Dennis Lynn Rader, often known as the BTK Stabber, or the BTK Murderer, is an American serial killer who goes by the moniker “bind, torture, kill.”

Rader slaughtered ten people in Wichita and Park City, Kansas, between 1974 and 1991 and wrote taunting letters to police and journalists detailing his murders.

The killer terrorized the community in and around Wichita, Kansas, for more than 30 years, mainly in the 1970s and 1980s, torturing and killing ten individuals, two of whom were children.

He was well-known for sending letters and even phone calls to Wichita’s local media and police, seeking fame and documenting his heinous deeds.

In April, Rader assassinated his eighth victim, Marine Hedge, a neighbor who lived just six houses down. Vicki Wegerle, Rader’s ninth victim, was murdered in September. After five years, Rader killed his tenth victim, Dolores Davis.

What is Dennis Lynn Reader doing now?

On June 27, 2005, Rader, now 74, pleaded guilty to 10 charges of first-degree murder. At the El Dorado Correctional Facility in Kansas, he is presently serving ten consecutive life sentences without the possibility of release.

In July 2005, Rawson’s mother was granted an immediate divorce from Rader.

Rader’s daughter got convinced that she, her mom, and her sibling did not know about Rader’s crimes earlier than his imprisonment.

“We would’ve gone screaming out that door to the police station if we had any notion that my father had mistreated anyone, much alone murdered anyone, let alone 10,” Rawson added.”

We were going about our daily lives.” We had the appearance of a typical American family because we were one. Then everything came crashing down around us.”

Rawson claimed she’s been in and out of contact with her father since his detention in 2005, but only through letters. She stated that she had yet to pay him a visit in prison.

What Happened to BTK Killer’s Children

Kerri Rawson is the biological daughter of the famed BTK serial killer, Dennis Lynn Rader. In 2016, she broke the family’s nine-year seclusion by giving a media interview motivated by a Stephen King film based on her father’s assaults.

Also, an adaptation of a short tale written by King got featured in King’s film. He confessed that the serial murderer’s husband and his unwitting wife got modeled on the Rader family.

Kerri wrote a novel that goes viral on her battle and personal journey after realizing her father is a murderer. She claimed she has lived in a

“long time of struggling to rehabilitate.”

Their family has relocated, giving us all a fresh start. Her PTSD battles are still ongoing, but she hasn’t given up hope that she will recover with time and serenity.

And she is not connected with her father at the present moment.

Rawson described her father as a family man who might be a jerk at times but who loved her for the first 26 years of her life.

Further into the story

Her father was the head of his church, a Boy Scout unit leader, and an Air Force veteran; he was about 60 years old at the time, balding, and wore spectacles.

In addition, Rader has a son called Brian as well. Rawson described him as brilliant, even though he had not spoken publicly.

According to the Wichita Eagle, Brian was an Eagle Scout when his father got jailed. Brian got supposedly stationed at a sub-base in Connecticut at his father’s arrest in 2005.

Furthermore, Brian served on Navy submarines from 2004 until 2009. He got enrolled in college as of 2016.

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William E. Rader Father
Dorothea M. Rader Mother
Paula Dietz Wife
Bill Rader Brother
Jeff Rader Brother
Paul Rader Brother
Kerri Rawson Daughter
Brian Rader Son