Emerging talent from Pennsylvania, Dylan Zangwill is a popular contestant on America’s got talent. Furthermore, Zangwill has managed to capture the heart of many listeners. His social media presence is booming and does not seem to stop anytime soon.

This article covers his career, relationship status, gender questions, and more. You would enjoy this piece on Zangwill.

Dylan Zangwill, Contestant Of American’s Got Talent

Dylan is a popular figure due to his appearance on America’s got talent. Zangwill appeared on the 2021’s season of American’s got talent, where he impressed everyone. Furthermore, his performance with the keyboard and unique voice captured the hearts of many speculators. In addition, his musical act received a standing ovation and a big yes from all the judges.

Even though he’s just 14 years old, Dylan is a seasoned performer. He’s already performed in local productions and gigs. Many of the singers who have auditioned for America’s Got Talent are much older than Dylan.

Dylan Zangwill performing
Dylan Zangwill performing.
Image Credit: @thedylanzangwill

Talking about his social presence, he has a growing Instagram handle. The popular page boasts over 4700 followers and posts 64 content. Furthermore, his YouTube channel has gained a subscription of 1.23 thousand followers. In addition, he launched his Website for fans and potential collaborators.

Currently, he is working on his vocal skills and has discovered his soulful rock genre. The singer also seems to be single at the moment, as he is focused on developing his career and hanging out with his friends.

What Is Dylan Zangwill’s Net Worth?

Despite the age of 14, Dylan is heading towards a successful career and extravagant lifestyle. Currently, he has amassed a networth of $100K, similar to Laurent Simmons. Furthermore, his popularity among America’s talent has opened several doors for his musical career. Dylan owns his Website and has become a musical influencer in the social hub.

Dylan Zangwill on his car.
Dylan Zangwill on his car.
Image Credit: @thedylanzangwill

Recently, he got featured in a top newspaper. Moreover, he clicked a photograph standing in his car. From his earnings, he treated himself to expensive guitars and exotic holidays. Currently, his YouTube generates $11-$177 monthly and $133-$2.1 thousand yearly. Furthermore, he plans to record his music, which will earn him revenue from album sales and sponsorships.

In March 2019, Dylan appeared in a local production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. A few months later, Dylan starred in a production of You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown.

What Is His Gender? Who Are His Parents?

Looking back at his earliest period, Dylan was born in Exton, Pennsylvania, United States of America, around the early 2000s. Furthermore, he was born in a Christian family to Jonathan Zangwill and Deirdre Zangwill. He got fascinated with singing from an early age, which influenced his later life. He grew up with a younger brother, Zine Zangwill. Also read: Mary Ellen Dillon

Dylan Zangwill showing his picture
Dylan Zangwill is showing his picture.
Image Credit: @thedylanzangwill

There is a lot of speculation about his gender. Well, Dylan is a 14-year-old male. Furthermore, he has maintained a lean physique and long brown hairstyle. Zangwill belongs to mixed ethnicity and holds an American nationality. Besides, he was born with beautiful green eyes and a big generous smile.

Dylan Zangwill’s Relationship

The 14-years-old Dylan Zangwill is single. Hence, he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Also, he prefers to keep her relationship status private. 

Other than that, it seems Zangwill is primarily focused on his career rather than getting involved in a romantic relationship.

Besides, Dylan keeps sharing pictures of his friends on social media. He often attends parties and outdoor functions. While the American got star has many female friends, it seems he has yet to find the right girlfriend. 

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