Brooke deRosa is famous in the Film Industry for making a great contribution to the Music Department. She received the John Raitt Awards for Best Music and Lyrics for her beautiful Musical “Gunfight at the Not-So-Ok Saloon.”

She is an amazing composer, director, actress, and producer; you can learn about her by reading the article. The information about her professional music career, relationship status, and net worth is available, so scroll for more.

Is the amazing composer Brooke deRosa in a Relationship? Does she plan to marry soon?

If we dive right into the relationship status, Brooke deRosa is happily married to Jim Dooley. Her husband is an Emmy Award-winning composer and songwriter. They have been sharing a lovely relationship having a solid bond with each other.

Moreover, the love birds have been dating each other since 2014, looking at her social media handles. The first meeting of the love pair is unavailable, but they went on their first date on watching a sports match, and they enjoyed their dating.

Brooke deRosa and Jim Dooley enjoyed their first date
Brooke deRosa and Jim Dooley enjoyed their first date
Source: Instagram@brookederosa

They were together at every party and every music concert. One thing common about both of them is their love for music. It is possible that they had their first meeting at some music concert or event, and they have been inseparable ever since.

When did the Lovely pair marry each other?

The lovely pair wanted to make their love even stronger by taking the next step in their relationship. After dating for more than two years, the couple was ready to exchange their vow by marrying each other, and they married in 2017.

However, the details of their marriage ceremony and guest appearance are still under the wrap. They must have made a big wedding ceremony party. At the wedding, Brooke wore a beautiful white gown, and Jim wore a perfect black suit.

The wedding picture of Brooke deRosa and Jim Dooley
The wedding picture of Brooke deRosa and Jim Dooley
Source: Instagram@brookedeRosa

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Furthermore, they have been a lovely duo, and there are no conflicts but only love between them. There is no news of their divorce on the media platforms. They are sharing a long-lasting bond for more than five years, understanding and loving each other.

The love birds are focused on their career for now. They are not expecting a baby who could bring joy and happiness to the family. However, their fans eagerly wait for the love birds to have a son or daughter soon.

The Net Worth of Brooke deRosa

Brooke deRosa is earning a large amount of money and adding to her net worth from the music field. Moreover, she holds a net worth of $1,000,000. Brooke is enjoying her large amount of net worth with her husband.

She makes money from music composing, producing, writing, editing, and many more. Brooke has worked composing music for more than ten movies. Although her good salary is not available, she must earn from $24,630 to $124,390, similar to other music composers.

She is working on a composition for her upcoming projects, which include Movement, a proof-of-concept for Trap Doors, Vegas is calling, Murder Van, Fire Cracker, and many more on the line. The famous composer may have earned and added those projects to her net worth.

Brooke deRosa is enjoying her Net Worth with her husband Jim Dooley
Brooke deRosa is enjoying her Net Worth with her husband, Jim Dooley
Source: Instagram@brookederosa

Brooke has worked in the music department for one of the famous movies, “Kingsman: The Golden Circle.” The movie was released in 2017 and grossed $410.9 million at the worldwide box office. Some of the shares of the profit may have been gained by her.

Furthermore, the music composer is earning money from composing and cinematography, directing, and doing other wide range of works in the Hollywood Film Industry sector, adding to her net worth.

Brooke is earning from her acting career, working in television series, movies, and short films. Her work includes Dig, The Sand Man, Polky, Sole Mate, and the Bandit. She is in the post-production of The Gathering.

The Physical Appearance and Social Media of Brooke deRosa

Brooke deRosa is a beautiful lady, and we must say Jim choose the perfect lady. She is 5ft 3inches tall, but the physical measurement is unavailable. Moreover, the famous music composer always has a beautiful smile every one could fall in love with her.

Moreover, she has dazzling, beautiful brown eyes that perfectly match her coffee brown hair. Brooke may have been maintaining her diet plan and physical exercise because her body is slim and well structured.

Brooke deRosa during her orchestra music session
Brooke deRosa during her orchestra music session
Source: Instagram@brookederosa

Diving deep, we learned she is a social media person and likes interacting with her fans through social networking sites. The music producer loves to share her music session and daily life pictures on her social media.

Brooke has got her Instagram with username@brookederosa. She has more than a thousand followers on her Instagram, which will increase soon. Brooke often makes posts of her husband, showing her love for him.

More Information about Brooke deRosa

Brooke deRosa was a talented girl from a young age. Some sources say she was born in 1986 in Los Angeles, but there is no infromation on her birthdate and Place. She is keeping the details of her parents and siblings under the wrap.

Moreover, she must be a private person when it comes down to her family. Brooke hasn’t shown interest in sharing infromation about her family and early life. She is keeping her family safe from unwanted media attention and enjoying their personal life away from media.

If we talk about education, she wanted to pursue a career in music, and for this reason, she specialized in music education degree. Brooke holds a double major in music and theatre from W&L University, specializing in music.

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