Birgit Wetzinger, a former flight attendant, found herself soaring to unprecedented heights when her path intersected with the legendary Formula One racing driver, Niki Lauda.

Beyond the confines of her role as a flight attendant, Birgit’s life took an unexpected turn as she became an integral part of Lauda’s remarkable story. Serving as Niki Lauda’s second wife, their partnership became a testament to resilience, love, and shared passions.

From the exhilarating world of aviation to the glitz and glamour of Formula One, join us as we unravel the life and experiences of Wetzinger, a remarkable woman who left an indelible mark on the legacy of Niki Lauda.

Early Life and Background

Birgit Wetzinger’s life began in Vienna, Austria, where she was born into a Christian family. However, due to her preference for privacy, limited information is available regarding her family background. Birgit has not disclosed details about her parents or siblings, leaving her family life largely undisclosed.

Birgit’s commitment to keeping her family’s privacy intact has meant that little is known about her upbringing or familial connections. It is possible that she may be the only child in her family, although this information has not been public.

Niki Lauda and Birgit Wetzinger’s First Meet

Niki and Birgit’s paths first crossed in 2004 during their time at Lauda Air. Birgit, working as a flight attendant for the airline, had the opportunity to meet and connect with Niki, the founder of Lauda Air Luftfahrt GmbH. It was during this period that their beautiful love story began to unfold.

Despite a significant age difference of 30 years, the couple’s relationship blossomed, and they enjoyed a fulfilling dating life. While the specifics of their initial meeting remain undisclosed, it was their admiration, respect, and unwavering companionship that fortified their relationship.

Their 11 Years Blissful Marriage

After a courtship that spanned over three years, Birgit and Niki Lauda decided to embark on their lifelong journey together, exchanging vows on August 25, 2008. Despite the notable age difference of 30 years, their deep love and unwavering bond led them to fully commit to one another in matrimony.

The late Austrian car racer Niki Lauda and his second wife were together for over a decade.
The late Austrian car racer Niki Lauda and his second wife were together for over a decade. Source: Pinterest

The couple celebrated their union with a luxurious wedding ceremony, although the specifics of the venue remain undisclosed, ensuring an intimate affair for their closest family members and friends.

Their married life proved to be a testament to their enduring love. For 11 years, Birgit and Niki shared a profound connection, navigating life’s joys and challenges side by side. However, their story took a poignant turn when Niki Lauda passed away in 2019, bringing an end to their extraordinary partnership.

She Is A Mother of Two Kids

One year into their marriage, Birgit Wetzinger and Niki Lauda experienced the joy of parenthood as they welcomed twins in September 2009. The birth of their dizygotic twins, Mia Lauda, and Max Lauda, brought an added dimension of love and happiness to their lives.

Birgit Wetzinger with her husband and their kids.
Birgit Wetzinger with her husband and their kids. Source: Pinterest

Mia and Max, now 13 years old, take great pride in being the children of the legendary Niki Lauda. As they grow and flourish, they carry with them the remarkable legacy of their father, both on and off the racetrack. Also, know about former Formula 1 driver Marcus Ericsson’s wife Iris Tritsaris Jondahl.

She Donated Her One Kidney To Her Husband

One of the defining moments in Niki Lauda’s life was his life-saving kidney transplant. In 2005, Lauda was diagnosed with kidney failure, a condition that posed a grave threat to his health. In a remarkable display of love and devotion, his wife, Birgit Wetzinger, stepped forward as a compatible donor and selflessly donated one of her kidneys to save his life.

Birgit Wetzinger and Niki Lauda.
Birgit Wetzinger and Niki Lauda. Source: Pinterest

Likewise, Niki once told in an interview that he would not have been alive without her. The successful transplant not only prolonged Lauda’s life but also served as a testament to the power of love, sacrifice, and the resilience of the human spirit.

Wetzinger’s Financial Accomplishments

As of now, Birgit Wetzinger’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million, a testament to her hard work and dedication throughout her career. From a young age, Birgit exhibited a strong work ethic, and her independent nature led her to achieve financial success.

Before her time as a flight attendant at Lauda Air, Birgit gathered valuable experience in various fields, honing her skills and expanding her knowledge. Her diverse background laid the foundation for her subsequent achievements.

Currently, Birgit is recognized as a savvy businesswoman, investing her earnings in highly profitable ventures. Her astute financial decisions have further contributed to her growing net worth, demonstrating her entrepreneurial acumen.

Additionally, Birgit’s marriage to the late Niki Lauda, a legendary figure in the world of motorsports, provided her with financial benefits. As a result, her net worth has been bolstered by her entitlement to a portion of Niki’s fortune.

On the other hand, her late husband, Niki Lauda was an Austrian Formula One champion who had a net worth of $200 million at the time of his death in 2019. 

How Did Niki Lauda Die?

In May 2019, Niki Lauda, beloved husband of Birgit Wetzinger, faced a challenging health situation. He was undergoing kidney dialysis at the University Hospital of Zürich. Tragically, on May 20th, Niki Lauda passed away peacefully in his sleep at the age of 70, surrounded by his loved ones.

The news of Niki’s passing deeply impacted the world of Formula One. At the 2019 Monaco Grand Prix, drivers and fans paid tribute to the legendary racer by wearing red caps in his honor. The Mercedes team painted their car’s halo safety device red and placed a sticker that read, “Niki we miss you.”

Niki Lauda’s funeral was held at Vienna’s St. Stephen’s Cathedral, where a multitude of notable figures paid their respects. Attendees included Arnold Schwarzenegger, President of Austria Alexander Van der Bellen, and several Formula One drivers, including Lewis Hamilton.

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