Calvin Johnson Jr is a former American Football Wide receiver. He is famous for being a former American football wide receiver who played in the National football league for nine seasons with the Detroit Lions. Also, in recent news, Clavin told Pat McAfee that Aaron Rodgers wanted him in Green Bay.

Can we know enough about Calvin Johnson? So here we provide you the details of his net worth, family, relationship and, more.

Is Calvin Johnson Married? Who is his Wife?

If we go deep into his personal life, He is in a relationship with Brittney McBorton. Calvin and Brittney are together long-term. However, the duo never revealed when they met how they met, but we researched a little bit and found that they got engaged in 2015. After that, they are underground. I mean, they are not shown much on social media.

  Calvin Johnson and his precious person
Calvin Johnson and his precious person
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After getting engaged with each other, people were curious about when the duo would get married officially. But after a year, in 2016, March 8, they officially got married. Further, their wedding is not that the more significant people think. The marriage ceremony took place in Metro Detroit.

It’s been six years, and Some media claim that the duo hasn’t any children yet. But they have a kid whose name isn’t available. There are no rumors regarding them, but maybe the couple focuses on their career. Also, read about Alvin Martin’s net worth, relationship, family and, more.

His relationship with Lions

Calvin Johnson is the Greatest Lions player of all time. At his peak, Calvin was the receiver, and it was unstoppable. At the age of 29, he chose the retirement of another Detroit legend. Johnson decided to walk away from the NFL career with his body and mind still intact.

Calvin Johnson, in his retirement interview
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Further, Johnson didn’t thank the lions at his hall of fame ceremony, despite Detroit being the only team he ever played for. After the lions decide that’s Johnson will pay them $1.6M after he retires.

What led to this point? Why is Johnson demanding payment from the team? And will Detroit be willing to give away money for nothing other than the opportunity to embrace a game-changing athlete once again?

How much does Net Worth Calvin Johnson has?

A handsome hunk man is listed as the wealthiest athlete; however, he holds a net worth of around $45 million, similar to Hakeem Olajuwon. He earns all the wages from his football career.

Further, there is a lot of rumors spreading that he has some hidden business too. But, he hasn’t talked about his business and maybe he will give us the information about his business.

 Calvin Johnson enjoying his rich life
Calvin Johnson enjoying his rich life
Source: Instagram

Also, his salary hasn’t been revealed, but if we go through the average wage of the Football player and wide receiver. The average income is around $1.8 million,

Led by Calvin Johnson, who has the most significant salary at $18.8 million. Larry Fitzgerald is second with $14.1 million. Moreover, he is still active in his profession, and maybe in the future, we might see him earning more net worth.

More About Johnson

Calvin Johnson was born on September 29, 1985, in Newnan, Georgia. He grew with his parents. For his graduate, he decided to join Sandy Creek High School. While Studying in high school, he used to play football. His friends think that he will do something in the football sector. Also, he played as a wide receiver as a 3-year starter for the Patriots football team.

  Calvin Johnson when he was a kid
Calvin Johnson when he was a kid
Source: Instagram

Talking about his family, Johnson doesn’t want any media highlight regarding his family but researched a little more and found that his father name is Arica Johnson and his sister name is Elan Johnson, and his mother name is Erica Johnson. However, their current profession isn’t available.

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