Barbara Smits was the late ex-wife of Jimmy Smits. He is a prominent American Emmy Award-winning actor. Jimmy, her ex-husband, began his acting career in 1984 and has been in L.A. Law, NYPD Blue, The West Wing, and My Family.

Barbara Smits’s Love Life With Jimmy Smits

Barbara and Jimmy began dating in 1969 when they first met. So it took Jimmy two years to get down on his knees and ask Barbara to marry him. On the other hand, Barbara felt certain about him and immediately accepted his marriage proposal.

Barbara Smits
Barbara Smits with her daughter
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Another eight years passed between the couple’s engagement and their wedding ceremony. In the year 1979, they made their union official. Barbara and Jimmy’s marriage ended in divorce. Joaquin Smits and Tania Smits are the couple’s two children. Also, know about Cindy DeAngelis Grossman.

Their divorce was finalized on June 22nd, 1986, and they never reconciled after that. They had been together for a longer period than they had been together as husband and wife. Wanda De Jesus, a famous actress, is now in Jimmy’s life.

Net Worth Of Barbara Smits

Smits is private when it comes to her lifestyle. However, her net worth was around $1 million before she died. Jimmy, her husband, has a net worth of approximately $15 million per celebritynetworth.

Barbara Smits
Barbara Smits
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After working for Cornell Cooperative Extension in New York City for 29 years, she retired. In addition, her divorce settlements with Jimmy Smits have contributed to her net worth.

Barbara’s Lung Condition Became The Cause Of Her Death

On April 16, 2010, she passed away at 54. Due to pneumonia, a lung condition that impairs Barbara’s breathing, and the fact that she was bedridden, Barbara’s last breaths were incredibly sad and painful. About 1.3 million Americans were treated for pneumonia in an emergency room in 2017.

As a result of her pneumonia complications, she could not recover from the illness. According to CDC, in the United States, the illness claims the lives of around 50,000 individuals each year. In the United States, pneumonia affects mostly adults.

About Her Husband Jimmy Smits

Jimmy Smits is an America Famous actor. He rose to prominence after starring in the television series L.A. Law, for which he won an Emmy Award. Smits appeared in several films.

Barbara Smits
Jimmy Smits Image: Instagram

However, it wasn’t until he returned to television in the gritty police thriller NYPD Blue that he found new popularity. Since then, Smits has featured on programs including The West Wing, Dexter, and Sons of Anarchy.

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