Bailey Sarian is an American YouTuber, makeup artist, and social media influencer. She rose to fame for her outstanding makeup series on YouTube known as Murder, Mystery, and Makeup.

Further, it is interesting to hear some sad stories of true crime narrated by Sarian while she applies glamorous makeup.

Meanwhile, she has uploaded a lot of themed makeup video tutorials influenced by many personalities such as Kat Von D, Cher, Amy Winehouse, Harley Quinn, The Joker, and several others. Moreover, her fame of Bailey has been increasing gradually as she is very focused on her career. 

Net Worth Of YouTuber, Bailey Sarian

This famous Makeup Guru has accumulated a considerable sum from her profession. She has got massive recognition at present. As per moneypromax, her net worth is estimated at around $7 million, similar to Todd Spiewak.

Her main source of income at present is from her YouTube Channel. Additionally, Sarian estimated yearly, and monthly earnings from youtube are around $86.1K$1.4M and $4.5K – $72.5K as per SocialBlade.

Bailey Sarian with her husband
Bailey Sarian with her husband
Photo Source: Instagram

Also, she earns from multiple ads and several advertisements and sponsors. She has generated an enormous amount of money from numerous collaborations.

Meanwhile, she has collaborated with many famous makeup and dress brands, including IPSY, Amazon Fashion, Catherine D’Lish, ColourPop Cosmetics, FENTY BEAUTY, Dior and ESTATE Cosmetics.

Apart from this, she has also launched her collection known as Loud Lacquer and Etah Love. She has even initiated her eye shadow palette with ESTATE.

Bailey Sarian Career

The 31-year-old started her YouTube channel in 2013. She was mainly focused on the makeup tutorials and shared all the updates about the industry. Back then, in 2019, she started including more nonfiction storytelling. Interestingly, Sarian is successful in engaging massive audiences.

Bailey has garnered over 5.5M subscribers on her YouTube channel. Moreover, her content is very enticing to the viewers. She is perhaps gaining popularity every single day. She truly gives them a reason to listen and watch her videos.

Bailey Sarian refreshed and relaxed.
Bailey Sarian refreshed and relaxed.
Photo Source: Instagram

Sarian’s creativity works mysteriously. Further, she loves to expose herself to new experiences and openness. However, this state of mind is a significant factor in creative output.

Moreover, Sarian has proved herself to be the most creative person; her demand is always increasing, and there are big opportunities for her.

Sarian began her makeup career at Sephora, moved on to Urban Decay, and assisted in the glamorous looks in music videos for celebrities, including Demi Lovato and Sia.

Further, Sarian learned a lot about makeup and became a professional soon. She had even worked independently as a freelance makeup artist, providing makeup for numerous personal clients.  

Bailey Sarian Tattoos

Bailey Sarian has colorful tattoos all over her body. Sometimes, her makeups cover them. She has a couple of lipstick tattoos all over her arms and legs, and they’re like Waldos. Moreover, she can be seen with dramatic tattoo sleeves on both arms.

More Information About Bailey Sarian

The famous makeup artist was born on November 26, 1988, in California, U.S.A. She is living in Los Angeles with her husband, Fernando Valdez. Well, Fernando is a tattoo and graffiti artist by profession.

The early life updates mention that she completed her high school education at Paloma Valley High School, Menifee, California. Further, Sarian’s mother’s name is Cindy Sarian. In addition, she has two sisters.

Bailey Sarian is an American YouTuber, makeup artist, and social media influencer
Bailey Sarian is an American YouTuber, makeup artist, and social media influencer.
Photo Source: Instagram

Sarian’s mother, Cindy Sarian, was a 911 dispatcher, and her mother sometimes took her along to work. Her mother’s job was extremely stressful.

However, Sarian had observed her mother at her work. Once given a set of headphones, she did listen in on those incoming phone calls. However, she believes those moments started her interest in true crime.

Bailey Sarian’s and Her Fiance Break UP?

Bailey Sarian is no more engaged to her fiance, Fernando Valdez. The social media star announced her break-up on January 24, 2022, through her Twitter handle. In her tweet, she wrote, “Hi fern ad, I broke up. I’ve needed some time to cry it out. But ya, it’s over. Happy 2022. “

Back to their dating, the makeup artist and her to-be husband met on December 13, 2012, when Bailey was 18. At that time, Sarian went to get her first tattoo, and Valdez was the tattoo artist.

After dating for three years, the former couple decided to take their relationship to the next step. Valdez went down on one knee and proposed to her during their trip to Paris. They were reportedly on the top of the Eiffel tower when he proposed to her.

On May 26, 2016, the makeup artist announced her engagement on her Instagram by posting pictures of her hands. Following their engagement, there were rumors that they had shared wedding vows and became husband and wife; however, things didn’t go well as the lovebirds broke up.

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