Natalie Hanby is an Instagram celebrity. After falling prey to her brother Kristen Hanby’s YouTube pranks, she is popular. Her constant condition of dealing with her brother’s jokes resulted in her gaining Instagram followers. Hanby is now a mother of two beautiful children.

Natalie Shares A Daughter With Her Husband, Ruben Fernandes

Due to her popularity, her personal life and love life are definitely in the spotlight and the focus of attention. She has chosen to maintain her pranks in the limelight for the time being. Similarly, Natalie is like a great prankster Derek Deso.

Natalie Hanby
Natalie and Ruben celebrating Christmas with their daughter Image: Instagram

As a result, she has remained silent regarding her relationship status or partner. Although she posts pictures with her husband and child, her husband is active but not much social media.

However, Instagram celebrity Natalie tied the knot to Ruben Fernandes. They celebrate their wedding anniversary every late July.

Hanby is the delighted mother of two lovely girls. Lexi Amelia and Atlas Fernandes are the names of the couple’s children. On April 12, 2012, Lexi was born, and Atlas was born on August 5, 2021.

Natalie Hanby Struggled With Cancer

This incredible social media sensation is a cancer survivor. She was diagnosed a few years back. Kristen’s sister was undergoing chemo. Moreover, Natalie kept her sickness a secret from the public for a long time.

Natalie Hanby
Hanby updated about her chemo through a live video session
Image: Instagram

Even though she is secretive in her personal life, in May 2019, she officially announced her battle with cancer in a post. “Today I finally hit my negative after 3 months and 4 rounds of chemotherapy!!

Net Worth, Instagram, YouTube Of Natalie Hanby

Natalie has amassed wealth due to her success as an internet celebrity. Her $1 million net worth stems from her profits on YouTube from advertisements. Also, know about Chris Heria and her Instagram account, where she promotes various companies to her thousands of followers.

Sister Kristen now has her own YouTube channel and other media accounts, which are extremely famous. Prankster siblings, their mother, and their grandmother are frequently featured in Kristen’s films as subjects of his various tricks and pranks.

Natalie Hanby
Natalie and Kristen are modeling for their merch
Image: Instagram

She launched her own YouTube account on June 13th, 2019, and as of now, she has over 500,000 subscribers.

Her brother posted these most-viewed clips of Kristen and Natalie pranking each other.” Super funny prank compilation 2018,” which has 19 million views. Likewise, another compilation, ” Craziest brother and sister prank was on the internet,” has 12 million views.

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