Arbello Barroso

Arbello Barroso came to fame after his marriage. Furthermore, he gained stardom through his ex-wife Luciana Barroso. But, like all things in life, their wedlock ended due to undisclosed reasons. Thankfully, the ex-lovers share a friendly relationship after their divorce. Professionally, Arbello is a businessman. Moreover, he is the co-founder of Green Roads, a medical […]

Carson White

Carson White is an American child actor. Furthermore, he managed to win the hearts of many movie watchers. Moreover, he accomplished it in the character of Brad from the Netflix movie The Kissing Booth. The young actor gained thousands of online followers. Interestingly, White started his journey as an actor back in 2015. Likewise, he […]

Beth Thomas

Beth Thomas became the talk of the country back in 1992. Furthermore, she became the sole inspiration of the biographical drama TV flic. As a matter of fact, the television film Child of Rage came into being because of her real-life incidents. Thomas was diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder or RAD at an early age. […]

Jojo Macari

Jojo Macari is an English actor. Furthermore, he managed to gain a massive spotlight after appearing in The Irregulars. Similarly, he appeared in the TV series Harlots. Likewise, he played the role of Kyle in the comedy TV show Sex Education. Macari not only dibbed his toe in acting, but the talented actor also sings. […]

Vanessa Vasconcelos

Vanessa Vasconcelos earned her spotlight as a hardworking multimedia journalist. Furthermore, she currently works at ABC 30. Moreover, before joining her current company, she worked on other well-known networks. The talented journalist likes to lead a low-key life. However, she managed to gain thousands of followers on social media sites. What’s more, she keeps all […]

David Ali Rashed

David Ali Rashed earned the spotlight after appearing in the Netflix show Tribes of Europa. Furthermore, he portrayed the character of Elja. Likewise, the young actor holds a promising career ahead of him. Rashed tends to keep a low-key lifestyle. Similarly, his online presence remains pretty low. As such, most of his personal info remains […]

Liz White

Liz White is an actress gaining her spotlight from the 2021’s Unforgotten TV series. Moreover, she started her journey back in 2002. Further, White appeared in The One with The Oven as Sarah. Despite her fame and stardom, she likes to keep a low profile. Likewise, she keeps her love life away from her fans. […]

Vanessa Grimaldi

Vanessa Grimaldi gained her fame after winning the 21st Season of The Bachelors. However, the relationship did not go as she hoped it would. And after a few months of their engagement, Grimaldi and her ex-partner decided to end their relationship. Despite her first failed public relationship, she managed to find the right partner in […]

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