Brooke Sealey is most known for being Jeff Gordon’s ex-wife. After Miss Winston, Brook Sealey rose to prominence and married auto racing driver Jeff Gordon. But, now she’s married to Mullins Mcleod happily. Moreover, she would usually be seen in the race field greeting the drivers in the victory lane of NASCAR races.

Jeff Gordon’s First Wife, Brook Sealey

While Jeff was making a name for himself by winning the first of two Daytona 500 qualifying races, Brooke worked as a Winston Cup model then. Greeting NASCAR drivers as they cross the finish line. The welcome sign quickly morphed into a romantic gesture.

They were both tight-lipped, though, and kept their dating lives hidden. They couldn’t be seen together as a pair. It was an unwritten taboo prohibiting NASCAR drivers from dating Winston ladies.

Brooke Sealey with her ex-husband, Jeff Gordon
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They had to be so wary about being discovered that they used to slip out the hotel’s backdoor. After Brooke’s time as a Winston girl ended and her boyfriend won the “NASCAR” car race, Jeff and Brooke established themselves as one of the sport’s hottest couples. However, they did not have any children. Also, read the article read celebrity wives, Chris White, and Loreili Hutch.

Until the 51 years old Brooke’s wife of Jeff filed for divorce in 2002, everything seemed to be well for the pair. That’s when they discovered the relationship was full of thorns they could not manage. “Irretrievably shattered as a result of the husband’s marital misconduct,” the couple said as the basis for their divorce.

Brooke Sealey's with her ex-husband, Jeff Gordon
Brooke Sealey’s with her ex-husband, Jeff Gordon
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Jeff Gordon has a daughter, Ella, who is married to Ingrid Vandebosch and plans another child next year.

Brooke Sealey Net Worth – How Much Does She Have?

Brooke Sealey hasn’t worked professionally since her divorce, preferring to spend time with her children. As previously stated, she earned a sizable portion of the divorce settlement.

Jeff and Brooke
Jeff and Brooke
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Her prior employment has also added to her fortune. Jeff also owns a portion of his racing team and is the first driver in the Cup series to earn more than $100 million.

They arranged with Jeff to pay 15.3 million dollars after much litigation and disputes. It was one of the most costly in the history of the sport.

Brooke’s life After Divorce From Jeff Gordon

Brooke has moved on with her life following the divorce; she had a kid with a guy called James Dixon II, but the two have since parted up. But as the child’s last name, she maintained Gordon. The custody dispute between Sealey and Dixon.

The Dixon lawyer said the name of the kid after Gordon was inadequate. Brooke is not alone, though, as she has married Mullins Mcleod for the second time. Unfortunately, as Brooke claims, no additional information regarding their marriage is available, including when they married and whether they had any children together.

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Jeff Gordon Ex-Husband