Carl Gustav Jung, aka Carl Jung, is one of the famous psychiatrists in psychology and psychological theory analyst. Not to mention, he is the one who founded analytical psychology and worked in the fields of psychiatry, anthropology, archaeology, literature, philosophy, and religious studies. Furthermore, he has also worked as a research scientist at the famous Burgholzli hospital under Eugen Bleuler. Besides, Carl developed a theory based on eight personality types.

Who Is Carl Jung’s Wife?

The famous psychiatrist Carl Jung was married to Emma Marie Rauschenbach, aka Emma Jung, married to the love and support of his life. The duo tied the knot of husband and wife back in 1903. Their marriage ceremony was a private function with the presence of their close friends and relatives. As a matter of fact, Emma was also a Swiss Jungian analyst and author. Not only that, but she is also one of Switzerland’s wealthiest heiresses.

Late couple, Carl Jung and Emma Jung
The late couple, Carl Jung and Emma Jung
Source: The Spectator

Even though Carl’s peasant background and unsure career, she fell in love with him. Likewise, their parents also encourage their love. The duo was married until Emma’s death on 27 November 1955. The reason for her demise was a recurrence of cancer. After her death, Carl carved a stone in her name, “She was the foundation of my house.” Similarly, her gravestone says,Oh vase, a sign of devotion and obedience.

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From their 52 years of togetherness, they share five children. Unfortunately, the details concerning their kid’s information are still under the radar.

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Carl Jung’s Net Worth?

Carl Jung was a genius at his time. He was one of the famous psychiatrists who developed a theory of eight personality types. Not to mention, it was influenced by the findings and work of Sigmund Freud. Besides, he also worked as a research scientist at the Burgholzli hospital. In fact, the average income of a scientist is around $70,238. So, he might have earned around $50,000 per year at his time.

One of the cover of Carl Jung's book
One of the covers of Carl Jung’s book
Source: Amazon

Besides, he was also an author and wrote many books. Some of them are:

  1. Psychology of the Unconscious – 1912
  2. Seven Sermons to the Dead – 1916
  3. Psychological Types – 1921
  4. Aion: Researches into the Phenomenology of the Self – 1951
  5. Man and His Symbols – 1964

Without a doubt, he might have bagged a decent amount of money through book sales as well. At the time of his demise, Carl Jung’s net worth was around $5 Million, close to Manuela Testolini. Apart from his earnings and fortune, his late wife was one of Switzerland’s wealthiest heiresses. So, she might have billions of dollars as her net worth.

How Did Carl Jung Die?

The famous Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung died on 6 June 1961 at his villa in Kusnacht, Zurich, Switzerland. At the time of his death, he was 85 years old. The reason for his death was heart and circulatory troubles and failure.

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Emilie Preiswerk Mother
Paul Achilles Jung Father
Gret Baumann Daughter
Agathe Niehus Daughter
Franz Jung-Merker Son
Helene Hoerni Daughter
Marianne Niehus Daughter