Future” and “The Addams Family” actor publicly expressed his love and admiration for his wife in a sweet and endearing post.

Do They Have Any Children Together?

Christopher Lloyd, renowned for his roles in kid-friendly films, including “Dennis the Menace” has been married many times but has not had children of his own. At 85 years old, his history suggests he hasn’t had biological children from his previous marriages.

Moreover, his current age (85 years old) implies that he might not be considering having children with his current wife, Lisa Loiacono. Despite his successful career and multiple marriages, Lloyd’s personal choice regarding children remains private.

Lisa Loiacono Has a Son From Previous Marriage

Lisa Loiacono, Lloyd’s spouse, has a son named, Jacob Greenspan. Jacob was born in the mid-1990s from Lisa’s prior relationship with Mr. Greenspan.

Lisa Loiacono's son Jacob Greenspan and her ex-husband.
Lisa Loiacono’s son Jacob Greenspan and her ex-husband. Source: Instagram/@jaegreen

Her son, Jacob Greenspan, emerged as a force in the music industry. Excelling academically and athletically at Villanova Preparatory School, he pursued his passion at Berklee College of Music, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Music Business and production.

Currently, Jacob serves as NBC’s Program Manager for Web3 and NFTs, crafting interactive digital experiences. His prior marketing role in digital movies enriches his expertise. Alongside his professional success, Jacob has made significant strides in music, co-producing the hit song “ROXANNE” at 22 years old.

Jacob’s musical prowess spans genres, evidenced by collaborations with Justin Bieber, The Chainsmokers, 24kGoldn, Gryffin, Surfaces, and the Jonas Brothers. With eight platinum certifications and a Grammy nomination, he’s a prominent producer and songwriter, bolstered by strong industry connections and friendships.

Christopher Lloyd’s Past Marriages and Spouse

Christopher Lloyd, the cool actor we all know from those awesome movies, actually got married five times! First up was Catherine Dallas Dixon Boyd back in 1959 when he was just 21. They were together for 12 years but didn’t have any kids before they called it quits in 1971.

Then came Kay Tornborg in 1974, they lasted 13 years until they split in 1987. Nope, no kids with her either. After that, he married Carol Ann Vanek in 1988, but their marriage lasted just three years before they went their separate ways. Again, no kids in the picture.

Next up was Jane Walker Wood in 1992, and they were together for 13 years, but still no kids when they parted ways in 2005.

After a break of 11 years, Lloyd found love again and got hitched to Lisa Loiacono, becoming his fifth wife. But, you guessed it, no kids in their story either. Throughout all these marriages, Christopher Lloyd didn’t have any children with any of his wives.

Lisa Is Close With Lloyd’s Ex-Wife Jane Walker Wood!

Lisa Loiacono and Jane Walker Wood are basically besties! They’re not just neighbors, they’re super close friends. They hang out all the time, even meeting up daily. Lisa even helped Jane out as her real estate agent, and she’s tight with Jane’s partner too.

When things got crazy during the pandemic, Lisa and her husband, Christopher Lloyd, teamed up with Jane and her hubby. They formed a sort of squad, going on walks together and sharing meals.

The media totally loves talking about their tight-knit crew, especially how close Lisa is with Jane and their hangouts with Christopher Lloyd. Word has it that Jane and Lisa’s husband, Lloyd, often hit the road for walks together. Looks like they’ve got an awesome friendship circle going strong!

Career Details

Lisa Loiacono kickstarted her career in real estate way back in 2003 with Pitts & Bachmann, a major brokerage in Santa Barbara. She didn’t just dip her toes—she climbed up the ladder fast, gaining recognition as one of the top realtors around.

And when Pitts & Bachmann joined forces with Sotheby’s International Realty in 2006, she skyrocketed into the top one percent of Sotheby’s realtors across the nation.

Christopher Lloyd's spouse Lisa Loiacono is a real estate agent.
Christopher Lloyd’s spouse Lisa Loiacono is a real estate agent. Source: Instagram/@mrchristopherlloyd

Her expertise? It’s all about catering to the high-end crowd, especially in swanky California neighborhoods like Sand Point, Montecito, and Hope Ranch. Her impressive achievements haven’t gone unnoticed; she’s been featured in big-shot publications like Luxury Properties, Santa Barbara Magazine, and Angelino.

Having been a Santa Barbara local for more than 20 years, Lisa knows the ins and outs of what folks around here are after, especially entertainers and big-shot business people who want flawless property and utmost confidentiality for their deals. Her knowledge and unique approach make her a standout in the real estate biz.

About Christopher Lloyd’s Moves & TV Shows

Lisa Loiacono’s husband, Christopher Lloyd, is a celebrated actor hailing from the USA, boasting an extensive and diverse career across film, TV, and stage. Born on October 22, 1938, in Stamford, Connecticut, he grew up as the youngest among multiple siblings.

Lloyd gained immense fame through his portrayal in the iconic Back to the Future film trilogy, where he starred alongside actors like James Tolkan, known for his role as Mr. Strickland.

Lisa Loiacono celebrating Christopher Lloyd's win.
Lisa Loiacono celebrating Christopher Lloyd’s win. Source: Instagram/@mrchristopherlloyd

Renowned for his versatility, Lloyd claimed two Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for his remarkable performance as Jim Ignatowski in the 1978 TV series Taxi.

He further solidified his status with memorable roles such as Uncle Fester in The Addams Family movies, Judge Doom in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and Klingon Commander Kruge in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, among other notable appearances.

Beyond the silver screen, Lloyd is a respected figure in the world of theater, boasting an impressive Broadway portfolio. His stage credits include productions like The Addams Family musical, A Christmas Carol, and King Lear. His exceptional talent also earned him a Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Play for his role in the play Red.

What Is Her Net Worth?

Lisa Loiacono boasts an estimated net worth of around $2 million. Her earnings stem from her successful career as a realtor, catering to high-profile clients and freelancing in the industry.

Her renowned husband, Christopher Lloyd, is a high-earning individual with an impressive fortune totaling around $40 million. His wealth primarily comes from his illustrious acting career, lucrative sponsorships, and sustained success in the entertainment industry.

Furthermore, the family holds significant real estate investments in prime California locations, adding to their overall financial portfolio.

Physical Appearance: Height & Weight

Lisa Loiacono is described as a tall and athletic woman, exuding a serene and comforting presence. She actively maintains an active lifestyle, prioritizing fitness. Notably, there’s a significant 32-year age gap between her and her spouse.

Standing at 5 feet 9 inches, she possesses striking dark brown eyes, complementing her straight, dark brown hair which she stylizes with highlights. Her fair complexion contributes to her delicate appearance, likened to a blend of Demi Moore and Kristin Grannis.

Social Media: Does She Have an Instagram?

Lisa Loiacono, standing tall at 5 feet 9 inches, maintains a low profile on social media, with no dedicated accounts of her own, unlike Audrey Murdick and Suzzane Yankovic. However, her professional portfolio can be explored on her Zillow page.

Interestingly, glimpses of Lisa can often be found on her husband, Christopher Lloyd’s social media platforms.

Likewise, Christopher Lloyd, her husband, boasts a substantial social media presence. With an Instagram handle @mrchristopherlloyd, he commands a following of 1.1m, while his Facebook page, with 1.5 million followers, stands as his largest platform.

Additionally, on Twitter, @DocBrownLloyd, Lloyd engages with around 433K followers. Notably, Lisa’s son, Jacob Greenspan, manages most of the social media for his stepfather, working on advertisements and branding across these platforms.

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