Bernard Salomon Lewinsky, aka Bernard Lewinsky, is an American-based Salvadoran physician and Oncologist. In addition, he is a photographer.

Barbara Lynn Lerner is a staff attorney at the Federal Judiciary of New York, United States. Moreover, she is the second wife of Bernard Lewinsky.

Bernard Lewinsky Married For Second Time With Barbara Lynn Lerner

Well, Lewinsky married twice in his life. After he became the sole owner of the Tumor Medical Group, Lewinsky tied a knot with Marcia Kaye Vilensky, his first wife, in 1969, whom she dated for a long time.

They have five years difference in age, Bernard was 26 years, and Vilensky was 21 years old at the time of their marriage. On July 23, 1973, the duo had their first child, a daughter named Monica, in San Francisco, California. After four years, they gave birth to their son Michael in 1977.

Lewinsky and Lerner raised their kids affluently in Southern California in the Westside Brentwood and Beverly Hills of Los Angeles.

Bernard Lewinsky with his wife, Barbara Lynn Lerner
Bernard Lewinsky with his wife, Barbara Lynn Lerner
Source: Instagram

After living for almost two decades, Lewinsky and Vilensky officially signed a divorce paper in 1987 and took their journey separately.

They both each have remarried. The following year, Lewinsky did his second marriage to Barbara Lynn Lerner and had a great time with her. Moreover, they haven’t shared a child with each other. The couple currently resides in Los Angeles and spends a great time together in their old days.

Lewinsky often shares his portrait photography on his Instagram, where he clicks gorgeous portraits of flowers, rivers, and buildings. Furthermore, Lerner had her social media private, so the information about her current relationship is still under the radar.

Bernard Lewinsky and Barbara Lynn Lerner Are Millionaire

Well, the physician and lawyer are rich. So, How rich are Lewinsky and Lerner? What about their earnings, Income sources? How much did they earn from their professional career? We will briefly discuss their financial details to learn about the following stuff. We have updated the following information below.

By 2022, Lewinsky will have a whooping net worth of $42 million, similar to the Indian film producer Bhushan Kumar.

He garnered most of his money via his career as a doctor. Bernard is an admiring doctor who has a medical degree and treats cancer. As a physician, he roughly earned $208,000 annually at his working age. Likewise,

Bernard Lewinsky Mansion in Los Angles, CA
Bernard Lewinsky Mansion in Los Angles, CA
Source: Instagram

Likewise, According to indeed, the Oncologist earns a base salary of $244,409 annually. However, since Lewinsky was a highly professional and had served more than four decades in the medic field, he probably had a higher salary than that, around $456,000 annually.

Besides that, he also had his hand in other professions, including photography. Moving to Barbara’s fortunes, well, Barbara and Bernard share their incomes.

Although, she has her income. Talking about her work, she had earned more than $118,000 annually as a staff attorney. Moreover, the duo owns many real estates in different parts of the U.S. As of 2022, they are living a luxurious lifestyle.

Know More About Bernard Lewinsky

Lewinsky is a board-certified radiation oncologist who has made more than a hundred diagnoses of cancer now. In addition, According to, he was also listed in the top 15% of breast cancer researchers regarding publication mass.

Likewise, he is also the head and the founder of West Hills Radiation Therapy Center. Lewinsky earned his Junior degree from the University of California, Berkeley, Master of Arts in biology from the University of Oregon, and MD (Doctor of Medicine) from the University of California, Irvine.

Furthermore, he is an associate of the ACR (American College of Radiology) and a Medical Advisory Board of the non-profit cancer cure organization, The Wellness Community Valley/Ventura.

Physician Bernard Lewinsky
Physician Bernard Lewinsky
Source: Instagram

Physician Lewinsky specialized a non-surgical cancer therapy and reduced the number of treatments for the patients.

Besides the human body, he also studied veterinary and associated with a veterinarian oncologist to cure animals suffering from cancer. As for good, he has treated more than a hundred dogs and kept them alive.

Bernard has published various textbooks and medical papers along with the help of other medical scientists, specifically for breast cancers.

He began to serve a residency at Mount Xion Hospital, located in San Francisco, California. Additionally, he is a Staff Physician in the UCLA Department of Radiation Oncology.

Bernard Lewinsky and Barbara Lynn Lerner’s Daughter Monica Lewinsky

Monica Samille Lewinsky, widely known as Monica Lewinsky, is a renowned American TV star, advocate, fashion designer, and former White House trainee.

Meantime, President Bill Clinton and Lewinsky had an affair in 1995 and 1996. However, later, the world knew Clinton admitted a false affair rumor regarding Lewinsky.

After the falsity, the people began to call their affair and its repercussions the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. Correspondingly, Lewinsky became popular and became headlines for reporters and gained an international celebrity status due to the public coverage of the political scandal.

Monica Lewinsky
Monica Lewinsky
Source: Instagram

Later, she abandoned politics and took an interest in different ventures, including TV personality, advocating for the health and diet routine and plans and fashion designing, especially in handbags. Lewinsky later left the public limelight and began to study for a master’s degree in psychology in London.

After completing her study, Lewinsky returned to the public domain in 2014 and started to speak against cyberbullying as a social advocate.

The following year, she wrote an essay, “Shame and Survival,” discussing her life and a scandal. Moreover, she says she had a good relationship with Clinton and a mutual understanding until she found that Clinton was taking advantage of her.

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