Benjamin Edwin Cohen is a prominent British web developer, entrepreneur, and online publisher. He rose to fame for his enterprises as a teenager as well as his dispute with Apple Computer over the domain “” Furthermore, he is also a founder of the LGBT news site, PinkNews. Moreover, he has also worked with some of the popular News channels such as Channel 4 News in the UK.

Benjamin Edwin Cohen’s Personal Life

Before going towards his love life, let’s know that Benjamin Edwin is gay. As a gay, he is currently in a marital relationship with Dr. Anthony James who is an activist. Not to mention, the duo is “Power Couple” as they are making an effort to make a difference in the world for LGBT+community. In fact, the duo tied the knot in May 2018 on Sunday at the Royal Botanic Gardens. Moreover, there were more than 150 guests of their family and friends in their marriage ceremony.

Benjamin Cohen kissing his husband, Dr. Anthony James on their wedding vows
Benjamin Cohen kissing his husband, Dr. Anthony James on their wedding vows
Source: Instagram (benjamincohen)

Baroness Lynne Featherstone witnessed Mr. Cohen and Dr. James’ marriage. As a matter of fact, Baroness is the originator and architect of the law who brought same-sex marriage to England and Wales. Further, the gay duo celebrated their wedding with pride umbrellas and a rainbow love train in front of 150 guests.

Benjamin Edwin and Dr. James first met in 2012. He messaged him on Grindr which later changed his life in a positive way. It has been 2 years of their successful marriage, and the gay duplet is still going strong with each other. Subsequently, they often spend time together traveling and visiting new places.

Benjamin Edwin Cohen’s Net Worth

Benjamin is a web developer as well as an entrepreneur. Without a doubt, he must be earning a hefty amount of money from his professions. So, how much exactly? Well, Benjamin Edwin Cohen’s net worth is around $1 Million as of 2021 which is similar to Gina Kimmel. Not to mention, he is best known because of his legal dispute with Apple over the domain name, Furthermore, he owns a company, CyberBritain Group.

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Apart from an entrepreneur, Benjamin also worked for Channel 4 News as a technology correspondent. In fact, he is the youngest correspondent to have been appointed in the program’s history. Furthermore, Cohen is also the founder of PinkNews which was created in 2005.

Cohen is earning a yearly income of $100,000 as a web developer. Similarly, he earned around $95,000 per year, during his tenure in Channel 4 News as a correspondent. Besides, he is also active in charitable works. Well, he is an active trustee of the LGBT arts charity, Wise Thoughts.

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Meredith Vieira Mother
Richard M. Cohen fATHER
Lily Max Cohen sISTER
Gabriel Anthony Cohen Brother
Dr. Anthony James Partner