The stunt performer and the actor, David Paul Olsen, has appeared in movies like Swiss Army Man, The NUN, and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, among many others.

Besides all the professional life, he is also better known as an older brother of an American actor and producer, Eric Christian Olsen, who is known for his role as Austin in the 2001, movie Not Another Teen Movie.

David Olsen is Happily Married to Daniela Ruah

As mentioned above, David is a married man who shared his wedding vows with an actress, Daniela Ruah, on June 17, 2014. The marriage ceremony was held privately in Portugal in front of the pair dearest ones only. 

David Olsen, along with his wife, Daniela Ruah.
Source: Instagram @davidpaulolsen

On the big day, the bride, Daniela, was looking stunning on her strapless white gown bridal dress that features a long veil as well. Likewise, the groom, David, was looking dashing on his grey suit pants, white shirt, and a blue tie.

The married couple is sharing a good bond as a perfect husband and wife. Till now, the pair is also not involved in any rumors related to their separation.

Additionally, Ruah and Olsen are celebrating their 5th marriage anniversary together as of 2019. Also, find the relationship of Cuban-American actor Jordi Vilasuso.

David and Daniela’s First Encounter

The as of now, the married pair, David and Daniela, were completely unknown about one another until both of them were introduce by David’s brother and Daniela’s on-screen partner, Eric Christian Olsen. Eric plays a great role in Olsen and Ruah’s intimate life.

Daniela Ruah, along with her co-star and brother-in-law, Eric Christian Olsen.
Source: Hollywood Reporter

Once in an interview, Eric says David and Daniela looks very great together, at the first time “I use to tell something good about him to her and then say something about her to him,” he also added,

“I introduced Daniela to my brother, David because they are wonderful human beings and I want them to be happy. It worked as well.”

Soon they introduced one another and began spending their quality time together. The couplet started dating on 8th February 2011. Since then, the pair is living a blissful life and seems very happy about their relationship.

Blesses Parents Of Two Adorable Kids

The celebrity partners are also proud parents of their two beautiful children. They welcomed their first kid, a son, River Isaac Ruah Olesen on 30th, December 2013.

David and Daniela, along with their two children.
Source: Instagram @danielruah

Likewise, in 2016, they share their second child, a daughter, Sierra Esther Ruah Olsen. She is now 3-years-old as of 2019.

The Olsen family of four is now living a happy and lavish lifestyle as of 2019. The kids are also spotted in many pictures posted by their parents on their official social networking sites. Similar to American actor Keith Andreen.

Net Worth Of David Paul Olsen 

Being a stunt performer and actor, David Paul has gathered a good sum of wealth. He has an estimated net worth of around $1 million in total. Likewise, another actor Keith Andreen also has a total net value of $1 million.

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Moreover, Olsen’s wife, Daniela Ruah’s total net worth is $7 million, which she has collected from her role on various TV shows and movies. Some of her filmy works are listed below along with their box office collection,

Movie Name Role Production BudgetBox Office Collection
Red Tails (2012)Sofia $50.4 million$58 million
Brave (2012)Merida $185 million$540.4 million
Safe Heaven (2009)Angela Bowery$28 million$97.6 million

From the movies mentioned above and many others, Daniela is not only gaining an impressive sum of money, but she is also obtaining enough fans and followers.

Who is David Paul Olsen?

Born on 2nd January 1976, in Moline, Illinois, USA, David is the son of Jeanne Olsen and Paul V.Olsen. Paul V is a professor of English and also works as a coach in the Augustana College situated in Rock Island, Illinois. Additionally, David Paul attended Bettendorf Middle High School

Apart from all these, the actor, David Paul’s prominence, added when he tied the knot with an American actress Daniela Sofia Korn Ruah, famous as Daniela Ruah

Besides, acting her other source of income is from various endorsements deals. To know about your favorite star, follow Fave Bites!

Jeanne Olsen Father
Paul Olsen Mother
Eric Christian Olsen Brother
Daniela Ruah wife
River Isaac Ruah Olsen Son
Sierra Esther Ruah Olsen Daughter