Brian Blosil‘s life took a turn into the spotlight as the former husband of the renowned singer and actress Marie Osmond. Their union spanned over two decades, captivating the curiosity of many who followed the glitz of Osmond’s career. He is best known for movies like “Wildest Dream” and “This Time”.

While Blosil himself remained more behind the scenes, their relationship and family dynamic held a public fascination. Though his presence wasn’t as prominent as Osmond’s, the intertwining of their lives became a subject of interest for fans and observers.

Exploring the intricacies of their partnership and the influence it had within the entertainment sphere unveils a lesser-known but integral chapter in the larger story of showbiz relationships.

Brian Blosil: Age, Wiki, Early Life

Brian Blosil, born on December 12, 1952, in the USA, stepped into the public eye thanks to his connection with Marie Osmond, keeping his early life pretty mysterious. Not much is known about his upbringing and beginnings, as he’s chosen to stay away from the media spotlight.

Young Brian Blosil with his ex-wife Marie Osmond.
Young Brian Blosil with his ex-wife Marie Osmond. Source: Pinterest

His decision to keep things private has made it super tricky for reporters to dig up info about his past. Living a low-key life has created a kind of mystery around him, leaving everyone curious about what he was up to before hitting the spotlight.

Trying to uncover details about his life before fame has become a real puzzle!

Brian Blosil and Marie Osmond’s Marriage Details

Okay, so Brian Blosil and Marie Osmond? They got hitched on June 29, 1986, at the Jordan River Utah Temple in South Jordan. It was like a super private gig, just close family and a few buds were there. But get this, they didn’t just pop out of the blue and get married.

Marie Osmond with then-husband Brian Blosil.
Marie Osmond with then-husband Brian Blosil. Source: Pinterest

Nah, they first met at this house party in 1982, thrown by their friend Ron Clark. Sparks flew, they started dating, and before you could say “I do,” they were engaged!

From that hangout to their wedding day, it was all about love, closeness, and keeping it tight with their inner circle.

Marie and Her Ex-Husband Shares Seven Children

Brian Blosil’s family tree is pretty massive! After tying the knot, he and Marie Osmond became parents to two biological kiddos. Rachel Lauren kicked it off, born on August 19, 1989, followed by Matthew Lauren in 1998.

But wait, there’s more! These two were all about expanding their family. They adopted five children, making their family squad seven strong.

All the children of Brian Blosil and Marie Osmond.
All the children of Brian Blosil and Marie Osmond. Source: Pinterest

Jessica Marie (born December 17, 1987), Michael Bryan (born May 4, 1991), Brandon Warren (born November 1996), Brianna Patricia (born November 19, 1997), and Abigail Olive May (born September 5, 2002) joined the crew through adoption.

So yeah, Brian’s parenting team is a blend of both biological and adopted kiddos, making for one big, loving family. You can catch them all smiling in the family pic, giving off major #FamilyGoals vibes.

Is Brian Blosil Married Now?

In today’s tech era, everything’s just a click away. So, according to what’s floating on the web, Brian Blosil seems to be flying solo these days.

There aren’t many deets out there about what he’s been up to since his divorce. It seems like he’s keeping things on the down-low, living his life solo and doing his thing without making too much noise in the media.

His current status? Well, according to the online grapevine, he’s riding the single wave and doing alright on his own.

After The Divorce, They Lost Their Son Michael Bryan

So, Brian Blosil’s marriage with Marie Osmond? Well, it didn’t last. They called it quits and officially divorced on March 30, 2007.

But here’s where things get heavy. Brian faced an incredibly tough time. His son, Michael, went through some rough stuff and tragically took his own life. It happened on February 26, 2010, in Los Angeles when Michael jumped from the 8th floor.

The doctors said he was battling depression and dealing with drug issues. Tough times hit the family hard. After the divorce, Marie Osmond went back to her first hubby, Steve Craig, and they tied the knot again. Tough times, man, they can shake things up.

Career and Net Worth of Brian Blosil

Brian Blosil seems to have made his mark in the industry. Likewise, he is estimated net worth is $500,000, similar to Charlotte Connick. He hustled in acting and as a sound engineer raked in most of his earnings.

Now, his ex, Marie Osmond? She’s in a whole different league with a net worth of $20 million. Her fame as an actress and singer brought in the big bucks. And get this, she’s even got Academy Award nominations under her belt!

Donny Osmond‘s sister Marie’s living the high life in a sweet crib she bought for $2.5 million back in 2010, chilling in Orem, Utah. Seems like both of them made some serious cash in their ways, living their best lives.

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